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Ooh! They're passing around previews of manga that will be relased in the future. They're showing off Clamp's Clover now. Clamp is digitally remastering the art, so it should look pretty good. We actually get to handle the production copies of it. It looks really great. More impressions later.

Damn, they're going fast!

1:13- Man, I'm really tired and hungry. Gia and I just split a cup of grapes. Fail. I need something serious to eat. But I'm stuck here for many hours yet.

1:14 - We're starting! Woah, the guests are drinking Anime Expo water. They wish us a happy July 4th. Jermey, director of publicity is here. Samantha Robertson is here also. Good lookin' gal! Carl Horn is a director at Dark Horse. He covers a lot of series. Michael [didn't hear last name] does all of the licensing. 

1:16 - Blood+ Vol 2 and Style School Vol 2 is coming very soon. (No date?) The latter teaches you how to be a complete illustrator. It encourages American submissions. I looked at it yesterday. Amazing. 

1:17 - This is the 20th anniversary for Dark Horse. The picture above was done by Yoshitaka Amano for them for this anniversary. It's absolutely beautiful in person.

1:20 - Beserk vol. 24 is also on the way.  Aug 20. is vol 30 of Oh! My Godess. This marks the first volume of this manga that is on time!

1:21 - Aug 27. Appleseed Vol 3 will be released. Or re-released.

1:23 -Sept 3rd. MPD Psycho vol. 6 will be released. They joke that it's Shojo. I just started this, it's amazing! Also on this date, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol. 7 will release. 

1:24 - Astroboy Vol. 1 and 2 is coming after that. Calls Astroboy the Original Gangsta. HA!

1:25 -Good OEL. Empowered. Check it out

1:27 - Sept 24th. Gantz vol. 2. YES! I woowed aloud. Oct 15 Vampire Hunter D Vol 11. IF you like Amano, go to New York Anime Fest, trust me.

1;28 - Hellsing Vol 9 in October. Exclusive flocked Domo figure at SDCC. only 250 of them, They're yellow!  

1:29 - Oct 29. Style School Vol 3. Nov 19. Vampire Hunter D bust. 


New manga: Ikari Shinji Racing Project! They're passing around the Japanese version. It's the fun Evangelion, if you don't know.  Coming late spring or early summer of 2009. Ha! I found a great panty shot in vol. 4 of the manga. I interrupted the panel to point that out to the crowd.

Michael (on stage) was recently engaged. Aww!

Q&A after the jump.

Kodansha and the recent news: It effects certain unnamed titles. They're aware of the rumors. For licensing reasons, they cannot talk yet. They will have more specific information soon. It will not affect all of the Kodansha titles.

- Why is the Hellsing manga release so slow? Dark Horse is actually caught up!

- Hellsing spin-offs? They're looking into it already. 

- Berserk catching up? It might, maybe bi-monthly.

- Ha! This angry manga fan from the last panel is now grilling Dark Horse on delays for things "you translated a long time ago." What a dick!

- Oh my God. He's still grilling the pretty girl on stage, now about the sound effect translations. Go sit down, dude!

- A gal asks about Dark Horse publishing. They say that they accept submissions on their Web site. Pretty cool. They say they get hundreds on a weekly basis, unfortunately. 

- Scheduling on Gantz? First three volumes will be quarterly. Starting with Vol 4, things will be bi-monthly. 

- Deb from About.com asks about Astroboy. The plan so far is for Vol 1 and 2. Color pages? No. Just a collection. Very fat.

- Angry manga man is back, asking about Crying Freeman now. I can feel the eye rolls. Dark Horse says that they pick their battles "carefully." They say that they're always interested in something good, but no word. 

- An audience member asks about tips for aspiring comic publishers. They say that hte best advice is to treat people well. They say that a lot of companies that have come and gone don't look after the creators. "Make sure your artists get paid." Also, believe in your product. 

- Reiko the Zombie Shop. Where is it? After volume 6 it stopped. Dark Horse says that there is five more volumes, and they really want it to release. 

- What is on your dream list to publish?  UH, they're not telling. 

- 3X3 Eyes? Never caught on here. They're not going to try to revive something that didn't work. They'd rather work on promising new manga that hasn't had a chance in the US yet. 

That's it. Going to go charge my laptop for a bit before the next panel. 

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