Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill episode 20


In which Ryuko loses her way

All hail Satsuki.

Much like last week's romp, Kill la Kill episode 20 spends lots of time with the secondary characters as we watch them make a rescue attempt by diving deep into enemy lines. Ragyo continues to taunt her youngest daughter, pushing her to come to Honnouji Academy and face her head on. Ryuko of course completely falls for it, abandoning her comrades and charging straight into the the trap laid out by Nui and Ragyo.

Things naturally go sour, but Satsuki manages to free herself via the power of toenails, regrouping with Nudist Beach and the Elite Four on board the Naked Sun. The situation goes from bad to worse when Ryuko, now brainwashed and equipped with Junketsu, crashes the party, threatening to destroy the entire ship and everybody on board. Satsuki steps up to the plate donning Senketsu, and the battle begins.

While a lot of what happened this week was pretty unsurprising, we still got a few surprises and some more time with the supporting cast. It's nice that we're finally getting these characters in new, unique situations in which we get to see them interacting with people they otherwise hadn't up until now. The Elite Four and Nudist Beach alliance continues to be a refreshing change of pace, especially due to the lack of squabbling between the two groups. It really is amusing seeing how naturally they seem to fit together despite the entire front half of the series.

Nui reveals that she too has been altered by the Life Fibers, making her an immortal monster. I must admit, I pumped a fist in the air upon seeing her get impaled. Imagine my disappointment when she appeared to be completely fine. This does of course raise the question of why her eye wound remained after Soichiro stabbed her with the scissor blade. It's completely possible that she's just wearing that patch to throw everyone off, though it could just be a plot hole. Ragyo unfortunately doesn't get a ton of stuff to do in episode 20, though she does have a few moments of badassery as she takes a cluster of missiles to the face and comes out of it completely unharmed. Once a badass, always a badass.

My favorite moment of this week's episode had to be the reunion between Satsuki and her people. Kill la Kill has always been a show about two main characters, and in this back half we've gotten a whole lot of Satsuki time. She's proven to be a spectacular co-lead with some interesting flaws, and it's easy to see why the Elite Four respect her as much as they do. I'm really glad that TRIGGER didn't drag out their reunion, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that dynamic evolves over the next few episodes.

Sadly, Ryuko continues to be having an early mid-life crisis, resulting in her brainwashing and turn into a bad guy. I must admit I enjoy seeing her with crazy eyes wearing Junketsu, and I think it'd be incredibly daring if Imaishi and Nakashima kept her that way. Alas, I suspect we'll see the end of crazy Ryuko come next week, but I appreciate the small taste of it.

The final few minutes refreshingly flipped the script with Satsuki wearing Senketsu against an evil Junketsu-equipped Ryuko. I adore that the former acknowledges that she probably has no right to wear him. It's the small moments like that one that help to show how much better we've come to understand Satsuki and her motivations. Hopefully if all goes well, she'll beat some sense into Ryuko so we can get this party on the road.

By no means was Kill la Kill episode 20 a visual feast, but there were some nice cuts in the latter half. As long as the actual story content continues to be this solid, I'll have no complaints. I'm looking forward to one hell of a showdown next week.

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