Annotated Anime: Beyond the Boundary Ep. 6


It reeks so good

This week, Kuriyama and friends decide to take on a monster that explodes into a super-stinky fluid whenever it senses a threat, and the crew can only hope to defeat it by forming an idol group and harnessing the magic of singing and dancing. I want to say "It's about as silly as it sounds," but you know what? That doesn't do it justice, because it's actually even sillier than that; exponentially so. We're talking The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- levels of entirely self-aware, laser-guided silliness here.

Let's fight yo

You know how sometimes stupid things are so stupid it's painful, but other times, they're actually so transcendently stupid that it's like they somehow poke out the other side of the intelligence continuum and become awesome? That's this episode in a nutshell. At the beginning I was kind of rolling my eyes, but by the time Mitsuki's magical chincilla had to don a little chinchilla-sized gas mask to protect itself from the monster's stink, I had pretty much lost it.


I just can't even, WHAT

This was basically a filler episode, but instead of giving us the typical, "let's prepare for the school festival!" or "let's go to the beach!" kind of filler, the writers decided to go completely nuts and approach Excel Saga-quantities of manic ridiculousness, and I, for one, salute them for it. Plus, this is really the first time we see the whole group work together as a team (as dubious as their strategy is), so it's not even complete filler.

Are you my mummy?

Things start out innocently enough: Kuriyama has gotten her monster-hunting license back, so she wants to bag a serious monster for a big payout so she can pay her rent-- and keep up with her Bonsai collection, because apparently that's a thing she does now. Unfortunately, the one she picks keeps exploding and covering her and Akihito in a noxious, yellow goop before they can defeat it, meaning they're constantly running to the showers and going through multiple sets of clothes. As more of our local Spirit World Warriors get involved in the battle, there are more oceans of yellow goo, more frantic trips to the showers, and increasingly desperate plans to try to bring the stinky thing down.


The whole thing culminates in an idol-style song and dance routine, which is probably mostly an excuse to get the girls into cutesy outfits (as was Kuriyama's Madoka-inspired modeling sequence earlier in the episode), but what makes it work is the training montage that intercuts the sequence. Apparently, the group went through all the emotional highs and lows of your typical 12-episode anime while preparing their dance routine, only the show completely glosses over it because it's all cliches anyway. It's a pretty on-the-nose self-parody.

Strike a pose

The only real negative in this episode is the continued objectification of Kuriyama and Mitsuki, and I know that bugs some viewers. Personally I'm mostly okay with it because, at the risk of oversimplifying...I think that's kind of the joke? It's obvious if you've watched the show thus far that Akihito really, really cares about Kuriyama, but he's so consumed by his glasses-obsession that he can't help going "OMG glasses girls are hot!" whenever she does something he finds cute, even though he really should know better. At least in theory, it's funny because it's otherwise out-of-character for someone who cares about her.

I have less patience for Hiromi's obsession with his little sister, but eh, I think I've just decided to willfully ignore that for the rest of the show's run. Oh well, whenever I'm in danger of thinking about the whole tiresome siscon thing, I'll just think of Yakiino mimicking the crew's idol-dance on his little chinchilla feet:


It is a crime that there's no GIF available of this sequence yet. Do you hear me, internet? A CRIME

Next week, it looks like we'll see the triumphant return of plot as Sakura and her glaive/grenade launcher thing come back to town; I guess that's nice? Honestly, I'd be perfectly fine with it if the rest of the series was ridiculous like this. This show is just so good at being dumb.


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