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Time travel just ruins everything

Okay guys, the honeymoon is over. After being on a total Brynhildr high last week, the show just had to go and do something annoying -- actually, a whole bunch of annoying things -- and now I'm able to evaluate it like a rational human being again. It's still mostly holding my interest, but darnit, Brynhildr, why you gotta be this way? I thought we were for real; I thought we had something special.


I heard you like aliens so I put an alien inside your spine, surprise.

I should probably point out that I'm pleased with the way this show has been handling gore. I initially was leery of watching it, since I don't like gore on general principle and I know what kind of reputation Elfen Lied has, but this show hasn't been overdoing it. We always see enough so that we know what's going on, and it's disturbing, but not sickening. I hope this trend toward restraint continues.

Anyway, when we last left our Brynhildr friends, Kuroha had been turned into a blood splatter on the floor and Murakami was reeling from the realization that she really was his childhood friend. Knowing that Saori can reverse time, Murakami earns his badass card this week by fatally stabbing the lethal witch with no hesitation; not bad for a guy who spends most of his time looking through a telescope. Now, he thinks, Saori has to turn back time to before Kuroha was killed, or else she'll die as well. Because Murakami is pretty smart, that's basically what happens, but Saori slices him in half too before she reverses time just because she can.

Unfortunately, when time is turned back to the moment before Kuroha was killed, Murakami no longer knows that Kuroha=Kuroneko (since he hadn't seen the moles yet), and he's too busy subduing the now powered-down Saori to notice Kuroha's moles in the new timeline. By the time he thinks to look, Kuroha is covering up her trademark moles with her hand, so he still doesn't know who she really is. Dammit show, why'd you have to do that? I thought we could dispense with this "is she or isn't she?" nonsense and just get to the meat of the relationship between the two, but no, now we have to have a whole bunch more episodes of needless uncertainty.



On the plus side, Murakami does seem to have some knowledge of what transpired in the alternate timeline -- he knows that he and Kuroha died, and that he's forgotten "something important." I guess that means that Kuroha's true identity is still somewhere inside his mind, but now we're officially in Doctor Who Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Land, where people remember things that never happened and causality is no longer a real thing. Dammit, show. Just dammit.

Meanwhile, Saori dies when the Evil Scientist Guys (and that's what I'm calling them until further notice) pop her harnest remotely. I kind of wonder about the judgement of Evil Scientist Guys here; would you really be so quick to dispose of a witch who can reverse time? Unless they have a bunch of back-up time mages to spare, that seems kind of wasteful. Anyway, after Saori has been reduced to a mess on the floor, a green creature with many eyes crawls out of her body, and Murakami realizes that what harnest really means is "Her nest."

So...the witches seem to be girls who were bonded with some kind of alien life form, and that's where their powers come from. I bet they're going to reveal that the witches can only be female because only a female body is designed to host two beings at once, because that just seems like the kind of thing this show would do. Of course, considering the fact that men get parasites too it's kind of nonsense, but nonetheless, that's my prediction.

Kuroha and Murakami then find some pills and escape from the factory...rather easily? It seems like the Evil Scientist Guys should have sent someone to tail them back to the observatory or something. Then there's a whole tiresome sequence of events designed to get us better acquainted with Kazumi, the hacker-witch from last week, who is now moving into the observatory with Kuroha and Kana. This tiresome series of events includes a trip to the hot springs that includes both accidental boob groping and those horrible eye-searing sensor bars, because God hates me.


This is what I get for last week's optimism. This.

But Evil Scientist Guys are not quite through yet! Having discovered the location of the fugitive witches from another unfortunate escapee, the Guys send an AA+-ranked witch to dispose of our heroes. Of course, if you've been paying attention, you know that the witch with the long blond hair is featured prominently in the OP, so the chances of her defecting to the good guys' side is about 99%. Still, I'm curious to find out what her powers are, because while her rack is indeed amazing, that's not an AA+-ranked superpower. Usually.

Heya! I'm cute!

Wasting no time, the new witch shows up at the observatory, claiming to seek membership in the Astronomy Club. We haven't seen Murakami act suspicious toward her yet, but I'm assuming we will next time, since he's not an idiot. Please show, don't turn him into an idiot.

Also, Kuroha finally gets to take that trip to the ocean that she's been hoping for, but I think the enjoyment is kind of ruined by the fact that she has one box of pills left even after the factory raid, so she has maybe two months left to live, tops. That would put a damper on my beachcombing fun too.

Not really frolicking

"This field trip is only a partial reprieve from the ungodly living hell that is my life, but the water's pretty I guess."

Next episode: No more hot springs scenes, please. I'm begging you, show.

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