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Annotated Anime Late Edition: Spring '10 Week 11


Welcome to the Late Edition of this week's Annotated Anime, the Japanator recap that's been working very hard on perfecting its "I'm a yandere, and you're gonna die" face, and hopes you like it.

Now that the Early Edition's done with, it's time to get into the other half of this week's recaps. Click below, and I'll explain why I thought Angel Beats! reminded me of The Matrix, Ben gives you some relieving news about Durarara!!, Mike signals Heroman's obligatory Beach Scenes, and Pedro gives us the end of B Gata H Kei. Oh no! Where will we find our hilarious screencaps now?!

Well, what are you doing, get in there and read our recaps!


Brad Rice
K-ON!! episode 11
[Editor's note: Brad had the following to say about this week of K-ON!!. The screencap is mine. Personally, I like the show.]

Since I've been feeling good about life, I decided not to watch this episode of K-ON!!. No need to cut my wrists on such a nice weekend, amirite?

Josh Tolentino

Angel Beats! episode 12

Last week, Angel Beats! presented its characters with an ultimatum: quit screwing around and disappear, or continue and be turned into NPCs by the shadows. In production terms, it conveniently eliminated anyone with less than five cumulative minutes of screen time that wasn't a fan favorite or plot-critical character. In short, TK's still around! Yay! But that's not the point of this episode. The point is to indirectly solve Otonashi's biggest problem, and the ultimate opposition to his Final Solution: Yuri.

There's a scene in The Matrix Reloaded that I really like. Whatever else the failures of that movie, it remains one of my favorite scenes in any movie ever. Neo, savior of humanity, walks into a room filled with screens, and meets a magnificent individual sitting in a chair. Uniformly even-toned exposition ensues.

That's what happens, here. Yuri makes it down to Guild (yet again), and visits the (second) computer room, meeting an NPC programmed by a previous "student" to reset their high-school purgatorio whenever "love" happens, out of fear that anyone who falls in love here would become so attached that they would not be able to "graduate" (i.e. disappear). Think Otonashi, but taken to extreme, BAD END-levels of drastic action. I imagine that if Angel Beats! were extended to, say, 36 or 52 episodes, that would be the way he'd end up.

But this is a thirteen-episode show, and one that needs wrapping up. Which means that Yuri, having had a taste of the blissful paradise that is NPC life - and subsequently rejecting it - drops her ultimate goal of ruling over what should be an ultimately transitory world. She makes up with her memories, and wakes up in the infirmary, presumably ready for graduation.

Sounds like a pretty clean-cut ending there, but one thread is left dangling. What about Angel/Kanade? She's been at the forefront of the story for roughly half the show, but has remained an invulnerable moeblob for the last several episodes. What's she going to do once everyone graduates, especially given the previous revelation that she's not actually an "Angel" per se, just a awkward, dedicated student who mains Protoss? Will she get to graduate? I hope the next episode can answer that, lest it gets an ending  that is undeservedly frazzled.

Ben Huber

Durarara!! episode 23

Everything's coming to a close, finally. Shizuo, despite his seemingly life-threatening injuries last episode, walks to Shinra's apartment for a band-aid or two. He describes his experience thusly, "I thought I tripped at first, but then I saw the blood and realized I got shot." His interactions with Shinra were particularly funny and worked well as a light-hearted lead-in to the rest of the episode.

Kida receives a call from Horada who explains that Kida has been let go as leader of the Yellow Scarves. With nowhere else to turn, Kida prepares to head to their hideout and deal with his rouge gang once and for all. On his way he meets Simon, who quickly sees through Kida's lies and attempts to reason him away from the death trap. Not only was their conversation perfectly natural, it was also a great setup for the next scene, giving Kida's confrontation the proper gravity. Anri also makes her way to the Yellow Scarves hideout, and Celty (who had gone to pick up Mikado) also changes plans and heads there (and is it just me, or does anyone instantly look really cute with those shadow helmet Celty makes?).

Kida attempts to regain control of his gang, but it's quickly revealed to him that most of the Yellow Scarves has been taken over by the remaining members of the Blue Squares. A crowbar thrown into his head sets Kida loose, who grabs the weapon and begins mauling the gang members to get to Horada. I find it funny that even with a gun in hand, Horada still seemed terrified of Kida. Fortunately for Kida, a gang member that was a Saika child got in the way at the last moment to protect him, giving Anri, Celty, and Mikado time to race in. Now, all three of the main characters have had their identities revealed, and they're all at a tense confrontation. How will it end? Thank god I haven't spoiled myself to for part, but I'm guessing we're going to get something of an ambiguous ending, in hopes of a second season.
Pedro Cortes
B Gata H Kei episode 12

This week is the final episode, so let's see if our crossed lovers can finally get their swerve on. It starts with Kosuda and Yamada begging for any sort of advice that could help them. That...doesn't start off too well. Yamada sends her confused boy-toy a text to meet her at 6 in the morning in front of a train station where she tries to tell him she wants to ride his bologna pony. After failing a couple of times and trying to run away, she finally says it. The two hop on a train and head to a love hotel. Once they hit their room, Yamada tries putting on some porn to warm up Kosuda, only finding herself quite warm. Kosuda decides to unleash the horny man-beast within and pounces on Yamada and finally getting things started. They take their gear off and get under the covers. When Kosuda is right about to put it in, Yamada slams a covered control panel and sends their bed spinning, knocking the amorous Kosuda off into the wall. Sigh.

Post jump we find that Kosuda fractured his ankle and probably has a concussion, so he's bed-ridden at the hospital for three days. Yamada feels guilty about not only breaking his ankle, but horribly cock-blocking with her antics. She overhears some patients talking about nurses and gets the idea to service Kosuda as a nurse. Yamada comes back in a smoking outfit, but has to hide right away when a real nurse comes in...under Kosuda's sheets near his crotch. One thing leads to another and Yamada chops his cock after he reacts the way any guy would with a hot girl near his junk. After another attempt at playing doctor, they get blocked again, so there went that opportunity. The next day Kosuda is alone at home while his family visits a shrine, so all of his buddies from school come by to keep him company. Yamada stays behind and helps Kosuda wash up in the tub. This also leads to failure and also leads to the end of the show and subsequently the end of the series.

Alright, so final impressions. I started off really disliking the show for its generic characters and unoriginal humor, saying that it would get old quickly and become a chore to watch. It was to my great relief that the show got better as it went along. I'm not saying it was a masterpiece, but it became quite entertaining and I didn't feel like my time was being wasted by the eighth episode.
Mike LeChevallier
Heroman episode 12

(The only wingman Joey needs...is Heroman.)

I really don't know what the hell is going with Heroman. It's such a far cry from the meager show about a boy and his gaybot that I started watching three months ago. I've never quite experienced an anime that I was so close to dropping on multiple occasions make such a tremendous turnaround. Look, I'm not saying Heroman has somehow become flawless (see: the grade); but it has made a number of drastic changes with its characters, pacing and overall tone that has morphed it into something, dare I say...special?

The cold opening this week is a streamlined recap, because, really, important developments have transpired within the last three episodes: the mysterious Hughes & NIA, Minami being all across-the-board crazy, Joey's awareness that someone other than the Skrugg (they're coming back, bet on it) is after his precious toy, Holly showing up and of course LINA ASKED JOEY OUT ON A DATE AND IT'S ON. 3/4 of this episode was, in fact, The Date. I have to say, it was pretty hysterical. An assortment of typical anime romcom-scenario tropes came into play, but they were so well done that I posed no argument to what I was watching.

Psy and Professor Denton decide that Joey can't handle himself on his first (!) date ever, so they decide to tail him with Denton's supersonic-hypersensitive radar equipment and help him along the way. Exactly how they thought they could help him is still a mystery to me, as Joey was kept in the dark about their assistance. Just as the date gets underway (at the totally Engrish-named "Shopping Town Center"), Holly shows up and, to the disapproval of Psy (who we can assume wants to bang Holly at this point), joins the quest to guide Joey's penis into Lina's vagina.

BEACH SCENE GO! First off, we get some shots of Lina here prancing around in the water that are lovely, just lovely. As Psy, Denton and Holly look on from the shore, Holly makes some snap judgments regarding Lina, saying she's not right for her brother and such; she's obviously jealous Joey has found someone. This made me wonder what Holly's romantic past has been like, and if the show will explore that route later on. After a while of the aquatic foreplay, something downright unexpected (and even a bit strange) happened. Remember Joey's absurdly proportioned teacher, Ms. Collins? Well, she shows up at the beach jogging (in the exact same outfit she lectures class in) and recruits herself into the Get Joey Through His Date Squad. Her reasoning? Well, it's only hinted at, but it seems Ms. Collins has some very inappropriate affections towards Joey. Now we know why she always called him for detention.

Following Kawaii Funtime by the Ocean, Joey takes Lina to a fancy seafood restaurant. Panic ensues amongst the Protect Joey's Manhood Club as Denton brings up the fact that Joey is butt-poor and Lina is rich as f*ck. This could lead to the Killer of All First Dates for dudes: the girl pays the bill. The Joey Fanclub devises an idiotic plan (which I still don't quite understand) to have Ms. Collins walk up on the pair in the dining room and suggest specific items for them to order. My guess is that these were the cheapest items (although lobster was one of them), but it doesn't really matter because Lina ends up paying for the food anyways. Upon exiting the restaurant, Joey catches whiff of the foursome following him. Took you long enough, Joey-kun. They were only sitting on the beach not 20 feet from you earlier.

The last section of the date leads us back to the mall, where Joey sees the Heroman figure in a toy store and loses sight of the fact that he's only steps away from making sweet, sweet love to Lina. He snaps back into reality only to finally decide to lose the gang who is still following him by...running away really fast. No doubt the funniest part of the whole let's-follow-Joey-on-his-date sequence was Ms. Collins' constant utterances of "I can't! I can't!" as she is well aware that her particular interest in one of her students is strictly taboo. Nothing truly avant-garde in the anime comedy department here, just extremely well-executed stuff.

Just as Joey loses his tails, a breaking report flashes on the jumbotron outside the mall (because, we weren't looking hard enough to see it there before--duh) stating that Minami's MR-1 machine has gone "out of control" and is on a killpath towards the downtown area of Center City. Joey and Lina have a dramatic parting of ways, with Joey handing Lina a ticket to the amusement park and promising her that they will be riding the Ferris Wheel later that evening. "Go get 'em," Lina tells him. D'AWWWW.

Joey arrives in the path of the MR-1 ASAP by way of his Super Speed powers, mobilizes Heroman from behind a rock to conceal the fact that he is controlling it (news helicopters flutter overhead) and the fight is on. With Minami controlling the MR-1 via his nifty Minority Report-style gloves and Joey at the helm of Heroman, this was an interesting duel of puppetry. Needless to say, it was a very short battle, as the MR-1 was not designed to be a CQC combat mecha. I believe, though, that Minami's team was aware they would not win this match-up. Hughes planned the whole thing as a method of gathering as much data on Heroman as possible. Given this, Minami did try his damnedest to get his revenge on the Ghost. The MR-1 is larger than Heroman, and packs a huge, ground shattering punch with each attack. Heroman easily doges the assault, and lays the smackdown by ripping apart the MR-1's "jaw" and tearing off a limb. As soon as the MR-1 is down for the count (but not completely destroyed) Joey recalls Heroman (which looked a lot like when a Pokemon dematerializes back into its Pokeball this time) and flees the scene. Once again, Minami is left furious, agitated and shamed.

So, it seems Joey didn't make it to the amusement park on time for some hot Ferris Wheel sex. Darn. I was totally down for that, too. Thankfully, thanks to some previous date advice from smooth motherf*cker Axel Hughes (they are not aware of each other's true identities at this point, Hughes just likes to chill in Joey's coffee shop apparently), Joey salvages the date by having Heroman power up the Ferris Wheel as he and Lina sit atop it and...hug. Yay?

The final shot of the episode is Hughes seeing Joey's face on the recording of the action that took place at The Great Center City Mecha Puppet Battle. Oh shit.  I guess Joey will have to consult Yahoo! Answers or something for dating tips from now on.

Very strong outing this week on Heroman. Like I said, I'm loving the direction the show has taken. Keep it up, BONES--you've got me impressed. Just look at all this damn text.

Grade: B+

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