A look at The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #8


This volume of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya wastes no time in completely dumping the reader into the midst of the plot. However, it did become immediately apparent that to the narrator, Kyon, the entire world had changed and that the friends he once knew from the SOS Brigade were definitely leading different lives. Kyon ends up in the literary club room with Nagato, and finds a bookmark with a message indicating that he only has three days in order to return the world back to the way it was. Kyon finally figures out that in this timeline, Haruhi attends a different school, and rushes there to get to her. Once Kyon assembles his friends together, a computer in the literary club room turns on with a message from an alternate-universe Nagato, telling Kyon that if he hits enter, he will have a chance to fix his world, but with no guarantees. Desperate to get his life back to the way it was, Kyon hits enter and is sent back to three years previous in order to influence the events that occur when he first meets Haruhi in an effort to restore order.

The manga also contains two "parallel" stories that have nothing to do with the main canon of the plot, one involving Nagato becoming a pop star, and another with Mikuru becoming a boxer. Both stories are incredibly short and simple and are just there for entertainment value. 

Read on to see my impressions on the manga and where I'd like to see the story go!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #8
Published by: Yen Press
Written by: Nagaru Tanigawa
Illustrated by: Gaku Tsugano
Translated by: Chris Pai
Release date: March 29, 2011
MSRP: $11.99 

Having never read any Haruhi, I found myself needing to look up who certain characters were along the way, as the plot simply dumps you into the middle with no exposition and no explanation. I found this really frustrating, and once I discovered the actual plot, I was even more confused. An alien, an esper, and a time traveler? And Haruhi is practically a god? WHAT? I found the plot to be a little too crazy for me to be sufficiently drawn in. In terms of the manga's actual layout, I was also a tad disappointed. I found that the art style just wasn't my thing, as faces lacked a lot of detail with minimal features, and dialog was confusing since many speech bubbles did not contain the appropriate "tail" to indicate which character was speaking. So for a newcomer like myself, this made the personalities and speech of the characters even more difficult for me to understand.

As for where I'd like the plot to go, I'm really rooting for Kyon to restore his world back to what it was. I mean, wouldn't it be terrible if he never got back to his original world? And since most of the other characters are clueless as to the change in the world, it's all up to the one guy who doesn't have any special abilities. Also, I think I could stand for future issues to forego the random side stories. They don't contribute to the plot, and I feel like small things like that only detract from the cohesiveness of the plot, and aren't really that entertaining.

So what do you think? Are you a Haruhi fan? Did you like this issue better than I did?

Score: 6.0

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