Annotated Anime: Fall 2012 Week 1


Triple threat, and First and Final looks

Welcome to the day after Hump Day, which also happens to be the day for Annotated Anime, the weekly recap that's preparing for the next wave of cartoons from Glorious Nippon!

In the meantime, we're also preparing to send off summer's remnants, and to this we say "And then there were three."

Those three this week are Muv-Luv Alternative, Space Bros. and a warm welcome to the smokin' hot men of Hiiro no Kakera's second season!

If looking back is your thing, though, we've got that, too! Check out our First Impressions and Final Impressions writeups! And don't worry, there are more to come! GET HYPE

First Impressions:

Shin Sekai Yori: From the New World

Final Impressions:

Accel World

Who is Imouto?!

The Ambition of Nobuna Oda

Humanity Has Declined

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Moyashimon Returns

Yuru Yuri Season 2

Pedro Cortes

Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse Episode 14

Yuuya is left behind with a busted TSF and BETA on coming. His engines blow when he activates them and his TSF topples over. When it looks like things are over, Zhar team come back and saves his ass. Things aren't too peachy, as the Soviet bombers begin destroying the base with Zhar Battalion in it. Oh wait, things weren't bad enough. Laser-class BETA arrive and begin wrecking the flying units. 

With the original plan complete FUBAR, the Zhar commander sends Yuuya off with two of her team and comes up with a plan to take out the Laser BETA. An unknown unit appears in radar, so the commander stays behind to deal with whatever it is. I assume it's the Scarlet Sisters, as we haven't seen them for a while, but I'm not completely sure. All we know is that the commander probably doesn't last very long against this mysterious unit. 

Yuuya gets dropped off and his escorts go back to support their unit. It takes a while, but Yuuya manages to make it back to base and meet up with the UN forces. Post-closing credits, we see what I think is going to be Yuuya's mid-series upgrade, the Shiranui Phase 2. Unfortunately, it seems that the entirety of Zhar Battalion was wiped out, thought they managed to take out the Laser BETA and save the front.


Kristina Pino

Hiiro no Kakera II Episode 1

Hiiro no Kakera is back! Yay! (right?...)

So, understandably enough, this first episode of the second season had some clips and review material from all of the first season. Also, new OP! And it's lovely. Thankfully, it didn't exist solely to waste an entire week telling us what we already know, and we learned a few things.

First: the boys are fine, the kids are all back in school, and they all seem committed to guard Tamaki even though they are supposedly at a time of peace. Tamaki's grandmother is trying to protect onikirimaru, but by the end of the episode we find out that Logos is still active, and the demon sword is still affecting the forest. The episode ends ominously with grandma telling Mitsuru to handle a sacrifice job for the sword to temporarily seal it away.

Meanwhile, Takuma is feeling some pressure in his chest, and Tamaki's friend at school is talking about spiriting away happenings. Uh oh. Anyone else smell trouble?

And then of course, the final scene at the end is a little eye-catch with one of the boys asking you to stick around, come and see him again, and whatever else these boys will offer you (the presumable female viewer) in return for affection.

My overall impressions and outlook are good. I already said it before, and I'll say it again: the story has great potential, despite Tamaki being a little to slack-jawed and the awful CGI monsters. I hope for a more fast-paced set of episodes and some more good drama packed in. The end of last season left way too many questions unanswered, so they've got plenty of material to work with. We shall see, Japanator faithful!

[Catch Hiiro no Kakera II streaming on Crunchyroll!]


Chris Walden

Space Bros. Episode 26

Oh, those astronaut goof balls! Always sabotaging equipment for the sake of a few good laughs! I must say, I was kind of glad that the next part of the exam came to more than another face-to-face interview. In fact, I think more interviews should be conducted in the presence of alcohol. You know, to get all those juicy stories out of the employees before you're obliged to hire them. 

I think this is definitely where we see the end for the douchebag from the other team. Perhaps he can't handle his alcohol. Perhaps he drops himself in it. Perhaps he's allergic to alcohol and his face subsequently explodes, catapulting his smug grin across the other side of the bar. Either way, I think we're in luck.

Nanba seems to be pushing his luck too, as he goes to confront Azuma, despite the hyperactive chair destroyer warning him not to. I don't think there'll be any bad blood though, in fact, I think Azuma will be doing a little bit of soul searching in the coming episodes. Just a hunch, though. 

[Space pugs can be found on Crunchyroll!]

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