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Koto is back in smaller doses.

Back in 2011, Kyousogiga was one heck of a fun ride. It has girls with giant hammers, little kids chomping on demons, golden robots, and a confetti of bizarre and colorful action sequences that remind us of our crazy child-like imagination. Perhaps the most depressing thing out of this anime was that it was only one episode, since the ending left it open for more content. 

Then comes Kyousogiga Dainidan, a new season that's comprised of short segments. It may not be the sequel that fans have been waiting for, but the pieces that made the first ONA (Short for Original Net Animation.) great are still in place. 

Get ready to chase that rabbit again, because we are returning to Koto's hammer smashing hi-jinks. 

Wrong fork!

If you were expecting the story to continue after the appearance of Lady Koto, you might be in for a disappointment. However, Kyousogiga Dainidan focuses on shedding some more light on the alternate Kyoto by taking us into a series of episodic stories. In other words, you can watch any of these episodes in the order that you desire. 

The first episode of the shorts focuses on Koto's backstory with her teacher known as Inari. From the way how things went, I will have to say that episode one is the weakest one of the three. Not because it was poorly written, but mostly since the episode lacks the over-the-top actions that threw me off my seat during the first ONA. Though I will admit that Yase's rundown on fine table etiquettes was rather hilarious. While the crazy action was absent, the episode still had some moments that give us a glimpse of how Koto became the character that she currently is. You also get to learn the truth about A and Un, which sheds more light on their ability to chomp things to death. Episode one may have suffered in the ridiculous department, but we still got some nice emotional moments from Koto's younger years, such as Koto punching a kid to death. 

Keep an eye on that PSP.

Episode two is currently my favorite one, since it took a simple problem and blew it out of proportions. Long story short, Shoko aka the blue haired Hatsune Miku-like scientist girl has lost her PSP-like control device. Her rage and exaggeration alone were the highlights that made this episode such a tasty delight. The best part is that the second course comes with the satisfying action that made me devour the first Kyousogiga ONA; thus fixing the minor issues that I had with the first short. 

At first, I thought Koto was the crazy one, but this episode manage to make me reinstate my evaluation on the main heroine. To some extent, I can kind of relate to Shoko's situation, since I used to flip out during similar scenarios. While I still go into a state of panic at times, my searching skills have went through some major improvements. And as for Shoko, I think that she may be a lost cause. And speaking of uncontrollable rage, the next episode takes us into a more sophisticated environment. 

Now she's mad!

If you remember Yase's anger management issues, then you will get another sample of her Hulk Smash-like temper. But the main theme is about an occurrence where various objects are floating across the city. Humor wise, I would rank this one under the second episode; however, it was another neat short that proves to us that Kyousogiga's world is full of random happenings. Other than that, these episodes are there to give us more depth on Koto and the folks that run Kyoto's districts, which is a different direction from the premise in the first ONA. 

With each episode clocking in from six to ten minutes, you are not losing much time from revisiting Kyousogiga's realm. In fact, you might gain a better appreciation for the rest of the main cast -- Shoko is now one of my favorite characters. On top of that, the animation quality remains at the level that was brought to us by Toei and Banpresto, so you will still get the assortment of colors that makes Kyousogiga the life of the party. Since there are two more episodes left, we might end up with a good wrap up that will bring these shorts together. If not, then I expect to be intrigued by the new elements that will step foot on Kyoto's doors. 

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