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But isn't Mitsuo the Leorio of Golden Time?

It seems like the story is finally welcoming back Mitsuo, as this week's episode revolves around his relationships with Linda and Banri. Sure, he's been around, popping in and out every so often to parade around in those Speedos of his, but he hasn't really done anything important. At least, not since he was batted around the head with thorn-less roses in the first episode. But hey, better late than never.

He excels in his new role, taking spoon-staring to an unparalleled level, and even showing us situations never to be repeated in front of a love interest. All this and more from Banri and Koko in the latest exciting episode of Golden Time Z

The Festival Club have been pretty good to Banri and Koko throughout the series, but it's a little disheartening to see them jump to the conclusion that their relationship had ended. After all, Koko had been hiding from everyone, so it seemed like quite a jump to assume that something had happened to the relationship. Anyway, I know they did it with good intentions, but let's not try to tear down their love life again, okay? At least for a few episodes! There's also some stuff about graduates showing up again and not getting jobs, but bah, who cares about that when there's a Linda about?

It was really great to see Banri finally facing his past, even going so far as talking about it with Linda. It's hardly redemption for Banri's attempt to cut ties with her, and getting his photograph shredded in the process, but it's something! No really, the fact that he can have a conversation about the past with Linda while in the presence of Koko is nothing short of amazing progress. Until the next hiccup comes and ruins it, anyway. 

Speaking of hiccups, Linda mentions an upcoming school reunion. I don't know how these are for the rest of the world, but isn't it a bit crazy to be having a school reunion so soon? Hasn't it been...less than a year since they left? I suppose it could be a meet with friends as opposed to some official school thing, but it still seems pretty crazy to me. I'm of two minds about the event; either Banri gets a warm reception from his friends even though he knows nothing about them any more, or he'll break down again and run away with Linda in tow. You know, I think I'm leaning towards the latter for some reason.

It's also rather nice to see Koko and Chinami getting along, although Koko needs to stop being a super tsundere and just admit that they are friends. Sleeping with someone you don't consider at least a friend is pretty weird after all, but then so is helping her move into a new place. Chinami does make some interesting comments on relationships, making it seem a lot like she was giving a commentary on her own feelings. There's definitely something going on, but I just can't see how it's going to be revealed. I think Mitsuo might have something to do with it, though. 

There is no spoon

But yes, Mitsuo. That one guy with the new hairstyle who we haven't really seen do anything interesting for quite some time. It seems like hanging out with Linda may have been exactly that, as there are no obvious signs of a relationship between the two during their confrontation at the club. In fact, Linda only seemed to be incredibly annoyed with him, especially when he takes her train tickets. Interestingly, Linda shrugged off the idea that she could bump into Banri back home, while obviously knowing that he will be at the reunion. Why does Linda of all people need to hide anything?

It seems that it might just be out of consideration for Banri, and that's what the get together with Mitsuo, Koko and 2D-kun would suggest. After all, he should be taking this at his own pace, and not have to cater for others. That said, it is strange that after announcing it to everyone involved in the cult affair at the beginning of the series, Mitsuo didn't find out from either Banri or by word of mouth. I think he will be upset that he was kept out of the loop when he finds out from Banri or otherwise, but as to what he'll do, who knows? As for Linda, I think she's got another reason entirely for wanting to keep it hidden. Perhaps it has to do with her past relationship with Banri, but she's not giving away too much yet.

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