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Sal goes all out!

Remember when you first started watching anime? Perhaps your friends in high school or college were whispering about some incredibly provocative show, or swapping bad copies of VHS tapes behind the bleachers. Maybe you had caught a few shows after school, or on a Saturday morning? Nowadays pretty much everyone has watched anime in some form or another.

However, most of us had that one moment, or show that changed our world forever. That moment that caused an animated television show or film to transcend the screen and spear right into our hearts. Yes, for this very special edition of The Daily Dose, we present to you the anime that made us super fans. I know your Japanator Editors are not alone here, we are all united under the mighty roof of Japanator to celebrate our undying love for anime. So, be sure to share in the comments below!

Salvador G-Rodiles - The entire Toonami block!

"I know that we were suppose to pick one anime for this segment, but I think that my choice deserves an exception, because Toonami's anime lineup played a huge role in making me into the anime fan that I am today. Sailor Moon's premise with the remaining people of the Moon Kingdom fighting against evil showed me how to break the chains that forces guys to avoid quote on quote girly things, and the shows like DBZ, Ronin Warriors, YuYu Hakusho, and Rurouni Kenshin were great gateway shows that fulfilled my love for action cartoons at the time. When the mecha shows like Robotech and Gundam Wing came in, I was mesmerized by the transforming robots sequences of the Valkyrie units and the beams coming from Wing Gundam's rifle. As a young person, both shows guided me on my path to appreciating mecha anime. It wasn't just the animation that drew me in, since the characters and their roles in the war was what made me stick around. With that mentality in mind, it was one of the elements that allowed me to appreciate the original Gundam series when it premiered on Toonami.

Even though I was more of a Pokemaniac at the time when I was watching the entire Toonami lineup, the latter stuck me longer, as the former was a small phase that I grew out of. When the later shows like the Tenchi series, Outlaw Star, and Big-O joined in, it occurred to me that one of the things that I loved about Toonami was their interesting choice of anime titles at the time. In fact, Tenchi was my first exposure to harem animes, and it was also a fine example on how to create a good harem series. Of course, the special events like Giant Robot Week were a nice edition, as it made way for previews of shows that weren't on Toonami before. Thanks to those events, they were able to influence my decisions in purchasing certain shows later on. For example: My decision to buy ADV's Nadesico thin pack set in 2009 was because of my experience with watching all of Giant Robot Week.

Since I kept up with the whole lineup, one of the nice things was how they gave the viewers special messages that compiled various scenes from the shows that were airing. Even though I dropped out of the loop after 2004, I'll never forget the impact that the animes on Toonami had on me. Considering that I couldn't afford buying my own anime DVDs when I was in middle school and high school, the afternoon block was a nice sampler for me to get started. In the long run, the afternoon block helped nurture my initiation into becoming an anime fan, which helped place the foot stool towards my quest to discover anime even further. Despite my experience with encountering a few delusional turns along the way, I never regretted the path that I chose."

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