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ACEN 08: God Len's final thoughts


Anime Central 2008 is finally over. For otaku in the Chicago area this convention is three days of pure bliss. Three days where one can throw away real world problems, throw away those nagging parents, bosses, and friends for pure anime-related fun. Yet, it appears as if this convention might have become too popular too fast.

Before Anime Hell began its attack on my funny bone, a fairly important announcement was made across the main event hall. That this event had the most attendees ever in ACEN history; in fact, it took about 30 minutes to fill up the room to capacity. One reason for this is because they actually made the main ball room bigger, but another reason was that there were a lot of people that attended this con. This really wasn’t a problem for me, but for others it made it a living hell. But this post isn’t an angry rant, take a dive into thoughts behind this convention after the jump.

Now you might have remembered my first day impression I wrote a couple days ago, but wondered where my second and third day impressions are? Well as you might have guessed, they are not coming. To be honest with you, not much happened those last two days.

First thing Saturday I went to the One Piece fan panel, as expected of me. Even though I showed up late, I suspect I didn’t miss much. Basically they explained who the characters were, and well, that’s it. But they did surf though youtube looking for One Piece clips; yeah it sounds as fun as it actually was.

With another disappointing fan panel behind me, I had to take some time and thank the lord for the people who run the Gundam Experience panel. I have never been disappointed with their panels, always providing me with great globs of Gundam info. Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend this year, but I’m sure it was great. So in conclusion I believe a panel about a particular show must be well planed out ahead of time. It must be informative, extremely accurate, and have tidbits of information that should be a surprise to even the most experienced otaku.

The rest of the day was spent in industry panels. However two of the companies were a no show; ADV and VIZ were somehow absent this day. This is unfortunate because we all want to know what is happening to ADV and their mysteriously disappearing DVDs. So instead of being angry, Gia and I went for some food, so it wasn’t all bad. Sunday was filled with shopping and Speed Racer, both of which you don’t want to hear about. Who am I kidding, Speed Racer was awesome!

Now back on track, Linecon 08 was great! That’s if you love lines, and if you don’t then be prepared to be upset. I have heard stories of people waiting in line for over eight hours to get their passes. Printers failed, computers were hacked, and every problem you could think of happened during registration.

This wasn’t the only problem this weekend. Almost every panel I went to was unorganized an unprepared for the event. Either the computer didn’t work, there wasn’t a microphone, or the host showed up late. I know this is run by volunteers, so I can’t be too harsh; but at the same time other anime cons have nicely run panels with minimal problems, so success can happen.

If I had to give ACEN a grade, I think it deserves a C-; it was a little less then what I expected. ACEN 08 had its problems, but it comes natural when you have that great amount of people in such a small area. A con is not exclusively made by the events it has, but by the people who attend it. They all go to the con for a different reason, some like the panels, some like to own people in the video game room, and others love to pick up every bit of anime merchandise their wallet can handle. But I think most attend because they can be around people just like them. Basically it's a giant otaku party, and ACEN 08 was just that.

[Some pictures via Andaloo]

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