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Because slapping someone into a road is a good idea!

I was recently having a conversation about Golden Time while on a car journey, talking about how Banri is fantastic at making awful decisions, and how Koko isn't exactly bad at it either. I then went to describe the latest episode and my opinion on it, but had to stop myself part-way to avoid talking about... a certain auto-mobile incident

But here I am, relatively unscathed and ready to talk about the high-octane action that was Koko crying on her bed for half an episode. Prepare for drama!

It seems that Banri waking up in time to slam on the brakes has just saved all of their lives, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of Ghost Banri, inside or outside of his body. Hopefully he'll be giving his antics a rest for a few episodes while he contemplates how he nearly screwed up his master plan; kinda hard to take back your body if there's no body to take over. While the car and the barrier have seen better days, there is a little bit of blood on show as Chinami's bites her lip on impact. It's not serious, but the mere sight of blood is enough to throw Koko into despair. You can't really blame her, either; as far as she's concerned, she almost killed all of her friends by driving a car off a cliff. 

Now, I don't know about you, but after going through an incredibly traumatic experience and being riddled with the guilt that you could have killed your friends, the last thing I expected was for Koko's dad to welcome her back by slapping her so hard she falls into a road. I suppose it's just a hard thing to imagine how you'd feel in that particular situation, as from his perspective, his daughter could have died. Even so, it left me hating his character for most of the episode, until it became somewhat obvious this wasn't his normal self later on. 

It's no surprise to see those involved in the crash want to see Koko back, especially as they all feel somewhat responsible for the accident. Knowing Koko, it's pretty out of character for her to shut herself away, and the lack of communication with Banri is completely unlike her. Let's be honest though, Banri should have tried to find her place a lot sooner than he did. If your other half goes missing from school after nearly driving a car off the road, you should probably go see how she is. Just saying. [Editor's Note: This installment of Chris Walden's Romance Advice is Japanator-Approved.]

The eventual confrontation with Koko wasn't quite what Banri would have expected, as rather than feeling overwhelmingly guilty, she feels ashamed. Ashamed to the point that she can't face her friends. She's been simmering for days on thoughts of how she was acting older than she is, that she's still a child, and now she's facing the consequences of that. However, Koko was definitely right to snap at Banri when he made his 'just move on' speech, considering that's precisely what he can't do. Sure, Koko didn't help matters in the first place by making him cut ties with Linda, but he's hardly a master at putting the past behind him. I think they've managed to clear a lot of the bad air between them both, and perhaps the cancelled trip to Barcelona will allow the two to patch things up properly. 

But you know who it was that made this episode so great? Koko's dad of all people, even with his brutal slap earlier on in the episode. While Banri and Koko are having a bit of a hug and a cry on the bedroom floor, Papa Koko comes in to cause a little bit of trouble. Haven't we all been here? While I was never handed ramen to go and cook, I can remember a pretty similar scenario back in school with my then-girlfriend and her mother. True story: she wasn't thrilled, and subsequently removed the door from her daughter's bedroom to see if we were up to no good. Either way, I think it's great to see that he can goof around all things considered, which leads me to the biggest question I want this show to answer: Where is her mother? 

She's not once been addressed, and while there are many shows like this that just don't mention particular parents for non-story reasons, I think this might have something to do with how Koko's dad was reacting. On the assumption that Koko's mother is out of the picture one way or another, does his slap seem a bit more understandable when he could also have lost his daughter? Koko didn't want Banri coming to her house earlier in the series, but this still doesn't seem to have been addressed. Does it relate to her mother, and is she afraid to talk about it?

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