Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 14


In which Kamen Rider references are afoot

The action moves away from Honnouji Academy this week as Satsuki takes her conquest on the road to the best part of Japan: the Kansai region.

Football teams, old lady networks, and a whole lot of kansai dialect combine to form episode 14 of Kill la Kill, and boy is it a doozy. It's a loaded episode that does a lot to fill in the blanks about the show's world, and we even get to spend some more time with the Elite Four, which is always a good thing in my book.

Plus Kamen Rider references and Ryuko's current outfit equal success.

Vroom vroom, baby.

Things are getting heated as Satsuki and co take the fight to the major cities of the Kansai region. We're looking at wide scale battles in Kobe, Kyoto, and Osaka, with each of the Elite Four splitting up to cover all bases. Things go relatively well in each territory, but Osaka proves to be much more of a struggle than anticipated. As all out war seems to break out, Ryuko finally wakes from her slumber only to find that Senketsu is still alive and kicking. [Editor's Note: THANK GOD.] Reduced to nothing but a bandanna of sorts, he informs our heroine that the rest of him has been used to power up a special group of foot soldiers in the Kansai conquest. Determined to get her partner back in one piece, Ryuko zooms off and systematically manages to get all but one chunk back from the enemy; the remaining piece is attached to Satsuki herself. Elsewhere, Aikuro bids farewell to his teacher persona and departs in his car.

Well that was a wacky episode of Kill la Kill. Starting with the crazy Kansai schools and bringing it full circle with Mako's lovely little food adventure, this week was filled with zaniness that covered for fairly standard animation. The laughs kept coming, and just when I thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous, the football team busted out the Meat Tank. I don't know why I expected it to be anything other than a tank covered in slabs of meat, but it still made for some incredible moments. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when the whole thing got blown to bits and the dude was on the ground eating the meat. 

However it's Mako who stole the spotlight this week (a difficult task) with her mini-adventure in Osaka. She's often the best part of Kill la Kill, but this week her character delivered with some spectacular moments (Mako loves the money) and just her general derpiness despite being surrounded by all-out war. 

On a more serious note, the Elite Four got some good screen time this week as we got to watch each one of them take care of their respective enemies. In what I can only think is an intentional narrative choice, the respective Kansai schools were each more smarmy than the last, prompting me to want to route for Honnouji Academy despite it being the "enemy" of the moment. In particular, Osaka's school, headed up by another big organization, seemed like an even worse alternative to Satsuki's ironclad rule. Maybe it's because we've had so many lighter moments with the Elite Four that it's really quite easy to want to root for them.

Much to my surprise, TRIGGER doesn't look to be lingering on this whole Kansai trip too much. I had expected them to give each city an episode a piece, but by all accounts the big Ryuko/Satsuki confrontation is going to happen in number 15. With Ragyo slowly getting more and more screen-time, I'd expect the show to wrap up this storyline relatively soon, perhaps getting Ryuko a new suit in the process.

Speaking of our heroine, can we just take a moment here to talk about how goddamn great her look was this week? I love the visual references to Ishinomori and Kamen Rider, and I wouldn't be all that sad if that was her look for the remainder of the series. That's unlikely to happen, but hey, a guy can dream right?

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