Annotated Anime: Golden Time episode 22


Meeting parents, making threats and fightin' round the world!

This episode is so jammed full of reveals, shouting and tears that I spent quite some time figuring out where to even start. This got me thinking about Banri's reaction to the non-stop barrage of bad news, and I'm not sure I've seen someone so willing to fight anyone and everyone. Well, not since that show with Russell Crowe in it, anyway. 

With two episodes to go, you can bet that we're not finished with this explosive relationship just yet. There are plenty of hurdles to jump en route to the big, tear-filled ending where all of the misunderstandings unravel at once, leaving Koko and Banri to a normal relationship and a trip to Paris. Or something like that. [Editor's Note: WE LIVE AND HOPE.]

On with the show, then. Come on Tugger, we got some fightin' to do!

After that bombshell of a reveal at the end of the previous episode, it's no surprise that Banri finds himself unable to move. However, it's not long afterwards that Koko's dad shows up to give him a lift home, which, while strange in itself, does give us some kind of hope that Koko's feeling regretful about her outburst. I mean, why bother calling your dad to help out if you're not concerned about Banri? Either way, Koko's dad might have given us an interesting hint as to why Koko has seemingly thrown in the towel on this relationship, but I'll come back to that in a bit. 

One of the best moments in the whole episode was seeing Nana actually comforting Banri and helping to cheer him up, instead of her usual friendly-yet-brutal jabs. Even before she apologizes for being cold towards him while he's so miserable, she clearly understands that something is up and forces herself to go along with him to the convenience store. I think anyone could see that he just blurted this out as an excuse to be alone, but hey, some time with Nana isn't a bad thing either. She seems to be becoming a lot more important recently, and while I don't think she'll get any major roles beyond this before the ending, it's certainly welcome. 

In typical Golden Time fashion, we get a brief glimmer of hope that this isn't going to become an all-out war. Koko approaches Banri before school and apologizes for the previous night, as well as admitting that she called on her dad to help out after seeing him standing dumbfounded in the same place she'd left him. Great news! Well, at least it would be if Koko didn't then proceed to announce to the main group later on that the two had split up. Banri's face is quite the picture, but come on, she must have been aware that her announcement in the morning would have confused the poor guy into thinking the whole relationship speech from before was a misunderstanding. You can't help but feel awful for Banri, as Koko doesn't seem at all bothered about stamping over his feelings. 'Seem' is the key word here. 

So what caused Koko's outburst, beyond dating a guy having an identity crisis who continually refuses to confide in his partner? Well, finding the empty pill packets in Banri's trash is likely a big reason, and perhaps not only because he hasn't decided to share this with her. We find out from Koko's dad that she's aware that he was taking medication for anxiety, so what would be the course of action for a girlfriend who doesn't want to hurt her boyfriend, if she assumed that she's the one causing the anxiety in the first place? Cut yourself out of his life, and become a villain so that he doesn't try and hang on to the relationship. She's also viewed footage on the Okamera, so she's seen Banri calling out for Linda. Dating Linda might be the best for Banri in the long run, through the eyes of Koko. 

The news slowly begins to spread, and Banri decides to take his next boxing match to the festival club. Unfortunately, that means that Linda is on the receiving end, but I think in terms of blows landed, Linda comes out on top. I also think this is yet another confirmation that Linda still has feelings for Banri, because there's definitely more to this than the guilt from Banri's accident. Why would she be so bothered about Banri's love life otherwise? I think she's decided to stay out of it for Banri's sake, because he seems happy with Koko, but even she must have her limits. If Koko and Banri stop dating, she'll have to sort out her own relationship issues once again. Koko gives her an excuse to stay only as friends with Banri. 

But let's not end the episode on that low! Let's sink down just a tad further by throwing Mitsuo into the mix, and having Banri finally reveal the details about his past and the romantic feelings he once held for Linda. Mitsuo seems quite bothered about why this was kept from him, but I'm hoping that this is because he'd have been totally fine with finding out earlier. After all, Mitsuo likely had feelings for Koko once upon a time, and he's been very supportive of the Banri-Koko relationship even if she was stalking him for years. Of course, he might fly off the handle for an extra helping of drama, but let's hope he can be a bro right up until the end. Koko also hands in her resignation to the festival club in an attempt to sever yet another tie to Banri. All of this drama is too much for me to handle! Roll on episode 23!

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