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More spaghetti than Luigi can handle

In my opinion, Golden Time is one of the most interesting romances we've had in recent years. Who knows if that'll last all the way to the show's conclusion, but when the Internet explodes because two characters are seen chatting, you know it's doing something right. Sure, Banri's personality can devolve into that of a shrub, and Koko probably needs some counselling, but it's been quite some time since we've had a cast of characters that people cared about so much.

So, are you ready for even more questions in dire need of answering? We still have Koko's failed attempt at a kiss to resolve, so we're going to face the problem head-on and ask Banri what was up with that. Oh, and by head-on, I mean putting on a swimsuit and heading to Chinami's place. 

You know, when 2D-kun announces at the start of the episode that Mitsuo has a girlfriend, I automatically assumed we were in for some filler to stretch out the story. In fact, stalking him only raised my suspicions further, as it's just one of those tropes that shows up every so often in comedy anime. I'm sorry for assuming that your love life would be insignificant, Mitsuo, as it's definitely the most important revelation to come from this episode. After assuming that Mitsuo's new girlfriend was Chinami, we get some pretty entertaining antics with Koko and her pride in stalking. Props to Chinami for not being phased by the trio's assumption, and also for inviting them in for drinks. Seeing her in the process of moving out might actually become important, but I'll get to that in a bit.

Heading out for some lunch, the fabulous four inadvertently stumble upon Mitsuo and his 'girlfriend', who turns out to be none other than Linda. Well done, Golden Time, I certainly didn't see that coming! [Editor's Note: I totally saw that coming.] There's absolutely no confirmation that they were doing anything more than grabbing a drink together as friends, but of course, this wouldn't be a romance show without jumping to conclusions. Banri makes the most obvious reaction, showing discomfort at the thought that someone could be dating Linda. Interestingly, we also see exactly what Koko makes of it all. She's eyeing up Banri for his reaction as soon as we see Linda, and she definitely saw him squirming. Koko's reading him like a book, so no wonder she's getting crazy-paranoid over him. 

Finally, there's Chinami, who also seems bothered by this pairing. I think that Mitsuo's confession from episodes ago meant a lot more to her than she let on, and perhaps her empty house sheds some light on this. On the assumption that she's soon moving away, would she immediately reject anything to do with relationships for fear of the break-up? That certainly seems like a very anime thing to do. I'd try and create a relationship chart of all these characters and their interests, but I feel that dumping some spaghetti on a plate and taking a photo of that might be more realistic. 

So with that bombshell out of the way, we're back to the two most important things: swimsuits and beaches. We've got an upcoming beach trip, which will no doubt be the cause of further revelations among those in attendance. In fact, didn't Koko hint at being intimate with Banri if they ever go to the beach? If Banri snubs her advances like he did with the kiss in the last episode, we're in for quite a scene. Ah whatever, let's talk swimsuits. It was pretty entertaining to see Banri and Mitsuo meeting up to discuss what to wear, as well as getting another appearance of Mitsuo's 'toxic' budgie smugglers. But come on Banri, just ask him what's up with him and Linda!

While Koko invites herself back to Chinami's place to ensure they don't wear the same outfit, their conversation turns into a discussion of Koko's relationship with Banri. It's great to see her finally speak her mind, and while there are some obvious omissions, she freely admits to Chinami that she is beating herself up over Banri's non-kiss. Saying what's on her mind to a girl she doesn't really want to be friends with instead of heading straight to Banri is perhaps the best indication we currently have of what's going on in that head of hers. 

Not bad for what I figured would be filler! Forgetting all about Barcelona for now, I think we're in for some fireworks on this beach trip. Mitsuo has also told Banri that Linda is heading home for a bit, so I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Banri makes an impromptu trip home, while his feelings for her run rampant. 

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