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Jasper, the unfriendly ghost

It's been a few weeks since Golden Time last aired, which naturally means that I spent most of that time pondering what the next Banri-goof was going to be; how Koko would completely fail to react to it in the long term; and if it were possible to get Linda as Banri's significant other any time soon. As it stands, it's hard to see what could possibly happen that would leave both Koko and Linda happy at the end of this show, short of Banri waking up from a dream or splitting himself into two separate people. 

Ah well, while I secretly hope for Koko to run off with Mitsuo so Linda can be happy, you'll have me overreacting to everything that this dysfunctional couple is doing. You might remember that Banri just had a rather disappointing conversation with Linda about distancing themselves for Koko's sake, after that dangerous glow stick incident. [Editor's Note: Gotta love the fact that this show has a "dangerous glow stick incident."] What repercussions does that have in this episode? Ghostly goings on, that's what!

Ghost Banri took over the episode, revealing that because he's salty over present-day Banri ditching Linda, he'll be interfering with his relationship with Koko. While it's not entirely surprising that the miserable ghost would take this course of action, it's more surprising that he even has that kind of control in the first place. Making his friends rearrange their plans? Causing it to rain? Those are powers that poltergeists would fight over! No, I think it might be more accurate to start calling him God Banri, because I'm fairly sure he's weighing up the pros and cons of shooting Koko's plane out of the sky with a bolt of lightning. 

While we're on the topic of disasters, I want to point out something from the flashback showing Linda talking to Banri after he'd escaped the hospital. Perhaps it's me being unobservant, but had we ever seen Linda with a scooter before? Could she possibly have been the one that knocked him off the bridge, albeit accidentally? If the confrontation with her brother's fiancé caused relationships to head south, is it possible that she might have done something stupid and spur of the moment? No idea, but I think I now know what a conspiracy theorist does all day.

Going back to the episode itself, the majority of it felt too much like padding. It was almost as if present-Banri and Koko were attempting to flaunt God-Banri's disapproval by just having a generally good time together as a couple. In fact, the duo were being rather cutesy for the first time in a while, with Koko wanting to impress with her cooking skills, and Banri accidentally discovering that she was simply warming up pre-made food. A nice bit of fluff, but nothing that's really pushing the story along.  

This was also the case at the dance, though in this instance we do get to see Koko acting completely normal around Linda. Considering that when we last saw the two together, Linda had a rod shoved down Banri's throat, I'd have thought there'd have at least been a few snide comments being thrown around-- similar to how Koko continues to treat Chinami. It was kind of nice to see that Koko finally overcame her nerves and performed the dance with everyone, even if we were subjected to some awful-yet-hilarious 3D-modelled dancers in the process. I suppose that the departure from serious business to some lighthearted comedy is a nice change of pace, at least. 

You would think that Koko's announcement of a trip to Barcelona would be met by Banri with at least minor disappointment that he can't tag along or be with her for that period of time, but instead he seems rather happy about it. In fact, refusing to kiss Koko at the end of the exchange in the park certainly has the alarm bells ringing, but why would he do that after cutting past ties with Linda? If I wasn't for the scene with Linda tearing up the photograph in the previous episode, wouldn't this just look like Banri being excited to get rid of Koko for a bit? It's pretty confusing, and whether Banri plans for it or not, something's probably going to go down between him and Linda while Koko is in Spain.

So, uhh, more drama in Golden Time. Linda may be my fave lady in this show, but I can't help but feel sorry for how Koko is being treated. Sure, she can be super creepy and stalky at times, but I still feel like we don't quite have her full story yet. With Banri running about with another girl and refusing that kiss, I'm sure her mind is currently working in overdrive. Let's finish this show as a romance, and not turn it into School Days.

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