A-kon '08: AMV Contest(s)!


I've put this post off, not only because the past week has seen me running around like a monkey on acid back and forth 'cross central Texas getting ready to go back to "school" or "move" or whatever the hell's been keeping me away from the 'puter; to put it simply, I also haven't been able to find enough of the AMVs that were shown in separate Fan and Expert categories at last weekend's con. Now that I see more of them linked on Ye Big Damn List and have tracked more down on YouTube - thanks in part to Len linking a creator who made one winner - we can show off some of the fruits of the finest AMV showcase I've ever attended, out of, like, a lot of conventions and video-surfing and stuff. The fine work you see above was created by one vellure, who made this Fans' Best in Show winner, "Blend," as well as the Experts' Best in Show, "Rainbow Revolution"! I totally didn't realize that at the time. :o Damn good stuff, vellure.

We'll see way more of these after the jump - in no particular order - as well as Aoi's suckitude with HTML. Don't let that scare you, though. They're all good. (And if any of you know where I can rewatch the Experts' Runner-Up for Best in Show, "Lollipop Complex" by Kichigai...I would offer you money, like, actual PayPal currency, but that'd probably be a three-way of illegality, so I'll just pretend to say so, because that video had me grinning like a moron the rest of the day when we watched it at the Sunday breakfast banquet, and again at the awards ceremony, and I will totally give you a shiny new dollar to see it again.)

Here is the Runner-Up for Fans' Favorite of their exhibition, a great Gankutsuou AMV dedicated to the creator's lady-love; if you're new to the material, there's spoilers, but you deserve it, because everybody who's not allergic to beauty should already have seen Gankutsuou. I can't get the back-atcha Loveless video to load, so we'll assume it was the kind of marital awesomeness to which we should all aspire, and leave it at that.  Unrelated d'awww! (And eff you, guy behind me who made a derisive noise at the "Andie's Lullaby" dedication screen. I bet you don't treat your right hand that well!)

Another of jubjub2's videos, this one won Experts' Best Drama/Romance...I think. Plz correct me if I screw up any of these, as my notes were hastily scribbled in the half-dark.

The Fans' Choice in the Expert Exhibition here is just too damn likeable--and the songwriter also, as I understand it, did the ending theme for some weird game no one played, somethin' called Portal. :D

This one was accidentally left off the ballots, which is a damn shame, if a bit understandable in the face of how many friggin' videos there were (and that was after the massive weeding-out of over a hundred entries).

Finally, we have the Experts' Best in Show. I'd recommend some other ones, but there are way too many - "Baccano Swing!" and "Strawberri" in particular - to track down and hand out right now. Anyone remember any good'ns I might've missed? Like "Lollipop Complex"? *some emoticon denoting Bambi eyes*

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