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Tada "Poop Shoulder" Banri

Can you see it? Can you see the ending of this show that apparently lurks a mere five weeks away? Five more episodes to go, and assuming we don't find ourselves in a second season, we'll have our conclusion. Surely before the end we're due another large helping of drama? Something that will really shake up the relationship between Koko and Banri one last time? I think so.

Until then, we'll just have to put up with Banri and all these darn celebrations he keeps having. N-not that I'm jealous of the attention he's getting or anything, idiot

It might not have been the first time that Banri has been thinking about his 'other self', the fella we often refer to as Ghost Banri, but hearing him speak about it on this particular occasion was refreshing. In fact, hearing him speak about his past as if it were another person is pretty interesting. Sure, he saw Ghost Banri in that bridge scene in the last episode, but you could easily chalk that down to post-traumatic jitters. The one time he was taken over by Ghost Banri, he should have been unconscious...right? If he wasn't, why not tell the doctor? The events he describes are pretty crazy anyway, so I can't see that being a viable reason to keep it to himself. 

Anyway, who cares about that when we're welcoming Banri home! Wait seriously, why is there a welcome back party? Did Linda also get one? I can't imagine he's been away for more than a week! It's nice to see everyone making a big fuss over him, and perhaps Koko, Chinami and 2D-kun are doing it to celebrate the fact that he finally confronted his past, but surely Mitsuo will have found it strange, not knowing about Banri's past? 

Koko: "Hey, Mitsuo! Do you want to celebrate Banri's return with us?"

Mitsuo: "Return? He's only been away for a week! What's there to celebrate?"

Koko: "It's Tada Banri! You know, the main character! Tada Banri!"

Mitsuo is back to his emo self, and he doesn't wait long before he accuses Banri of hiding something involving Linda from him. How dare he accuse Tada Banri like that! Except, you know, Mitsuo still doesn't know about Banri's past and has every right to point a finger. He's pretty much the only one that doesn't know, and Banri continues to throw away opportunities to explain it to him. Be prepared for the inevitable Mitsuo breakdown, and perhaps even Banri realising how strong his Linda-feelings are if this happens to be why he won't give the blonde-haired horndog all the details. 

Back at the steamy hot love pad, Banri decides not to give Koko his mother's ring, just in case it progresses their relationship. Also, Koko hands Banri a gift, because...wait a second, really? A welcome back party and even a gift? Seriously, has he been in a coma for a year after falling off that bridge again? Koko has crafted a very unique model of the Eiffel Tower, hinting at something a few episodes ago where she said they'd become one if they were to visit Paris. Even Banri has figured out that this is a pretty sudden development even for Koko, so I wonder if this was a knee-jerk reaction based on Banri spending time with Linda while visiting home. Koko has some really odd ideas when it comes to romance (says the expert), so this wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. 

Wait, what's this? Is that Linda actually getting angry? Seriously, I was starting to wonder if she was even capable of anger, especially as she more or less sponged up all of the abuse Banri has hurled her way. Oh, it's Mitsuo's doing? Disgusting. That's not important though, because Linda manages to make a joke about Banri's ring, mentioning that she might have received it once upon a time. She also says this without so much as batting an eyelid, with no tell-tale signs of any harboured feelings. Perhaps she really has given up on Banri? 

Chinami rounds off the episode by getting rid of Linda and giving Banri a lecture on relationships. You know, the same girl who quite obviously has some feelings for Mitsuo, yet can't seem to act on them. I still don't think we've seen the whole picture here, but the number of times she's been out of shot or sulking when Mitsuo is talking, or the conversation moves to Linda, is just unreal. Ah well, five episodes to go and no immediate sign of the nuclear bomb yet. Are you ready for it?

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