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Girls meet hobo

The treasure hunt gets underway at full speed as the three girls of Galilei Donna (and their suspicious companion) reach the first checkpoint this week. At their quest hub, they found the usual score of Hollywood/video game style excitement and drama. I can't say I was surprised but there was sure a lot of stuff happening in just ~22 minutes.

However, if you weren't on board last week, nothing will really change your mind this week either in Galilei Donna. Given if we accept its conceit of dramatic duality, being both cheesy and serious at the same time, episode four is actually not half bad.

Dirty Water?

These key events happened in episode four:

  • Girls went shopping, for supplies, but lost it all when escaping their pirate pursuers. So they're still out of supplies.
  • Hozuki took a tumble from maybe four floors up and down on a pile of junk cars, injuring herself (in a nondescript manner).
  • The Galileo transformed into assault mode and beat the enemy back, even if the Black Ganymede pirates decided to leave them be so the girls can tend to Hozuki.
  • Girls found the next link in the chain of clues from a homeless man, an ancient parchment with a sketch of the moon. Oh, they flew to Germany to find this parchment, as the music notes from last week's episode decoded to a coordinate in Germany.
  • The same homeless man is also a technological genius and invented and built a machine that is basically a medic bot. We don't know how it works--maybe via nanomachines? We only know that it healed Hozuki, as long as you charge it up with electricity and administer it when things aren't shaking a lot.

I'm pretty sure I've watched a few TV anime series where you get one such a bullet point as above, per episode, every week. So there is a lot going on in Galilei Donna for sure. What I can't say is that the events happened in a convincing way every time; for example, while Kazuki finally begins to warm up to her sisters and she is able to pull the necessary information together in order to help Hozuki, the events that lead up to Hozuki's injury felt entirely superfluous. She could've been hit by a stray bullet or something, and that would've been more convincing; instead we have this weak parkour sequence in which Hazuki made Hozuki jump across a building, and things don't quite work out for our brainiac loli during her nasty fall.

I hate people who hit all the floors on the elevator

The homeless man, Hans, isn't too bad a character, especially if he is just here for the week. He is homely but unkempt, which to the girls, makes him just like a smellier version of Dad. The random part is how he happens to have this awesome medical machine in his shack, which is just what the girls need this week after Hozuki's accident. Or that he also has the puzzle piece because he found it in a ruined statue nearby and has been using it as a table mat. I suppose we can chalk this up to the conceit we have to accept while watching Galilei Donna.


Now, the good parts: Kazuki warming up is emotional and a little cute! I think this is exactly what Galileo Donna needs to get the viewer invested in the show. The other good thing--Assault Mode onboard their goldfish ship--is just a nice-to-have. The claws looked like something out of Outlaw Star, but what ends up doing all the damage are the laser ropes that attach the claws to the ship. Still, it's more exciting than endless CG missiles flying about. The AI taking up an assault rifle is a nice touch.

Pew pew

Thinking more seriously, Galilei Donna is probably laying down the hints on Anna. Of course there's the big giveaway when she took a private cell phone call. There's also the sneaky camera from the goldfish AI. At this point I'm comfortable in saying that she has some kind of ties with Black Ganymede, since they were able to find the girls easily, but I wonder how the writers will try to surprise us with this revelation? Is it even possible? The Black Ganymede guys are definitely being set up as potential enemy-turn-allies, so everything seems to fit that adventure template.

It's with these feelings that I want to find out what is next. I guess you win this round, Galileo Donna.

[Galilei Donna is on the run from Crunchyroll!]

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