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Shokotan fights more zombies in Nuiguruma Z's new trailer

When we last kept tabs on Shoko Nakagawa's upcoming film, the multi-talented idol was busy with battling a horde of zombies while donning a Gothic Lolita dress. Besides fighting evil in an adorable attire, Shokotan is able to use her ...

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Shokotan's first movie gets a trailer

I'm not sure to be surprised at this or wonder why it hadn't happen sooner? Shoko Nakagawa, Shokotan if your nasty, is starring in her first full length motion picture called Nuiguruma Z. Nakagawa plays a girl who has the power to cha...

Jackie Chan x Shokotan  photo

Jackie Chan and Shokotan kick butt in a glorious beer ad

Now here's something that you don't see everyday. After receiving a list from an average office man, Kirin decides to make a martial arts short that features Shoko Nakagawa and Jackie Chan fighting along side Kazuo Ishida (The normal guy t...


Evangelion plugsuit becomes wetsuit

Stepping away from totally weird activities, otaku idol Shoko Nakagawa appeared on the TV show Tobidase! Kagaku-kun decked out in a wetsuit designed to mimic the plugsuit of Mari Illustrious Makinami, the new Eva pilot in Neon Gen...


Shokotan and her cicada-skin fashions

By now, you should all be well aware of who Shokotan is. From eating cats to prancing around on stage in pretty awesome cosplay to blogging a million times a day, she's every fanboy and fangirl's dream come true. One lesser know aspect of h...


Anime Expo '08: Shokotan and her awesome live cosplay

Singer, actress and mega-blogger Shokotan hit the stage at Anime Expo this year. While we can't bring you any news from the front lines of her live gig, we can show you some hot pics! And really, that's the big story here anyway.It looks li...


The adventures of Shokotan at AX are now in English

Gia had gotten me hooked on reading Shokotan's blog, as her short little posts are insanely cute, and are a quick thing to read. As you know, she's at Anime Expo, but still blogs like a madwoman. Well, for all of you interested, you can ch...


Shokotan makes her first US appearance at Anime Expo 2008

Our friends at Sony send word that Shoko Nakagawa (a.k.a. Shokotan) will make her American debut as one of Anime Expo's Guests of Honor this summer. The super talented, multi faceted (Singer, TV celebrity, blogger, voice actress, illustra...


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