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Of Snap-Builds and Snapped Shields

When last we checked in with Gundam Build Fighters Try, "teamwork" was the name of the game, as Fumina debuted her support-specialized Winning Gundam, acting as a true leader should, to bridge the gaps between her two superstars, Yuuma and Sekai to form the trio into a more cohesive unit.

Episodes 7 and 8, on the other hand, are about setting up the pairings and rivalries that form the bedrock of Gundam character dynamics. This happens both on the individual level and team level, though in the latter case, it takes sacrifice to establish that bond. 

First and most likely to bear fruit is episode 7's bout with Team FAITH, consisting of two mooks who look like they stepped off the set of Doraemon, and Shimon Izuna, a varsity boxer that's taken up Gunpla Battle to motivate his sick brother. The kicker is that Shimon fights with "straight assembly" models, which are Gunpla built to stock specifications, without paint, panel lines, or any hint of customization. English-speaking builders call this "snap building", both by the distinctive sound of pushing two pieces together and the speed of the build itself. 

In a game where the depth and quality of a model's customizations can make the difference, snap builds are the essence of "default quality". Of course, Shimon's piloting skills are top-notch, and the plucky newcomer uses a snap-built Destiny Gundam to pulverize a bunch of custom competitors, proving that Gunpla Battle is not pay-to-win. At least, that's until he loses to the Build Burning Gundam, and Shimon's brother vows to take up the custom standard next time, happily holding a Destiny Impulse Gundam as a preview of sorts...probably. I'm hoping Shimon's next Gunpla is more boxing-themed, like maybe a Maxter.

More importantly, the episode itself raises some classic questions about the depth of our heroes' resolve, as prior to the fight, FAITH's two mooks secretly beg the Try Fighters to throw the match so as not to discourage the brother's recovery. Fumina and Yuuma are shaken, but Sekai is unperturbed, for one should never bring deception to a proper fight. Indeed, both he and Shimon are of like mind, as relative outsiders to Gundam appreciation, who enjoy Gunpla Battle for its competitive aspect, and no one in that mindset enjoys a tainted victory.

Their duel is just as intense, complete with mutual breakage, a sweet armbar, and a classic Inazuma Kick, as Shimon makes good use of the Destiny's built-in hand laser. Even the mooks get a chance to shine, pushing Yuuma and Fumina out of contention by forcing their gunpla out of the ring, acting with all the drama of a classic grunt suicide attack. Overall the duel doesn't quite rise to the level of Reiji vs. Fellini in season 1, but it does show that even in the team-based environment of Build Fighters Try there's plenty of room for two individuals to hash out a grudge match. 

The next episode establishes Team G-Master of Miyazato Middle School as the people to beat in this half of the series, though as I mentioned, the price of doing so is the honor of poor Gyanko. Her R-Gyagya gets trashed with nary a scratch on Sudou's Mega-Shiki, the blue Hyaku-Shiki-derived Gunpla customized by Yuuma's would-be builder rival, Minato Sakai. I'm counting on him actually appearing in the battle sooner or later, as he was able to beat Sekai using an SD Gundam he snap-built in mid-air way back in episode 5. 

Until then, we'll have to look forward to a fight with Akira Suga, a guy who's the spitting image of Gundam's Sleggar Law. Hell, even the post-credits scene goes so far as to call him "a Sleggar", and he flies a customized G-Fighter. He seems dangerous, as he doesn't respect the purity of competition, and knows enough martial arts to be able to use it while flying a gunpla that doesn't even have legs, a torso, or the usual things you need to do what we'd call "martial arts".

But that's for next week's matchup, where we may finally see where the "Burning" part of "Build Burning Gundam" comes from, as well as possibly learning more about the parts the previous season's principals will be playing as Team Try Fighters crawls up the leaderboard.


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