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Annotated Anime Early Edition: Summer 2010 Week 7


Welcome to the Early Edition of Annotated Anime, the Japanator weekly recap that's got a special announcement for all of you today, which is that Annotated Anime will no longer be featuring recaps of Bleach.

But that doesn't mean we've dropped everyone's favorite swordfighting powerup show. Oh no. In fact, we're ramping it up, combining the weekly Bleach recap with coverage of everyone's favorite ninja joot-soo show, Naruto, in a feature called "Fighting Friday". Which happens on Fridays. And covers fighting anime. And fighting manga. 

But more about that on Friday. This Tuesday, Brad's K-ON!! plot detector activates for the first time in years, Pedro catches up like mad on Occult Academy, Ben finds his Listen Back song for this week in Katanagatari, and Jeff gets on a boat with Asobi ni Ikuyo.

Get on and read up, tell us what you're thinkin' in the comments, check out the Late Edition's recaps, then tune in on Friday for a dose of good ol' fightin'!


Jeff Chuang

Asobi ni Ikuyo! Bombshells from the Sky episode 5

On board the luxury cruise ship / battlecruiser cat cult (or rather, the cat tail/cat ear worship cult) HQ, we have a Mission Impossible prelude to the episode. Back home licking their wounds, Manami and Aoi plans an operation to bust out Eris and Kio, all during a filming of a movie. To the chagrin or joy of the audience, depending on how you like scantily clad girls with guns, Aoi and Manami break out their friends in some revealing clothing, to the surprise of no one. Perhaps even less surprising is the neutralized cat cult leader, who really just wanted a friend and not the next reincarnation of the furry god. She's even got this huge kigurumi outfit, too.

The development comes in when we see mysterious uncle yet again playing the role of middleman, something I'm sure that is getting more fishy with each passing episode. During the break-in, the Dog faction meddled with the operation, and if not for some slick gun play and an outfit-swap, Aoi would have been fish food! Sexy dog operative remains elusive and mysterious, their motives hidden. Perhaps even more unsettling was knowing that Aoi's powersuit was dog technology, showing a link with her previous employer.

There was a lot of action in this episode, although production quality was somewhat uneven. All the scenes onboard the ship was cute; all the Manami/Aoi girls-with-guns bits will either turn you on or off. And as always there were dozens of references, complete with a huge slice of self-satire. Overall it was an uneven but mildly entertaining romp. Perhaps that is the least surprising part about this week's installment.

[Asobi ni Ikuyo: Bombshells from the Sky can be viewed on Crunchyroll]

Ben Huber

Katanagatari episode 8

Introducing a new opening by Ali Project! It sounds like every Ali Project song ever in that it sounds fine through most of the song and then 15 seconds before its over it just goes SPLAT and musical notes go everywhere and nothing makes sense. But I suppose the opening isn't the focus here, is it? Plus Listen Back is later this week.

Shichika and Togame meet with Princess Hitei, the blonde-haired devious-looking lady who's been hiding in the shadows the past few episodes. She seems be both helping and hindering the pair's quest to gather the 12 Deviant Blades, but I suppose her true intentions will be revealed soon, given that we have 4 episodes left. Togame and Hetei's verbal banter was an entertaining bit, and showcased the good dialogue this show can have sometimes. The duo leaves Owari, led by Emonzaemon to the location of the next blade. There, they find a mechanical doll, Kanzashi, which appears to be protecting the blade, but is quickly revealed to be the blade itself. Togame and Shichika spend several days studying its movements to figure out the best way to defeat it while also leaving it intact.

Meanwhile, the Maniwani Corps have sent Umigame Maniwa after Kanzashi as well, but he is stopped by Emonzaemon, who proves his ninja skills by taking the turtle-clad Maniwa out in quick fashion.

After much scheming, Togame reveals her plan to Shichika (but not the viewer), and they begin to wear out the mechanical doll. Upon finding out that Kanzashi is solar-powered, they picked a cloudy day and proceeded to fight it until it is out of juice. Somewhat anti-climactic, but about the only logical end to the fight. This episode ended without much fanfare, instead opting to forecast another blade's location and the plans Princess Hitei is laying out. Also, after last episodes abrupt change in artstyle, we're back the usual, for those curious. The animation seemed to be above average for most of the episode, which resulted in a great-looking battle against Kanzashi. Overall, Katanagatari has been steadily picking up here as we get closer to the end, so good on White Fox!
Brad Rice
K-ON!! episode 19

Finally, we have the end of the Romeo and Juliet arc -- but the cultural festival is still going on. Mio and Ritsu put on a stellar performance of Romeo and Juliet that had the audience in tears (you go girls!), despite a number of last-minute setbacks. Now that the performance is over, though, it's time to prepare for the live that HTT will be putting on -- at the last minute.

So, what do they do? Hold an all-nighter. Yet in typical K-ON!! fashion, the girls just dick around and stay up all night, without actually doing any practicing. So, we'll see how the next episode goes with their live performance. At the very least, Sawako got their outfits done! I must say, I've been really happy to see a progressing arc in K-ON!!, as it gives the show a lot more ground to work on compared to its previous episode-to-episode encounters. It's just too bad that they had to get good again only towards the end of the series. Still, we might have another seven episodes of goodness left, so I can hold out hope.

Also, Yui reached her pinnacle this week in K-ON!!, as you can see in the screencap above.

Pedro Cortes

Occult Academy episodes 4-6

Alrighty, got a bit to catch up on here. Episode 4 has Fumiaki searching for Maya and the perpetually in peril Kozue around the woods of the village. Mikaze joins Fumiaki, but he has to hop into her Initial D-style car. The two go into am abandoned shrine when Mikaze spots a bit of movement. They find a secret passage that leads into an underground cavern and they search for the missing ladies. The two get seperated after Fumiaki has a cowardly fit and almost gets shot by Maya. Turns out Maya was able to escape from the monster in Episode 3 and fled into the cavern. The two wander around for a bit and literally stumble into the lair of a mothman, the monster that has been floating around since the first episode. In a panic Fumiaki reveals that his psycokinetic powers were a hoax and that he was quite literally dragged into the time agent business. The two find Kozue in the lair and get attacked by several dozen of the mothmen. Fumiaki flees, leaving Maya to deal with an unconscious Kozue and a ton of mothmen. Fortunately for her, Smile and J.K. arrive to help and together they manage to escape. Fumiaki runs into Mikaze outside of the caves and tells her that he saved everybody as he laughs loudly to no one in particular.

Episode 5 starts with Kozue desperately trying to prove supernatural events to Maya. However, everything that Kozue brings up is mercilessly shot down and logically explained by Maya. While Maya deals with Kozue's bizarre attempts to prove the unnatural, Fumiaki continues his flirtations with Mikaze, much to the chagrin of the angry cougar Kawashima. Later, Kozue tells Maya that she wants to experience an occult event while she's still conscious, unlike her adventures in the first and third episode. The next day Maya picks up a call on the time agent cell phone that she yoinked from Fumiaki, only to have the person on the line hang up on her. After getting a bizarre text saying that she's going to become a god, Maya and Fumiaki find Kozue under a panel in the library, reeking of vinegar. Turns out she was trying a spiritual training techinque that always leaves her stenching of vinegar. Afterwards Fumiaki tricks Maya into accepting an application for Mikaze to sell her bread in a wagon on campus. Kozue then continues her antics by volunteering to go into a near-death state to see what happens. The class watches as she hops around in a candy land looking field and spots a hole sucking up everything around it in the sky. After coming back Kozue for some reason has lost the need for her glasses and has lost interest in anything dealing with the occult. As she walks away, the screen comes back on with Kozue desperately looking for her glasses in the candy colored field.

Episode 6 begins with Maya and her friend trying to figure out what's wrong with Kozue. The two decide to try and jog her memory by (badly) faking occult-ish events, but Kozue just isn't having it. After a bit of kajoling, Maya finally agrees to work with Fumiaki again on the condition that he fakes his psycokinetic powers in front of Kozue. He, of course, fails, though there is a spark of memory that flutters in her eyes. Maya takes this and manages to get Kozue to feel sadness when she admits there is no such thing as the occult. Maya postulates that Kozue left a part of her heart in the afterlife, so she enlists the help of JK and Smile to bring it back. Fumiaki finds out and follows the group into the lab and volunteers for the mission. While under Fumiaki has a different experience that Kozue did. His takes the form of his life flashing before his eyes, so we find out more about his past including what happens when the aliens destroyed the world. As time is running out, Fumiaki finds Kozue and manages to bring her back. Maya meets up again with Fumiaki on the roof and decides to properly help out on the search for Nostradamus's key.

Thus far Seikimatsu has managed to maintain the Ghostbusters feel that I mentioned previously. It occasionally makes me chuckle out loud, though there's quite a bit of cheese in between. Unfortunately, the pattern has been set with Maya and Fumiaki's relationship, with Maya knocking the crap out of Fumiaki whenever he messes up. Her tsun tsun moments are rarely amusing, so if that bugs you it isn't going to get any better. Also, Fumiaki being outed as a partial fraud was a bit surprising, but having him be such a coward just annoys me. Beside that though, the show can be pretty entertaining as long as I don't put too much thought into it.

[Occult Academy is simulcasting on Crunchyroll]

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