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A Very Anime Christmas (with Irothtin, Dragonzigg, AQua_ng, Squishynin, KagatoTEG, Dliessmgg, Itsa Timmy, Marlin Clock and Marc Speer!)


Ho-ho-ho, bitches! I know it's Christmas, but there's way more important stuff to talk about! Such as anime! So spit out that stupid Christmas dinner and abandon your family cuz this is gonna be one hell of a ride! I might be even longer than Marc's 2010: Year In Review Post! And this is just about one week?

I asked some other JTor members to talk about this week's anime with me. We talk about the shows Aquagaze's Anime Weekend blogs, but some shows other people wanted to talk about got added to the schedule! And you know what's the fun part? Most of the time, we were talking about shows we didn't even watch!

So, the beautiful people who will join me today are: Irothin, whom everyone now hates for adding the dreaded Yumeiro Pattierie to the schedule; Dragonzigg, who found a little spot between watching Nanoha and being British to help me out; Japanator's local Asian sleeping in the library AQua_ng; Squishynin, the brave girl who watches crappy shows for our entertainment; KagatoTEG, who only joined in yesterday and still managed to make it in time; Dliessmgg, the bastard with who refuses to tell me his/her/its gender; Itsa Timmy, Japanator's AMV guy and a bit drunk; Marlin Clock, who was the only one of them who actually wished me a Merry Christmas and Marc Speer, who's got more than enough time on his hands now that he's got the sack.

Let's just hope she has that one thing that happens all the time in films where a random video call from another businessman pops up turned off.

That' quite a lot of people, right? Speaking of things with a lot of people in them, Star Driver gave me an answer to the concern I had last week, about the Kiraboshi's motivation and why Takuto hates them. This episode focused a lot on everyone's favorite green-haired *insert name of certain profession that involves having intercourse with people who pay you for it here* Kanako Wanatabe and her reasons for being a Kiraboshi member: while she might seem like kind of a jerk, she does seem to really want to do good with the Cybodies, as she even tells Takuto not to resist Kiraboshi any longer. Takuto then tells her that she can go *insert verb that means 'to sexually pleasure oneself' here* as he doesn't want to talk with kidnappers. Pretty manly for such a camplord.

Hearing Wako talk with a toothbrush in her mouth is quite hilarious. You know what's also hilarious? Trying to say 'Wako' with a toothbrush in your mouth.

Anyways, Kanako decides to fight the Galactic Pretty Boy, even though she doesn't really want to, for the 'greater good' and gives George Honda a good pummeling as a means of preparation (becuase apparently, she's also an awesome boxer). This weeks fight scene was a bit longer and flashier than the previous ones, especially since lord of cheap Sugata didn't interfere, which made me a happy panda.

Next episode will be focused on Benio/Scarlet Kiss and I'm really starting to think that the second half will be more epic, as Head will probably make his move (seriously, someone in Kiraboshi must have more evil motives than Kanako, right. Maybe, Keito) and Kiraboshi will most likely advance to the third phase.

Similar to how the Batman: Arkham Asylum team had one animator for nothing but Bats' cape, I'm pretty sure BONES has one guy who completely dedicates himself to Kanako's hair.

Here's what the others had to say about this episode:

Irothtin: This episode focused around the green-haired-whore-whose-name-I-don't-know. She's apparently fabulously wealthy (enough cash to buy all the mecha on the island or something), probably because she's already married herself to some old rich fart while still in high school. Despite this, she likes to kiss all the boys in class - but only through the windows, since it's more romantic that way and she doesn't have to soil her absolutely gigantic lips. We also get oneshot scenes of her sipping orange juice while watching her alligator death trap, and having a boxing match while in lingerie.

Itsa Timmy: I didn't realize this was a set in a school, and where are those mechs I keep hearing abou... Oh wait nevermind, there they are. I really don't have any clue what is going on. *checks relationship chart* Like I said, no clue. It looks like a pretty interesting show with a hell of a lot going on. I may have to pick this one up.


Dragonzigg: The 'Pile Driver' moment gets the nod from me for two reasons:

1)Those fins on the back of Tauburn had been driving me crazy. Were they for cooling? Were they just there to look poofy (like everything else on that machine)? After this, and the
laser show they put on in episode 10, it's clear they're actually magical plot devices.

2) I love drills.Who doesn't? And there's something irresistably symbolic about Kanako being the person, um, penetrated by Takuto's drill...yeah, that's probably deliberate.

KagatoTEG: I've been following Star Driver since the start, kinda. Once thing that almost immediately occurred to me was... “This is like Utena, but with giant mechas and a male lead.” And yes, I now know it is the same writer. But Utena, this is not. Several elements stood out as being Utena-ish, such as the Hyperbolic Metaphoric Imaginary with err... Adult Bank (Aquagaze Note: He means Kanako) in front of the locker (I'm not that good at translating Metaphors, but I just know there's an article of Over nine thousand words on just the first 5 seconds of the episode), the Song during the start up sequence to the fight, and the way the Mysterious Arena seems to sometimes react to the Fighter of the day. The Arena is even connected to some form of Giant Tree. I can't figure out why they decided to swap the rings for badges though. Anyway, it is Very Very Utena-ish. However I'm just not getting the same level of greatness. But...

...I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT WHY?!?! Part of me says it isn't surreal enough, while another part of me says it is too unreal. Who knows? But it doesn't matter really. Nothing can be Utena, and not living up to Utena doesn't make Star Driver a bad series, and it will still be entertaining to see where it goes... I hope. Still... I dream of Utena...

It's a- CHU!

Dliessmgg: Star Driver has tons of fanservice. Even though I'm generally not a big fan of that, I don't mind it here, I even kinda like it. As an example why, this episode has the scene between Takuto and Kanako in the cafe. Specifically, I want to look at the indirect kiss. How would any other anime handle this? The party causing it is completely oblivious, while the other one has millions of thoughts about losing their kiss virginity, a blush the size of their head (sometimes even the whole body) and it usually ends in some sort of stereotypical tsundere reaction. Not so in Star Driver: Kanako does the indirect kiss completely intentional. Takuto's reaction is a small blush and a pithy one-liner. Then it cuts to the next scene. Scenes like this are everywhere in there. The fanservice is just there, they don't write "THIS IS FANSERVICE!" on a sign and smack me in the head with it. They don't even try to fool me by saying the fanservice isn't intentional when it clearly is. This is one reason why I love Star Driver.

Guess who just got his hopes, dreams and jaw scattered?

Marcus: Hey, so...does Aquagaze know that I absolutely hate Star Driver? I mean, does he know that I have no soul, and that anime to me has to be serious business? Screw having fun, cartoons need to be deep experiences in order for it to be "good".

Well, I don't enjoy having fun, so the latest Star Driver was crap. The whole "holidays" thing feels like crap to me. I hate it! I enjoy just being a jaded asshole, and anime during Christmas time makes me a "Stage 5 Jaded Asshole", which actually does give me a jaded asshole, and boy does it hurt.

Oh, so Star Driver 12. It kind of reminds me of Christmas day, when instead of getting an Xbox like you wanted, you just get a drunk uncle who breaks all of your toys in your room. Man, my uncle's a dick...

(Aquagaze note: Thank you Marc, this post is worthy of a ...)

Squishynin: Whether you like it or hate it, we can all agree that Star Driver is the most fabulous anime out this season. I love this show so very much. But lately, I've noticed something amiss in the world of fabulousness. It wasn't until watching this week's episode that I realized exactly what was wrong.

Takuto is a freaking MARY SUE

There are 2 very important characteristics that I see. Since I'm only analyzing this episode, I can't give you much evidence, but I can give you some.

All the girls fall in love with him
This episode's evidence: The servant girl is automatically smitten with Takuto when he compliments her eyes. Plus, Ms. Adult Bank continues to try to get in his pants, and eventually kisses him in the end.

Takuto is the strongest and nothing can beat him cuz he is teh hero an nothin beats teh hero!!11!!!111one1!
This episode's evidence: Okay. The Adult Bank lady. She's apparently a super-strong boxer. She fights Mr. Generic-1st-Episode-Opponent in the ring. He's a pretty buff guy. He works out. She's able to take him down in about 2-3 hits. If we assume that Cybodies work like the G Gundam body suits, that would mean the pilot gives their normal amount of power in each attack, and feels most of the force from the attack. So, please explain to me how Takuto, a scrawny bishie, was able to withstand all those hits she threw at him and still stood up. Not only that, but he pulled out A BRAND NEW SUPAH WEAPON that beat her in ONE SHOT.

How do we explain this? Easy.
Takuto is a Mary Sue.

I don't really know why Kanako's Cybody is lion-themed, but hey... It's Star Driver.

AQua_ng: I have a theory when it comes to original anime by Bones. I call it the 'Money in your Mouth' school of thought. Basically, they produce gorgeous looking and wonderfully sounding projects, probably by throwing infinite sums of cash at their work, but they are confusing a lot of the times. For instance, Xam'd: Lost Memories have a great list of terminology and different storylines which makes it hard to catch up, I still don't know what Trapar is in Eureka 7 and did they MASSIVE WOLF'S RAIN SPOILERS! die or not at the end of Wolf's Rain? And don't get me started on RahXephon. Mostly because I haven't watched it.

This is no different, but in a different sense. It's not confusing because it's too complex or too deep, but it's confusing because it's simply illogical. Granted, I have not seen Star Driver, apart from this episode but things are still baffling. Like the question of WHY DOES TAKUTO NOT KNOW THAT SHE'S KANAKO, BUT WITH A MASK. GREEN HAIR. GREEN HAIR.

What's more of an issue is this:

I did the maths. The ratio of neck to head in that shot is 1:1.5, or 2:3. I compared this to the first image result of Lelouch from Code Geass that showed is entire head and neck, which is 2:4. Honestly, when I first saw that shot I was very much focused on that neck. If it's longer than Clamp, then things get noticed. This is really offputting. I don't know why, but when you stretch (derp) the concept of anatomy at such a degree it become less stylish and more of a hinderance.

Impressive art, gorgeous backgrounds, resonating score, etc. Doesn't make a lick of sense to me. IT'S A CONFUSION. Also, don't show midriff Takuto, you look like a slut.

Marlin Clock: Oh great, another episode where someone feels the need to use a cybody even though they seem to clearly know that they can’t beat him yet. I swear the Glittering Crux’s insurance premiums must be through the roof. I never cared much for Ms. Moneyfunbags anyway. To be honest I’m more interested about the alligator. WHY DOES SHE HAVE AN ALLIGATOR?

Nice Kirino is the single most scary thing ever.

Well, that was a lot of text. And guess what? There's six more shows left! Hurrah! And You know what's even better? OreImo is up next!

*everyone leaves*

Well, great. Anyways, it's over, It's finally over. OreImo was not a bad show but I think that I'll remember it much worse than it really was. Because OreImo will forever be linked with Kirino. And everyone of us know that Kirino is the biggest, most annoying and obnoxious bitch in the history of anime. Well, except for AQua_ng, who only watched this episode. Because Kirino wasn't such a bitch this episode. She actually learned. That's great, but sadly enough 11 EPISODES TOO LATE!

Well, at least Ayase's still a creepy yandere/bitch.

Well, this episode was basically two episodes in one: The first part had Kirino ask Kyousuke to go and buy the newest eroge for her. Of course, because Kyousuke is the most pathetic piece of shit protagonist in the world, he does it and even runs into his friend, who is there to buy gay eroge for his fujoshi sister. I demand a spin-off.

In the second part, Kirino asks her brother to play eroge with him. Despite the rather ridiculous idea of a brother playing lolicon incest eroge with his little sister, the scene was rather charming but of course, something needed to be screwed up by AIC, so Kirino announces last-minute that she's leaving for America. Oh, no wait... she's not. Well, whatever, when's the BAD END coming? We won't have to wait all year, right? I do have to say the scene with the laptop falling over was well-directed.


Here's what the others have to say about this episode:

Dragonzigg: "Hurry up and tell me how big your fat, round head is.Because really, who couldn't enjoy a moment where Kuroneko, the real star of this show, sticks it to Kirino, one of the most bratty, annoying characters ever put onto a television screen. The fact that it's an insult over the crafting of cat ears just makes it even better. Kuroneko is criminally offscreen most of this ep, but at least she makes her moment count. The only thing that could have beaten this was if there was a scene where Kirino really did go to America and the rest of the cast just had a huge party.

Irothtin: Dude says. "I LOVE HOMOS!"
All the women present applaud.

Also, the main dude and his little sister play little-sister-incest hentai games together, after which he checks out her ass. Then she nearly leaves for America in a situation mirroring the little-sister-incest game, presumably (hopefully) without the actual incest.

How old is this chick again?

Don't you DARE saying 'HHHNNNGGG'. Don't you effin' dare!

Itsa Timmy: I just don't know what to say for this one. Yea, Kirino is kind of cute but I don't think I could put up with her for 12 episodes. I mean after watching this I kind of don't like her and this is suppose to be the final episode. I can see why people hate her. The eroge feel is clever but I would rather see it in an anime not focused on a little sister. Just kind of makes me feel dirty.

Also, that little fang kind of looses its charm when you use it for half the episode. If it just showed up when she was happy or playing the game it would be fine, but when she is yelling at him it just doesn't work.

Marcus Speer: Okay, I'm going to be honest: I didn't watch this episode of Oreimo, but really, who would? The show's a disgrace to flaunt incest like it's a Meth-binged hooker! I mean, I think my sister is pretty hot! Yeah! If she were hitting on me and had a possible brother-complex, then I would be soooooo happy! But that doesn't mean I'm going to announce that and have it shown around to everyone that I know! It's not like I'm going to post about it anywhere tha-- wait a second...
*Let it be known that I don't really have a sister.

Squishynin: Fangs. That is all.

AQua_ng: Like Star Driver, I have seen any of this anime. But of the screenshots and the like I've encountered, I am astonished how moe Kirino is. I mean seriously, it's like they condensed moe into a compact, efficient form that is consistantly HHNNNNNGGGG enducing. Like Germany, if they exported moeblobs instead of cars. I've been trying to figure out why. Is it her eyes? Her fang? Her tsuntsun? I don't know yet, but I have one inkling. Kirino's character design gives an air of 'Yeah, someone could look and be like that in real life - but the chances are pretty low'. It's walking on the line between reality and fantasy that pulls in another direction of moe. I'm now really tempted to just spam images of her, I want to hug her so much HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

What's interesting about this final episode is that it could be treated as a standalone OVA, if it was fleshed out a bit more, giving a very quick run through the what of the previous 11 episodes tried to achieve, whatever that was. Although the whole America thing seems out of the blue, even in the context of watching the anime for the first time.

I would like to mention that the backgrounds kind of look blah. I don't usually notice these things but they looked noticibly bad, as if they were from a mediocre visual novel or something. The soundtrack on the other hand is something I can get behind. We need more brass and ska in anime.

Also Nyan Koi was underappreciated.

Yeah, yeah, Kirino. Just go away.

Marlin Clock: I wish I coulda remade this show. Instead of focusing around Kirino and her bitch exploits, it would be a rom-com with Kyosuke and Manami. That would have made such a better show. Oh well, I have to deal with reality here.
I gotta say, this family must be pretty well off to just let her cancel all those plans even though it seemed they already paid for a plane ticket and the down-payment for this training camp. The thing I got most out of this episode is that it brings up more of the frightening implications about the father’s relationship with Kirino. Why does he have an album of all her model photos? Why does he go to her photo shoots unannounced? Seriously creepin’ me out here, guys.

Aquagaze's final thoughts on OreImo:

What's there to say about OreImo that hasn't already been said? It's a cheerful and cute show that's often overshadowed by its two half-brain-damaged protagonists. Let us just say that every scene with Kuroneko and Saori in it is recommendable and everything else... not so much...

The good:
+ Colorful and cute
+ Great music by the composer form The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
+ Saori and especially Kuroneko single-handedly save the entire show from mediocrity.

The bad:
- When you'll laugh, it's usually not because the scene is meant to be funny.
- Kirino's a bitch and Kyousuke is a braindead moron who thinks in a completely illogical and unpredictable way, making it nearly impossible for the viewer to empathize with him.
- Creepy incest vibes here and there (yes, you, episode 4)

The ugly:
# Why is everyone always blushing? Why?!

Bye-bye, Ika Musume!

It's sad how we'll have to deal with a heartfelt goodbye for this delicious special. For the last 12 weeks, Ika Musume has been making us laugh and go 'd'aww' more then a lot of other shows have been doing lately. Apparently, Diomedea seems to know that a lot of people are going to miss Ika and decides to kick them in their sissy balls by giving us a tearjerker finale. Damn you, Diomedea!

The first part is still all fun and games, quite literal, as Ika and Eiko sign up for a volleyball game in order to win a 3D-tv and kick pretty much everyone's ass, yet in the second and third parts, Ika loses her powers because she's been on the land for too long and she decides to leave her friends and go back to the see. Surprisingly, Eiko and the others (even Sanae) are OK with it, and Ika leaves in tears.

Raise your hands if you think the mysterious new girl is some other sea creature gone moeblob.

Of course, her friends expect her her to return quickly, however, Ika stays away for an entire year and then returns with her tentacles chopped off and her '-de geso' dropped. Takeru bursts out in tears as he realizes his friend isn't the same anymore and Ika runs off to the beach, where a mysterious girl tells her that humans maybe aren't all that bad. When Ika and Eiko go for a swim, the scientists accidentally cause an enormous whirlpool, dragging Eiko underwater. Ika's tentacles then grow back, she saves her frend and all ends well.

While this was definitely a good ending to an otherwise nearly plotless show, it feels a bit as if they had two possible concepts for a finale and just decided to mix them together. The result is a somewhat rushed finale, with Ika being away for an entire year being a bit unrealistic and unnessecary and the mysterious girl just added in because she'll probably end up being a character in a possible second season (the manga has 150+ chapters, and the anime only adapted around 40 of them).

Here's what the others had to say about this episode:

Giant Robot Squid Head

Dragonzigg: As somebody who only watched this episode for this writeup, this was just impossibly surreal. Giant robot replica of Squid Girl's head, worn by busty lady in bikini? Also, it dispenses hot and cold towels and shoots chilli sauce from it's mouth? From what I gather it's something of a running gag, but this was just so epically WTF it stands out for me.

Irothin: It was a pretty straightforward ending episode, I'd say. Nothing exceptionally good, but it wasn't bad either. The MIT guys were quite amusing, though - they reminded me of the foreign caricatures in Yakitate!! Japan, who were usually pretty hilarious.
I just can't shake the feeling that the show is a tentacle doujin waiting to happen. I am a bad man.

Itsa Timmy: Did not watch. Deal with it.

KagatoTEG: Since I've decided that the Squid Girl final episode is my Christmas Present from CrunchyRoll, I shall not be watching the final episode early. Instead I shall consider how certain characters from Squid Girl will react to characters from other shows...

Chizuru meets Xellos from Slayers.

(Chizuru notices Xellos as he walk in, registering mild surprise. She the turns around to call to her sister)

Chizuru: Eiko, Dad's visiting the shop!
Xellos: And he would like some Noodles in Squid Ink, please!

Sanae meets a tentacle monster from Legend of Overfiend.

(Sanae acts surprised when she comes across a giant Censored Bar, but then turns her nose up at it. The Censored bar cries a single tear)

Yu-gi-oh! Hair Guy: REJECTED!
Eiko: Damn, I was so sure that would work.
Squid Girl: Well, thanks for trying...

Goro meets David Hasselhoff

Goro sees Hasselhoff, blinks, and rubs his eyes, before addressing him.

Goro: Kami?

We interrupt KagatoTEG referencing shows I don't know for this picture of Goro being owned.

Cindy meets Optimus Prime from Transformers

Cindy walks past a truck cab, which suddenly moves despite being empty and transforms into a giant robot.

Optimus Prime: Cindy Campbell, I am a being... from another planet, and I have come to ask you for assis-
Cindy: Ha! I find that very unlikely. Where are your tentacles?
Optimus Prime: Eh? Not every alien has-
Cindy: And how come you're not squinting mysterious fluids?
Optimus: Now see here, I believe you have some misconcep-
Harris: Hey! Cindy! This one over here is squirting mysterious liquids!
Cindy: Oooo, really?

And finally...

Ika Musume meets Invader Zim from Invader Zim

Zim: Soon, I will crush those annoying humans under my feet, for I am a Mighty Invader!
Ika: You're invading too? We should help each other!
Zim: Hhhhmmm? What can you do, GIRLLL?

(Squid Girl demonstrates her powers)

Zim: Hhhhhmmm, yes, most impressive, I accept your help. The Earth will be Mine in no time!
Ika: Our's! And then I'll stop those humans from polluting the seas!
Zim: Oh of course they'll never pollute the sea ever again. When the Tallest get here, they'll probably have the seas filled with concrete, and the entire planet turned into a shopping mall or something.

(Squid Girl looks at Zim, wide eyed in shock)

Zim: Is something wrong with that?

(Zim is seen flying through the air at high speeds)


Takeru: Isn't making sandcastles fun! Umm what exactly are you making there?
Gir: Waffles!!! Want some?
Takeru: Er no I'm Fin-


Marlin Clock: Wow. In the beginning of the season, people were telling me how Ika was like Azumanga Daioh. I tried it out, since I really like slice-of-life stories with a bit of wackiness mixed in. However, it never really pulled me. This last episode definitely changed that. Even though I hadn’t watched every episode, it was still a really good bittersweet scene they made, kinda like the end of Azumanga Daioh. It’s definitely making me wanna look back through the episodes I skipped to see if I just made a mistake.


Aquagaze's final thoughts on Shinryaku! Ika Musume:

While pretty much all of its characters have been seen before, it's the sole exception to this rule, Ika Musume (the character) herself who is the glue that holds everything together. Ika Musume (the show) blends classic tropes and an adorable protagonist together into an unforgettable anime. Now if only I wasn't such a retard in my season preview,
by describing it as "Studio is meh. Voice cast is meh. Plot is meh. And by the way, do you really want to be educated by a friggin’ anime? An environmental message is good and necessary, but even Avatar didn’t manage to deliver it.". Silly me.

The good:
+ Ika Musume is one of the most adorable characters in a long, long time.
+ Three-story structure does miracles for variation and pacing.
+ Perfect show to get your friends or family into anime.

The bad:
- Sometimes a bit repetitive and clichéd.
- Needs more Sanae (Yes, that's right! Eat that, PsGels!)
- Needs more episodes

The ugly:
* Martin. Geez, look at that guy!

Oh, my... Look at that thing! What the hell is that?

Moving right on, up next is the show that I've got really not much to say about. The World God Only Knows did not need this episode. Last week's episode was good enough as a finale and while this episode sure had its entertaining moments, basically it was 22 minutes the same joke over and over again. Yes, Keima plays multiple games simultaneously. All right. That's fine, but you can't fill an entire episode with that. And it went on forever. Good thing that once you've managed yourself trough this, you'll get treated to the single most awesome ED of all time. Of ALL TIME!

However, there was an awesome load of game porn in this episode. And I'm not talking about the eroge he's playing, I'm talking about pretty much every game console and controller ever being features in this episode and replicated in the smallest details. That was pretty kick-ass. Oh, and there's gonna be a second season. With Saori Hayami. Count me in.

Here's what the others had to say about this episode:

Itsa Timmy: Did not watch. GTFO.

Marlin Clock: So, I’m starting to think that Keima is just the result of horrible parenting. Keima is a kid whose relationship with his father was so bad that he didn’t care in the slightest when he was disowned by his mother on false charges. He fears his mother so much that he never seemed to bond with her either. I’m starting to wonder if this whole game thing just came out of a want to be loved. Or I could just be looking way too deep into this. Considering this show’s tone, it’s probably the latter.

Some prehistoric form of Kinect?

Dliessmgg: Keima plays a few games too much. He is at the point of just falling on the ground and passing out. Then the girls from all the dating sims he played come into the real world and tell him to keep playing. What they're trying to tell me is that despite all the worries of the people around you, despite the unhealthy lifestyle it's okay to lock yourself into your room and play these games, because obviously they love you back. No, thank you.

You know the drill. Name all the consoles and win a prize!

Marc Speer: Well, I hate to brag, but this episode reminds me of the time where, one Christmas, I got, like, 6 PS3's (because, you know, my family's much richer than yours), and played the FUCK out of Lair and Dark Sector at the same time...THREE TIMES EACH! Those games really sucked, though.

Squishynin: I really liked this episode. Yeah it was filler but it was in the manga and is an im-

Holy crap, is that...

AH IT'S DI GI CHARAT. What are you doing there, Di Gi Charat? You don't belong there!

And so began my long quest to find out why exactly they would put a Di Gi Charat cosplayer(?) in TWGOK.

After going into extensive research between the two series, I have found...nothing. I checked studio, directors, voice actors, even what magazine the mangas both ran in, and nothing. The only guess I can make is that they're in Akihibara, which is the setting of Di Gi Charat. But I don't know Japan, so it's a total shot in the dark. If you know, TELL ME. Because I'm sure this will bother me for many nights.

AQua_ng: I am the bone of my controller.
Eroge is my body, and Dating sim is my blood.
I have created over a thousand flags.
Unknown to bad ends.
Nor known to good ends.
Have withstood bugs to create many conquests.
Yet, these hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, 'Unlimited Games Works'.

I loved this scene. It really shows the world of gaming from both the perspectives of those inside and the outside the circle. Pretty sure the majority, if not all, of us have had a similar moment where we've celebrated after completing a level or beating a very hard boss only to find an onlooker uttering the words 'It's just a game'. Of course, if you think about it, the hours we put in, our obsessiveness to play something to the wee hours of the night, and out empathy with these fictional characters may seem weird when seen objectively, but for us, it's something special. The guys working on this anime, certainly know their stuff when it comes to gaming, and it shines through in that scene, and in fact the whole episodes, as well as the God of Conquest mode.

We've all entered that 'zone' before so to speak. From Angry Birds to Touhou, we've experienced that border between life and death and everything keystoke and press of a button has been executed perfectly. We're able to see everything, and we're flawlessly pulling of combos and the like, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Basically, we all have that God of Conquest mode, but in an obviously less exaggerated state. Except for that one time in Guilty Gear I beat Boss I-No with 1HP left by pulling of an instant kill move with my I-No, SUCK ON THAT BITCH.

Dragonzigg: Really, I could have chosen any second of this wonderful, hilarious episode, and there were several other strong candidates ('Cream Cast', 'I'M GOING INTO GOD OF CONQUEST MODE!' to name just two) but this ending, with Keima pulled into the 'game world' and frolicking with a mishmash of anime girl stereotypes, all the while warbling a brilliantly off key ballad, just edges it for sheer amusement and insanity factor. Never has awful singing been so GLORIO to the ear. So glad this will be returning next year.

Irothtin: I still maintain that this is an excellent anime adaptation. There are references to later chapters in the background, and they expanded the captures of girls who end up being important to the plot later one.

This episode , despite being taken from a filler chapter, was pretty well-suited to the season finale. I especially liked the lineup of various consoles - I saw an N64 controller, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Sega Genesis...even things like the Power Glove and Guncon. It was a great detail that wasn't in the manga, where he only ever really plays the PSP analogue.

A real otaku show, it is.

Meet... a bitch.

Aquagaze's final thoughts on The World God Only Knows:

When it's at its best, it takes a ridiculous and hilarious piss on the romantic moe comedy. When it's at its worst, it's the single most generic moe romantic comedy ever. Thank God, the good outweighs the bad and the result is often very funny.

The Good:
+ Absolutely hilarious
+ The OP is absolutely beautiful, and the 8-minute long full version is definitely worth a listen.
+ Lots and lots of cute girls (Shiori!)

The Bad:
- Serious, serious pacing issues.
- Dull at times.
- Animation is definitely not on par with Manglobe's other work.

The Ugly:
# What is that thing? WHAT?

Uh guys, what are we doing again?

So, as I already mentioned, the others also got their chances of adding shows to the scedule, even if I don't watch them. Itsa Timmy grabbed his chance and added his favorite Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls to the schedule. Oh, dear God.

So, the episode starts out with a guy screaming 'NIAAAAAAA!' a lot. Now where have I seen that before? Anyways, apparently, the town is under attcak by a giant tentacle monster and It's up to the hero to save it. But first he has to kiss some girl first. Okay, so if you kiss a girl she becomes strong? So, Rie Kugimya as a ghost is there two and the girl whom he has to kiss has some kind of split personality. Meanwhile, some funny chick with a hammer, a maid and a gils who wears no pants do... something and then everyone fights tentacles and the villain has an orgasm and then the girl who the main guy has to kiss, who's apparently called Jubei enters the tentacle monster (well, that's better than a tentacle monster 'entering' her) and fights the villain, who squishes her breast so hard it sucks out her soul. Errm, okay.

Then, everything went black and white for no other reason but animators being lazy and they fight Dragonball Z-style. And then Jubei dies. Wait, what? The episode is over? What? The SHOW is over? What? Poor Jubei... I only knew you for 22 minutes... I'm just gonna let Itsa Timmy handle this one...

"Why did you make me watch this goddamn show!"

Here's what he and the others had to say about this episode:

Itsa Timmy: Up until this point, there hasn't been a whole lot of fighting, Last episode had a little bit but otherwise the fights have been either pretty but quick or cheaply animated, especially when it comes to fighting minions. Seeing as such, a large portion of the final episode dedicated to fighting is definitely a welcome addition to the show. Unfortunately, ARMS thought it was a good idea to animate half the episode in black and white. I like the idea but it just kind of ends up coming across as cheap in the end. I guess they overextended the animation budget or something. Nevertheless it was the best fighting episode in the series, although that might not be saying a whole lot.

Another unfortunate thing is the humor, or the lack thereof. It's sad that the humor has been dead for a few episodes now as that was probably the best part of the show. This show has a fantastic cast behind it that can really do some really funny stuff with their given characters, it's really a shame they weren't put to use more often. I would have loved to see the entire show take itself less seriously like the middle episodes were. After the 4th episode the show jumped up a couple notches but after it dropped the humor it also lost some of it's charm.

Overall, I say it is still watchable due to the fantastic style, great character design, awesome seiyuus, and well paced humor in the middle episodes. If you think this is another Ikkitousen, watch it. You will be pleasantly surprised. If you liked Demon King Daimao, this has a similar feel to it. Albeit, maybe not as good.

A side note, usually I end up very annoyed by the mandatory "village idiot" character but somehow this series has managed to get me to like Jubie. Aside from the fact she becomes a complete bad ass in episode 12, the show doesn't constantly parade her around saying "look at her, shes so silly" until it gets horribly old and overused. Instead she only chimes every once in a while and everything she says is pretty damn funny. It is really something I can appreciate when looking back at the horror that was Nyu in Elfen Lied.

PS: Despite what they say, everyone else liked episode 12, they are just too afraid to admit it.

I came not.

Marlin Clock: Okay, that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all year. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear I was watching a really action-heavy tentacle porn or something. I doubt even if I started watching this from the beginning it would make much more sense to me then. I did learn a valuable lesson though; apparently you can grab someone’s spirit out through the boob. Yeah…

Dliessmgg: I could write about the by-the-numbers plot line. I could write about how much I like the art style. I could write about the gratuitous fanservice. I could write about the rampant nationalism. I could write about the sudden shift to black and white coloring. But: GAAAAHHHH WHY DO THEY HAVE TO SUB IT WITH SUCH A HORRIBLY YELLOW FONT GAAAAAAHHHHH!


Dramatic Ink splot!

AQua_ng: Itsatimmy explicitly said that I should know about this episode airing. I have no idea why.

I like Capcom. I like SSFIV and Okami, I think that those games are ace. In particular, the use of ink. And in this season, there have been two anime that are related to ink: Squid Girl and Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (and Bakuman if you want to be pedantic about it, but shut up). In Samurai Girls, ink is used in a directing sense, to invoke its own style and to use as techniques to emphasise or even hide what the director wants you to see. However, as smart as it sounds on paper, the execution is not quite there. Nearly, but not enough.

It's just the frequency of ink being splattered onto the screen quickly takes away a lot of its given impact. In SSFIV, it works because liberal use of ink is only used for attacks with a lot of oomph, such as focus attacks and Ultras. But in Samurai Girls, ink is being splattered on the screen during the title card, which seemed kind of weird, since there were already spots of ink already present. It felt unnecessary.

Furthermore, during the attack to break in to the green...tentacle...thing, the use of ink only felt appropriate about 4 out of the 14 times used. Which is a shame, since that scene was really great. When you think about it perhaps, more restraint with using that technique would have made that scene even more powerful.

And it's a shame, because it's artstyle is something I can get behind. The thick lineart, and the paper filter on the background makes it stand out when compared to other shows. The black and white battle felt appropriate since it was the finale and it really brought home the two opposite forces at work, so kudos to that. So to sum up, a little ink can go a long way.


Irothtin: The majority of this episode involved nubile young women fighting a giant tentacle monster while the only male present stood around and barked orders. And then there were nubile young women fighting each other, and nubile young women arguing over who gets to sex up the main dude first. We also have Yagyu Jubei, who is a nubile young woman, kissing her brother in a romantic fashion.

We also got really intrusive ink splatters across the screen every thirty seconds or so, even if there was nothing to censor.

And then, Irothtin had the idea to add Yumeiro Pattiserie Professional to the schedule. It's a show about cake. That's obvious. It's like Yu-Gi-Oh! in that the entire world in which it is set revolves around cake, similar to how in YGO!, the whole world revolves around card games. There are also fairies who talk about cake a lot. Oh, and you know what? Despite it being the twelfth episode of a second season, I was perfectly able to follow. Damn recommendable.

So, our main characters have a cake shop, but are facing heavy competition from an extremely annoying ojou-sama who laughs a lot. A lot. Seriously, half of the episode is her laughing. So the cast come up with some really interesting ideas to try and attach more customers. Let's just see what I had to say about it on Twitter...


At least the OP is decent. #yumeiropattiserie #autotune

This is nuts. I can follow! #yumeiropattiserie

So bad it's absolutely hilarious.

Yes. #Yumeiropattiserie has a villain. And she absolutely NAILS the ojou-sama laugh. IYAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!

What? An anime about MARKET RESEARCH? Fun! #yumeiropattiserie

Wait? Three guys? I can't find the third one... #yumeiropattiserie

It's over! Finally! Those were the longest 22 minutes in my life! #yumeiropattiserie

Here's what the others had to say about this episode:

Irothtin: I apologize for making the rest of the people working on this feature watch this show.

So a bunch of people with eyes shaped like ostrich eggs are running cake shops, and having a cake battle or something, because sweets are SERIOUS BUSINESS. There was also a girl with drill hair who laughed so loudly and so often that I swear one of her parents was a seal. Or both. There were supposedly three men also working at the sweets shop, but it's hard to tell when everyone in the show looks like a prepubescent girl.

Or, to sum up the show in one line: HARDCORE SWEETS, BIZNACHOS

Marcus: Okay, seriously Irothin, whatever you just wrote above me, kudos, because I couldn't last 5 minutes on this show.

Dliessmgg: Holy crap, this must be the most annoying ojousama-laugh ever. I can still hear its echo after two days. Especially outrageous is when she appears on TV to promote her new cafe. I'm sure nobody at all will think of her as haughty or arrogant.

Dragonzigg: The opening credits... they're AWFUL. Dear god in heaven, it's like somebody vomited onto the screen then they added a symphony composed by a deaf man and played by kittens being stepped on. That and the fact that I cannot remember a single other thing from this episode except it was bland, boring and had terrible animation, character designs, plot and everything else. I mean, I like bad stuff (MSTies represent!) but there's some things that sicken even me.

Marlin Clock: They… eat doughnuts… with a spoon. I have a friend in college, well I guess let’s not call him so much a friend as an acquaintance? The guy is a major commie pinko, but even this show would make me red with how bourgeois this whole show is. Pretty affluent people buying pretty dolled up deserts in a designer market street. On the other side, I was surprised as to how in-depth they went as far as basic advertising and marketing economics goes. I wouldn’t take a show about really girly looking people making girly looking pastries as one to tell you how to up your clientele. The one thing I’ve never heard of is stores in the same business giving coupons for each other’s stores. It seems like madness to me, but I gotta go by the benefit of the doubt that that might actually be a thing. Overall, it was actually pretty interesting. However, I doubt many of the other episodes were so economics-focused, so I don’t think I’ll continue.

Itsa Timmy: First of all, that evil laugh is FREAKING ANNOYING! I had to really force myself to press on because of that.

So as far as I can tell, this is a show about a bunch of people running a sweets shop, I guess trying to teach otaku about capitalism or something. It seems they are in a competition with aforementioned annoying evil girl, who has gone atrociously over budget on an advertising campaign to try to win. Because of this she gets all the customers and makes something like 20 times more revenue. Sadly revenue is all that matters in this completion, as there is no way she can be making a profit. The good guys start to find creative ways to steal away her customers and thats where the episode ends. The trend will probably contune untill the heroes have all the customers and evil girl is flat broke.

There, saved you watching a whole bunch of episodes. Now go learn capitalism the correct way with Recettear and stay the hell away from this. Who picked this to watch anywa... Irothtin! You bastard!

Messy eyebrows never were this cute.

And last, but not least, Dliessmgg added Kuragehime to the schedule. First of all, it was slooooow! second of all, it was actually pretty cool. Like I already say in my season preview, I kinda knew it was going to be good, but it just didn't appeal to me. This one episode I watched was pretty cool, featuring a She-Man and Kana Hanazawa as a jellyfish otaku. Oh and some guy who has sex with some bitch who pretends she killed herself for the lulz. Seriously... she's even worse than Kanako Wanatabe.

Get chance and luck!

Here's what the others had to say about this episode:

Dliessmgg: "A lukewarm life is enough for me." Tsukimi had the quiet life of a jellyfish otaku so far. That changes when she meets Kuranosuke. He forces her out of her shell, he shows her that she can be beautiful, he slowly tries to build up her confidence. Somewhere along the way she develops a crush on his brother. Of course all that stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum of innocence, meaning she gets riled up. Slowly getting tired of that is a normal and necessary reaction in her unconscious progress of turning into a princess. The above line is the perfect summary of this position.

Marcus: This episode reminds me exactly how much I really wanted to be a little girl. I'd wear dresses everywhere, then I would get into fights with other 4th graders, because no one would hit a girl. But then, I'd cold-clock deck 'em right in the clavical. Then I'd go home and just bake the shit out of some Easy Bake muffins. Umm, what were talking about again?

It's the small things in life that make it worth living. Such as making a jellyfish dress for a trap.

Marlin Clock: Man, this was a good episode. I really hope this is where Shu finally gets his act together. After that stunt it seems he finally gets the picture on what kind of person Inari is. This whole time he’s been a bit too much the idiot for my tastes. Now it seems he’s finally set on getting Tsukimi. I can’t wait ‘till next week.

Itsa Timmy: This seems to have some pretty funny moments, granted I am drunk as I write this. Also moobs. I assume they are making a dress for the hell of it as I see no particular reason given. I may have to look into this as well, Although the the guy dressed as a girl kind of bothers me a little bit considering my drunken self thought he was kinda hot at the beginning of the episode.

So, that'll finally wrap things up for this week. Oh, one more thing... some of the contributors had a little contest to see who could come up with the most original title for their e-mail they sent to me with their stuff. Whou should win?

Here's the nominees:

AQua_ng: 'AAW YEAH'
Dliessmgg: 'ChristmAAWs'
Itsa Timmy: 'C'mon. I'm drunk. Entertain me.'
Marlin Clock: 'AAW Holy night, The stars are brightly shiiiiiining....'
KagatoTEG: 'DURERER!!: Xmas blog-Episode II: Attack of the Stuff about Star Driver...'
Marc: 'Yo, my name's Marcus and I fart in other peoples butts and eat pudding.'

Make your vote in the comments section.

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Oh, and...

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