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Annotated Anime Early Edition: Spring '10 Week 12


Welcome to another Early Edition of Annotated Anime, your favorite Japanator-based weekly anime recap!

It's...it's almost over! We're chock-full of resolutions, redemptions and reluctant reincarnations this week, with just a couple of shows left to air their final, final episodes.

In this Early Edition, Ben gives you Celty's best clothing ever, Brad lets loose on Big Windup and K-ON!!, and Angel Beats! gets gone while the going's as good as it gets.

As a special, one-time-only  bonus, Mike finds a new way to drop some truth bombs about Heroman. I hope your region doesn't block Rapidshare!

Don't forget to tune into the Late Edition to read our thoughts on the rest of this season's shows, and look forward to a few features full of deep thoughts on this season's biggest and best!

Mike LeChevallier

Heroman episode 13

Are any of you tired of reading (or just skimming) my analytical tomes on Heroman? Well, you're in luck this week.

Listen to me talk, yes talk, about episode 13 episode here.

Ben Huber

Durarara!! episode 24

Oh god, I can't believe it's finally over. It was a good run, DRRR!!, I gotta admit there were times when your pacing was a little weird in the second half, but otherwise I'm pretty content with what we got.

With all three of the big players in one warehouse (plus Celty), we finally get the confrontation we wanted. But as the Blue Squares members are about to attack the group, a yell goes out, and they begin to fight amongst themselves. Out from the chaos steps Dotachin, who reveals that he got a bunch of his Dollars buddies to infiltrate the group and help out. Mikado, Anri, and Kida have a heart-to-heart before rushing the Yellow Scarves leader to the hospital. Celty meanwhile, pursues the fleeing Horada, who runs into a wounded-but-still-incredibly-lethal Shizuo. I learned that highway signs make excellent weapons today.

Kinnosuke pulls Horada and Co. over and sends them packing, and even Celty offers them her best wishes with him. Elsewhere, Anri tracks down Izaya and attempts to take him out, but she can't seem to land a hit on him, despite his constant trolling. Although, while Izaya escapes Anri's blade, he doesn't avoid Simon's fist, which is what greets him a bit later (and it is SO SATISFYING). Their conversation was pretty interesting, especially since Simon has the unique ability to see through Izaya's lies instantly.

Kida and Saki make up after they finally realize that all of their conflict and separation was due to Izaya. They decide it'd be better to leave Ikebukuro altogether, and take off almost immediately on the train. Kida doesn't completely leave the picture, though, as a new face shows up in the reopened Dollars chat. Mikado and Anri make the best of his absence and promise to give him a piece of their mind once he gets back. I pretty much expected this sort of ending, but it's probably the most fitting given that we have yet to see word of a second season: open-ended, letting us imagine that life in Ikebukuro will go on, and perhaps someday we might see these characters come back. Plus, Celty seducing Shinra made the entire finale worth it. Period.

"You might love humans, but I'm pretty sure they all hate you."
Brad Rice
Big Windup episode 12

After watching the boys struggle as hard as they possibly could, things finally came to an end for the Nishiura boys. In an emotionally draining 9th inning, they weren't able to close the gap, and lost the match. So, the summer tournament is over. It's actually a bit hard to write up without going into a rant, but I'll say this: watching episode 12 reminded me of what the true Power of Anime is. It's not stuff like So Ra No Wo To or Senko no Night Raid, nor is it necessarily something experimental like Kaiba or Tatami Galaxy -- it's the moments, the shows, that are able to pull you in so utterly and completely that when the critical moment comes in the climax, you're not even on the edge of your seat; you're standing, shouting and praying for things to go the right way. And Big Windup has that in spades.
K-ON!! episodes 11 and 12

Let me get episode 11 out of the way quickly: it was hot out, they play in their school swimsuits and never think of going to the pool to cool off, and Ritsu begs to get an air conditioner in their club room, because she forgot to fill out the forms. End of super-fluffy slit-my-wrists-style episode.

Episode 12, meanwhile, was a bit more redeeming: it was actually an episode about music! The girls, with Sawa-chan in tow, head off to a big summer concert series to watch endless bands play. Think Warped Tour or such. The girls are touched by the performances, and vow to be up on that stage one day -- provided Yui doesn't die from a drug overdose, I suppose.

The episode reminded me a lot of the final concert arc in BECK, especially visually, and I kept hoping they'd slip in references here or there to the show. Well, only one more episode to go of K-ON!!. Finally, I'll be free from this hellhole!
Josh Tolentino
Angel Beats! episode 13
Well, that was unexpected.
Last week, when I wondered how they would make sure Kanade/Angel get her due resolution despite the lack of concrete exposition, I fully expected that she would be the one left behind. Surely, in less than half an episode she could not possibly be developed enough to disappear with dignity?
And again, Angel Beats! pulled a fast one on me, placing the true "orz" ending on the shoulders of Otonashi. Dealt the final blow in just a few sentences of exposition by Kanade, it seems that his organ-donor-authorized heart that saved Kanade's past life. Her wandering into this purgatorio came of an intense desire to say "Thank you" to the one who saved her.
After that, she disappears, leaving Otonashi in the state that he well should have ended up in, all alone. A more cynical person might have considered the moment a commentary on the end result of selfless sacrifice, but for this viewer it was a reminder that the world that these people "after-lived" in wasn't a place anyone was meant to stay. And if the epilogue is any indication, it seems even Otonashi realized that...eventually.
Ultimately, Angel Beats!' felt like a show that consciously chose to end on its highest point. It might not be apparent from all that "orz" pre-credits, but there's no way things could have gone but down, should Maeda and P.A. Works decided to ride that train further.

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