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Confession 7: Cafe

Not counting OPs and EDs, little Cafe has only appeared in one episode: Yumeiro Patissiere episode 6. Some would say that I'm moving too fast; that maybe I should wait until he's spoken more than three lines in his entire anime career to de...


First Impressions: Yumeiro Patissiere

Summary: A clumsy girl who's always been the screw-up of her family gets admitted to an elite chef school. This show can be evaluated in two ways: as a shoujo anime, or as a brilliant piece of propaganda put out by a secret society of baker...


Japanator Recommends: Boys Over Flowers: Jewelry Box

At a glance, Boys Over Flowers may seem like your typical shoujo manga, and perhaps at its heart that's what it is. Still, once you've fallen in love with the characters of Yoko Kamio's epic tale, you're likely to never forget them. It take...


Japanator Recommends: Kimi Ni Todoke

Loving shojo manga is one of those half blessing/half curse things: you know more or less what direction they're going to go in after a few chapters, the girl is always shy and bumbling and the hottest boy in school for some reason always e...


The sexy Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan otome game to get an anime

I'm a lady who loves her sexy men so it's always exciting when they make an anime out of a series I'm a big fan of. Every anime season, I'm always hoping for a great shoujo manga to be adapted into an anime but sadly, that doesn't really ha...


Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu movie finally has a trailer

Being a huge fan of Kotomo Aoki's work, it's quite exciting to see that another one of her manga series will be getting a live-action film. If you're unfamiliar with this mangka, she's the same person who did Boku wa Imouto ni Koi o Suru, a...


Shoujo manga Yumeiro Patissiere to get an anime

Being a huge fan of shoujo manga, sometimes these extreme wide eyes tends to scare even me. Yumeiro Pâtissière is the newest manga by Natsumi Matsumoto, the same mangaka who drew St Dragon Girl (this manga is being released by ...


Shoujo manga Otomen by Kanna Aya gets a live-action drama

What would you do if met the manliest man ever and to find out that his inner self is beyond girly? If you were that kind of person, would you ever admit it? I am a huge fan of Otomen so it's quite exciting to see that it's getting more att...


Lovely Complex's Nakahara to release Berry Dynamite series

While Love*Com was a manga that was made towards girls, I know a lot of boys who also enjoyed the series. I bet there are some of you that would deny you watched the anime but I know that some of you have. The unique and comical story that ...


Yukari Ichijo's Nichiyoubi wa Issho ni manga getting a remake

I have to admit that I had a really hard time trying to find anything about this manga since it came out in 1988. I don't know if the manga was popular or not, but Yukari Ichijo was the same mangaka who did Yukan Club, which received a dram...


Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden is on a hiatus

Seriously f*ck. This is a series that I've been following and already grew annoyed with it when the next volumes would take too long to come out. Yuu Watase is pulling a CLAMP when it comes to working on more than one series and having to p...


Classic Anime Spotlight: Revolutionary Girl Utena

First off the concept behind this feature is to introduce new anime fans, old anime fans, and everyone in-between to classic anime titles that you might have passed up due to the never-ending cycle of keeping up with new anime. There are pl...


Shojo Beat awards music with music awards

It's that time again. Time to bust a rhyme? Time to suck a lime? No, it's time for the Shojo Beat Fourth Annual Music Awards! We were all over their contest last year. They are back again, once again teaming up with our friends over at Japa...


Japanator shoujo manga review: Otomen 1 by Kanno Aya

Otomen 1 by Kanno Aya First published in Japan 2007 by Hakusensha (ongoing) Singapore English edition published by Chuang Yi (CY cover pictured here) Otomen [oh-toh-men] n. Men who possess feminine thinking, interests and abilities. Exa...


Japanator Review: Vampire Knight manga volume 6

Vampire Knight volume 6 of 7+ Manga by Hino Matsuri Originally published by Hakusensha (October 2007) English translation by Chuang Yi Singapore (March 2008), Chuang Yi edition front cover pictured Six? Her last review was for volume on...


Rumor: Gainaxís hidden project is Ghost Rhapsody

Now 99% of you have probably never heard of the manga Ghost Rhapsody, but that one percent of you who have should be happy. Because everyone’s favorite anime studio Gainax is most likely adapting this show into an anime. As they say, ...


Japanator review: Kimi to Scandal! by Furumiya Kazuko

Ogoshi Shiho worships à la Gackt (or Hyde) singer Eiji and is mortified to discover that her idol is nowhere near as cool as his unsmiling, all in black, head tilted at a 45 degree angle stage persona (mis)leads fans into believing. He...


First impressions: Vampire Knight

I really wanted to write this before the second episode airs and it looks I'm just gonna make it. If I dont, *shrugs* Delayed or not, this first impressions, What about that Zero x Yuki bathroom scene commentary on Vampire Knight episode on...


Japanator review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! 1 by Fujiwara Hiro

Contrary to what the front cover and the Kaichou wa Maid-sama! title lead you to expect, Ayuzawa Misaki (on the right) is *not* a meido ~de arimasu. At least, not in any classic moe sense. Instead, she's the first female student council pre...


Comic Yell: Shoujo Manga For Guys(!?)

Houbunsha has released the first issue of Comic Yell, a new shoujo manga magazine... for guys? Actually, Comic Yell isn't the first -- Comic High also pitches itself as being full of "Girlish comics for Boys and Girls", though with serial...


Shojo Beat turns two years old!

Shojo Beat, the magazine that's just packed with romance, heartbreak, and how-tos on making hot dog octopi, is celebrating it's second year out on newsstands. Now, as this thing is God Len's kryptonite, I've just got to expound upon it. ...


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