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Three-way showdown in the snow

"Oh Bambina!" he said. It sounded okay because it's anime, but it's like a dude calling a chick "baby" every time he see her, which is a confusing term in this context, as our Black Ganymede pirate leader comes across too clean to be a total sleazeball. On the other hand, Galilei Donna has been consistently both cheesy and smooth like a nicely produced noitanimA show. The Boss character is just yet another one of these weird things that is hard to pin down.

In this episode, we are thrown into an immediate situation with Hazuki fallen sick to some unknown illness, forcing the girls to land on top of a small clinic during a blizzard. In there, the sisters (and Anna) find a Mexican standoff, of sorts. Click on!


This week's Galilei Donna throws you in the middle of it all without warning. You know that the Black Ganymede ship had a run-in with Roberto's mecha, you know they're going down, and you know Hazuki needs medical attention. What we didn't know is how all of that came to be, so it got a little disorienting--the three parties are stuck inside a hospital or clinic, with innocent hostages, and the ultra bad dude Roberto being his slick self, surrounded by the Ganymede guys.

Team Kitchen sink?

Trying to ignore the stand-off, Anna, Kazuki and Hozuki rummage through the medical facility for the medicine they need while all the staff and general public are cornered off as hostages by the Ganymede pirates. Roberto, on the other hand, waltzes into the crowd and ends up subdued by the Ganymede guys out of sheer numerical disadvantage. Unfortunately that doesn't stop him from going slightly psycho and breaking lose, shooting random innocent people for laughs. The pirates, on the other hand, let the Galilei sisters run free and even help them when the power goes out.


The way I see it, this week's episode is a more subversive way to develop characters. We see Roberto's Bruce Wayne-like backstory, except that when betrayed by the homeless thugs that his father helped, Roberto was taken in by a mobster instead of an awesome family servant. We see how Anna might actually know Roberto, which is a little bit off of my earlier remarks but still close enough. We also get a better feel for Cicinho, the leader of the pirates, and how he has a thing for the fiery eldest sister. We also find out that the pirates don't seem to be bad guys--just people driven to piracy as the world economy crumbles before the ice age. Cicinho is just the hard-spirited leader who has taken in his gang as if they're family.

Kazuki is getting more moments to shine here, except Roberto's fights probably remain the most attention-getting this week. Given Kazuki has some martial arts chops, I wonder how she'll stand up to Roberto? However, the show isn't really setting up anything we haven't seen before here.

So batman I don't even

What we haven't seen before is how this lukewarm mess still manages to be somewhat entertaining. Or how a goldfish charm can stop a blizzard-- I mean, what? Yes, we know that fish necklace Hozuki wears is special, but this special is too special. I suppose now we know what a Galileo Tesoro is, but for the sake of all things good, how does it work? C'mon, Galilei Donna. Maybe it doesn't matter, but the show seems to be kind of taking it for granted that we'll just accept this craziness.

 It's one thing when a story full of mystery answers questions while asking even more; this one seems to just answer questions that nobody cares about all that much while ignoring the important ones. Still, the character development is engaging; it's just a matter of taking advantage of it in the story. Maybe the next time we meet, things will make more sense, Galilei Donna.

[Watch a goldfish blow up a blizzard on Crunchyroll]

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