Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 15


Noticeable lack of polka dot bikinis.

On this week's edition of Most Haunted, we discuss what kinds of powers our spectral friends are capable of wielding. Observable powers in this episode include, but are not limited to:
  • Manipulation of air conditioners
  • Sudden outbursts of rain
  • Loss of phone signal
  • Extreme traffic pile-ups
  • Strategic placement of phones
  • Sudden tiredness 

Indeed, Banri's ghostly counterpart is determined to wreak havoc on his body and anyone merely acquainted with it, this time taking his revenge a little too far. That's right, he's resorted to traffic jams. Absolutely disgusting, and an obvious abuse of his otherworldly powers. But don't worry, the whole episode is dedicated to his douchbaggery, as we find him determined to ruin the road trip to the beach.

It's great seeing so much of 2D-kun and Chinami recently, as we're usually only seeing Koko, Banri, Mitsuo and Linda and whatever problems they're currently tangled up in. It was especially great seeing 2D-kun getting riled up at all the bad luck they were having, only for Chinami to cheer him up. With good reason, too, as she was being super adorable for most of this episode. Which is odd, considering she was a participant in the worlds most boring car journey ever. For a group of five students stuck in a car, isn't it pretty weird to see them in a stunned silence? There wasn't even a bashful reaction from the loving couple at the mention that they are going to a beach! 

There was an inkling of drama towards the start of the journey, where a somewhat concerned Mitsuo had a conversation shrugged off by Chinami. You've got to feel for the poor bugger, as he's got absolutely no reason to get completely dismissed. I think Chinami dodging the question of her moving out is definitely a result of seeing him with Linda in the previous episode, and even though I'm certain that there's nothing romantic going on between those two, I do think Chinami is jealous. Mitsuo is a pretty nice guy after all, and while he couldn't deal with being rejected, he wasn't ever malicious. There's definitely more going on here than it first seems, but we'll just have to be a little more patient before seeing it unfurl. 

But this was the least of their troubles, as Ghost-Banri was also tagging along, and he was in a foul mood because no one had even bothered to send him an invite. That, or his other-self has cut off all ties with his childhood friend and love interest, but let's be honest, it's pretty unclear. As I listed in the intro, Ghost-Banri has definitely been working on his magic powers, as he's trying everything to ruin what would otherwise be a harmless day at the beach. Sure, we know that he's mega depressed about losing a large part of what remained of him in that body, but making other-Banri unhappy? It's not like it's his fault that he's in your body you jerk, and he's got to put up with plenty of nonsense from a past he doesn't remember without a ghost making him miss phone calls. 

But not content with boring them to death in slow-moving traffic, he decides to open the floodgates and start some torrential rain. You've got to give credit to Banri for making the most out of a sucky situation, even if it did mean parading around in a wet car park for a bit, but it seems like it was enough to get his ghostly partner to sod off for a little while. It also meant we were subjected to Banri wearing the toxic speedos, but sacrifices have to be made in healthy relationships, I guess! They eventually get to the beach with good weather, so it wasn't a bad day out at all. Well, if you excuse a potentially deadly crash on the drive back. 

Indeed, all five in the car find themselves falling asleep not too long after setting off, thanks to even more meddling from Ghost-Banri. Seriously though, while he admits that he's gone too far, what part of 'falling asleep at the wheel' seemed like a good idea at any point? We now have the car picking up speed and smacking into barriers, and if it wasn't for Ghost-Banri jerking real-life Banri out of his sleep, they'd still be going. We don't even have confirmation that the five are walking out of the crash unscathed, as we get blocked by a well-timed ending sequence. Well, if we were after more drama, we're surely getting it in the next episode. 

I think that the way that Banri jerked awake is pretty suspect, so I've got to assume that Ghost-Banri has taken over his body again. If that's the case, will he possibly say something to Koko if he manages to stick around long enough for her to wake up? At any rate, the blame is going to fall on her for falling asleep without stopping the car, as no one is about to suspect that the ghost of Banri past is responsible for it. We can see from the episode preview that she doesn't seem all that happy, and even her father is showing up again, so I think we're about to get super serious. I can't wait!

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