Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 18


This is what happens when you watch WWE as a kid.

It's only taken eighteen episodes, but we finally have the wrestling anime we were waiting for. Former featherweight champion Koko squares off against Nana, the demon straight out of hell. Does Koko dominate, using her dangerous crab techniques to overcome the devilish peril, or does Nana and her aptitude for the dark arts give her the advantage? Find out at Comiket 86.

For the other half of the episode, we're assaulted by an army of invisible ninjas and their bountiful reserves of onions, just in time for Banri to start coming to terms with his past. But don't worry, because Linda is around to make sure that I have plenty of smiles to screenshot and keep in my happy folder. 

Banri is barely out the door before Koko is in his room and smelling his bedsheets. I almost wish that this was an exaggeration, but of course it isn't! At any rate, she makes a key error in leaving the front door open and allowing Nana, investigating the racket coming from a supposedly empty apartment, to watch her getting... weird. I don't think Nana would ever have told Banri what she saw, but I suppose Koko had to err on the side of caution and attempt at bargaining with her.

Now, I'm not entirely sure I understand what happens next. I know that Nana obviously had the whole yakuza charade planned, but why? I mean, it did get Koko doing that awfully creepy crab walk again, but I'm not sure that was her goal. Does she still have plans for Koko, or is she content with just scaring the crap out of her? A little harsh, but if it gets Koko out of the habit of smelling dirty bed sheets then all the better.

Meanwhile, Linda is taking Banri to the high school reunion. He's understandably nervous, no doubt running through each and every awful scenario and figuring out whether everyone hating him is reason enough not to attend. Props to Linda for being awesome and giving him a little confidence boost before walking into the school, especially as she knows exactly how to reassure him. That young lady has been treating our favorite amnesiac rather well as far as friends go.

You know, I think the highlight of the episode had to be the dodgeball game. Or rather, not playing the game itself, but using it as an excuse to have everyone wear a jersey showing off their names. I think it did wonders for Banri to know that his old classmates have been worrying about him, and that they didn't hate the new Banri over the loss of their old friend. It's also going to help him in the process of coming to terms with who he is, as well as his past, but I wonder if this isn't going to stoke the flames a little and have him try something with Linda. We're not too far from the end now, so I'm going to assume that Banri and Linda will kiss before we run out of episodes. Soon enough so that there's time to fix things with Koko, anyway.

On top of that, Banri's classmates decided to reminisce about school life, and of course, old Banri. I think this was also handled really well, as it seems Banri saw it as learning about a guy he's never met, rather than as events he should remember. I brought up the question of why they'd even have a school reunion two years after graduation in the last Annotated Anime, but now that I think about it, after seeing how the day progressed, perhaps this was Linda's doing? Everyone seemed very warm towards Banri, and of course there was the whole name thing too, so perhaps this is Linda working her magic. Banri even got a replacement photo in the end, and he seems a lot better for it.

But you should know how Golden Time works by now, and we couldn't possibly have a positive, heart-warming episode without more drama! Indeed, Banri suffers some sort of flashback hell upon setting foot on the bridge he was knocked from, but as to what kind of memories he regained, who can say? At the very least, the broken mirror is all kinds of ominous. There's nothing to say Banri and Linda will be heading back immediately, so I'm very curious to see what his next actions will be. Does he stick around with Wonder Linda, or head back to his dorm and bed-sniffer Koko? Not that I'm biased or anything. 

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