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The penultimate episode. We're standing on the brink of Golden Time's conclusion, and while I want all of these bad things to wrap-up and conclude in the best way possible, I also don't want it to end. This show has been a roller-coaster, and while I'm not about to deep-dive on the series as a whole just yet (that comes next week), I still feel like I need to gush over it a little. 

This may also be a tactic to put off writing about it, because really, what didn't happen this time? Make sure you've seen this episode before reading on, as there's plenty of spoilers you won't want to run into. 

You can tell we've reached the end of the story, as the episode begins with a tearful Koko talking about what she wants to happen if Banri forgets her. Blink and you'll miss it, but we also find out exactly why Koko was being a horrible person in the last episode, as Linda mentions that she won't allow her to just do as she pleases. Koko had plans to 'disappear' herself, so it seems pretty likely that if Banri hadn't caught her after the resignation attempt, we may not have seen her at the school again. Making everyone dislike her and then disappearing certainly seems like a Koko tactic, because while it might actually work, she doesn't often think about what everyone else wants. She believes that this is what's best for Banri, when really it helps no one. 

But even with things finally settle with Koko, there's still Mitsuo to deal with. No, he wasn't the bro we wanted him to be in Banri's time of need, instead deciding to lock himself away because he wasn't told about Banri and Linda's shared past. Perhaps this is just me, but it does seem like a rather pointless thing to get worked up about, especially as Banri is quite obviously still troubled about his past, and Mitsuo found all of this out while the poor guy was in tears. Perhaps he's more annoyed by how he's only become a main character in the last few episodes?

Banri is still fighting with his other self in one way or another, as he completely blanks on Koko when she approaches him at school. It's not even that he wasn't aware of who she was, but rather he was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't notice she was even there. This is exactly what she's fearing will happen if and when Banri loses his memories, so while her tears were for a good reason, it could have been prevented in this instance by Banri keeping a grip on his trail of thought. [Editor's Note: I don't know about that, Chris-- I think "Old Banri" had to be in control there while he was looking at Koko and not really seeing her.] I'm not surprised that 2D-kun and Chinami would end up holding their own crisis meeting of sorts to try and figure out how to resolve this mess, though I think given the circumstances, I'm a little surprised that 2D-kun hasn't been told one way or the other exactly what they're dealing with. 

A group meeting does seem like the best solution, considering Banri originally intended to tell everyone what the situation is in a similar scenario. Unfortunately there's no Kobe beef this time, so it was doomed to failure from the outset. It's good to see Mitsuo apologizing for his overreaction so quickly after meeting up with Banri again, but he does also have impeccable timing, what with Banri losing his present-day memories at that very moment. Is there a trigger, or is it just happening randomly? The most interesting part of this whole ordeal is that Linda actually stuck around after she 'left', helping to calm Banri down after he flips out. This may be Linda showing concern, but she must have stuck around for a while after Koko and Mitsuo showed up, before it was apparent that his old memories had returned again. Did she know something like this was going to happen? Does she believe that she's triggering the memory loss?

Banri's memory troubles seem to really be hitting home lately, not that it wasn't already a major bummer, but seeing people like Chinami and Mitsuo coming together at the end of this episode to support him is genuinely quite touching. I think this is because they're treating present-Banri like he's on the brink of death, which actually might be more accurate than it sounds considering his belief that he will cease to exist in his present form. But that brings all the emotion that comes with being around someone who is dying, so excuse me while I sob in this corner over here. [Editor's Note: No, that's my sobbing-corner. Get your own corner.] [Writer's Note:ヽ(`Д´)ノ.]

It seemed obvious from the beginning of this series that Banri was going to regain his memories, but the concept that he may also lose the memories he's gained since the accident didn't even factor into my predictions. The final line of this episode was so damn effective, because even though a total loss of post-accident memories was more or less confirmed by Banri's actions during the Koko break-up, there was also that hope that he just wouldn't lose them. You need events like the break-up and memory loss to keep this kind of show interesting, but even so, it's not like you really want to have that stuff to happen. The one-liner confirmation was utterly heartbreaking. 

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