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Yotsuba & Pastries

Ben's JournalDay 231:Brad has begun searching all our rooms in a desperate search for a toaster strudel he left sitting out this morning. I know Mike, son of Cavalier, has taken it, but I have nothing to back it up with. I was just sitting ...


Yotsuba & Diaries

Excerpted from Ben's Diary, found by Yotsuba: Perhaps one the most striking things I learned about Japanator when I first joined was how professional everyone was. At first the dirty apartment turned me off, and yes, Jake prancing around in...


New York Times' top ten manga for 5/27/10

In keeping with Brad's newly established tradition of "Yotsuba headers for as long as she's on the chart", I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, yet another Yotsuba header. We've got so much Yotsuba running rampant here at Japan...


Yotsuba & New Interns

Journal Entry 1:When I was first exchanging emails with Colette Bennett about interning at Japanator, I was excited. For two reasons was this so: number one was that I would get to help out and write from one of my favorite sites. Going fro...


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