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Someone please buy me a sheep pillow

Another episode deep and I'm wondering if my concerns about this show are actually justified. That's not to say that this latest episode is an animated masterpiece that knocks it out the park, but Rikka and Yuuta's extended adventures are thus far proving to be plenty of mindless fun. 

It's become pretty clear that this series is going to focus on their unconventional relationship, and while this episode has a definite conclusion, the introduction of 'Mysterious Girl B' should prove to be enough of a shake-up to warrant the extra season...probably. Maybe?

Anyway, I'm finding the OP pretty catchy, so that's something!

Have you ever gotten suspicious that your friend might be having a sexual relationship with their other half, then decided that it's worth stalking them to find out? Sure, a few times, but never with binoculars, because that's absurd. But hey, who am I to knock the hobbies of curious high school students? It seems that Yuuta would rather spend his time with Rikka pretending to be one of the Ghostbusters, and spanking her butt as a punishment. Wait a second...

Along the way we learned that Kumin is actually great at making curries, but Yuuta doesn't see a need for her. Dekomori is also convinced that there's a herb named after her, and I become further convinced that she's cheated on her tests. Did I mention that Nibutani has already reverted back to her brown-haired form? Seems like the Nibutani kamikuro-ver. is already becoming a rare find. 

After a few hours of Kaga Koko-levels of stalking, the trio of girls decided that the relationship wasn't quite at the holding-hands level, so Nibutani decides to take some action; said action involves getting some random girl involved to 'spice up' the relationship between the two oddballs. Maybe this would have worked with a different crew, but considering that Rikka doesn't seem to really know what a relationship even involves, all does not go according to plan. Needless to say, I'm firmly in the 'leave them to it, they'll figure it out eventually,' camp.

But you know what? Aquariums are cool places for dates. Not only did Rikka get a great day out, but she even managed to make a few dolphins jump for her. Or maybe it's just the dolphins making her think that they're jumping for her? I can't remember what their agenda is, but it's probably something terrible. [Editor's Note: Wait, this show has evil dolphins? Why am I only finding out about this now?!] Chalk this up as the most adorable moment in the new series so far, as Rikka's side-stepping to take Yuuta's hand had me squealing. The two holding hands shouldn't be that big a deal, but somehow it is, and I'm somehow reverting to an eight-year-old. 

But that's exactly what we've signed up for, and it's what I want from this show. Rikka and Yuuta are one of the strangest yet most adorable couples out there, and KyoAni are doing what they do best: further redefining the moeblob genre. Yuuta isn't making strides in his relationship with Rikka just by taking the initiative, and he realizes this. But it's totally okay, because they're a pretty good couple and they don't really need to take any big steps just yet. Also, because too much progress in their relationship could bring this season to a rather abrupt end.

Hey, it's the new girl from the opening sequence! Indeed, she lowers herself onto Yuuta's balcony from Rikka's old apartment, and we finally have our new chuunibyou. If this show is going to throw in a bit of drama, she's going to need to be an old acquaintance of either Yuuta or Rikka, right? We've got to get a bit of competition thrown into this romance, and it can't be Dekomori doing all of the work. Tears, complex fight scenes and Rikka being herself: That's what this show is about. Bring it, episode three!

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