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Well folks, we certainly hit the drama mother lode in this episode, with a reveal that's going to carry us all the way to the end of the series. I'm not about to spoil it up here in the preview, but make sure you've seen the latest episode before you read anything below the jump. You've been warned! 

In other news, hearing Yui Horie voice Wagon in Ressha Sentai ToQger is incredibly disturbing. She's using her Koko voice for a creepy-looking robot (as if that whole show isn't creepy) and I'm not entirely sure I can deal with that.

I completely forgot that Chinami doesn't know about Banri's past, but even without knowing about the backstory she's still blowing his chat with Linda completely out of proportion. I suppose it's because of how friendly they were being with each other (some might even say that they were acting like childhood friends,) but perhaps even that's an overstatement considering Banri, amnesia and all, hasn't actually got his childhood memories. He definitely feels comfortable in her company at least, but Chinami should at least speak to Koko about it. Oh, and it seems Banri has this whole ring business nailed down. If you're looking for a good opportunity to give it away, the best thing to do is to leave it at home!

It's nice to see Banri being somewhat proactive in seeking advice over the ring, but let's be honest, he should have asked his mum if he was that confused about it. He could also have asked Chinami, which would have allowed him to confront her over the outburst the day before, as well as to reassure her that his relationship with Koko is completely serious. However, as far as comical situations go, asking Nana is a fine choice. She's doesn't prove helpful in the long run, but I chalk this one down as a success because Nana sleeping on Banri's shoulder is adorable.

We finally get to see the repercussions of Chinami's outburst from the previous episode, as she decides to blank Banri at school. Not in a completely obvious way, mind you, and you could chalk it down to Banri being paranoid if Koko didn't confirm that Chinami was dodging conversations about him. Do you think that the explanation for Chinami being miserable, assuming we get one, is going to be a good one? I'm starting to think that she might not romantically like Mitsuo, based on her reaction to this situation with Banri. What if its something to do with relationships, in particular the involvement of a second party? Mitsuo could have upset her by going for Linda after being shot down by Chinami herself, and Banri for seemingly getting too friendly with Linda while he's dating Koko. It might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm out of ideas!

We eventually get to the second round of dancing, which means we get those terrible fantastic animated 3D models for most of the parade scenes. With all of this Banri drama, it's easy to forget that when we first met Koko, she had few friends, was hardly ever approached by others, and also had that completely crazy side to her that caused her to get incredibly paranoid and stalk Mitsuo and Banri. Seeing her talk confidence into the fourth years just goes to show how far she's come since then. Hell, if Koko had seen Banri and Linda talking at the parade in the same mindset she had ten episodes ago, we'd be seeing a few explosions. Great to see, and nice to forget about Banri hogging the limelight for a little bit. 

But then I suppose we can pretty much forget all the small details, because Banri only went and regained all of his memories. Fantastic timing too, given he was right in the middle of the parade when everything came rushing back. Running away seems like the correct decision, but it's pretty interesting that his immediate thought was that he should have been on the bridge back home, waiting for Linda. In that case, what was Ghost Banri? Given that he was able to mess around with Banri's fortunes, a decision he made because he was watching him cut Linda out of his life, it seems a little strange to have forgotten about that stuff. Perhaps that's what was lost when Ghost Banri let himself fall from the bridge when it was revisited after the reunion? I don't know, and my head hurts. 

Well, we do know that Banri has kept his Koko memories as well as regaining those from before the accident. This is immediately going to mess with both Koko and Linda, plus there's the chance that Chinami and Mitsuo are going to learn about his past because of this. If Banri's past memories cause him to favor a relationship with Linda, then Banri might want to let Mitsuo know what's up in an attempt to get him to back off. There's also the ring, which might very well end up going to Linda. Still, with Banri having all of his memories back, there's the hope that he isn't going to be completely stupid about his actions. My bet, however, is on Banri trying to keep the fact that he's regained his memories hidden from most people, and attempt to carry on with the life he's been building. If he decided to hide it from Linda at the end of the episode, then why not? He also might remember who knocked him off the bridge...

You know, for something we knew was going to happen eventually, it sure has come as a shock!

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