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Things are getting heated in Dressrosa

Phew, I've been gone for a while. That means that you guys haven't gotten your proper dose of One Piece in weeks. That's a bloody shame, and I'm here to fix you guys right up.

Thing is, in terms of major plot developments, there haven't been a ton of things going on. Instead, we dive into three major conflicts: Law's confrontations with Doflamingo, Luffy's battle at the Colosseum and Nami's group on the Sunny. Each one is important in their own way, but let's be honest: anything involving Luffy will get the lion's share of the attention.

Hit the jump to get some more details on the events of the last several weeks!

Plot points of note from the last several weeks:


  • Law, Fujitora and Doflamingo face on Green Bit. The admiral brings down a meteor, forcing all three to defend themselves in a very pretty action scene. Each is left on a pillar of earth, making the scene even cooler. Law dashes into the forest to get away, but can’t shake either of his tails. Unfortunately, trouble on the Sunny is leaving him in a lot of trouble.
  • Speaking of the Strawhat’s ship, a member of Doflamingo’s family uses her devil fruit ability to turn the Sunny and the Strawhats on board into goofy drawings. It’s perhaps even more ridiculous than it sounds. Nami also seems pretty annoyed at the loss of her, ahem, assets. They split up to separate the forces, leaving the Art-Art Fruit user alone on the Sunny.
  • The legend of Noland from back in Jaya comes back, as the liar happens to be the hero of the Tontatta’s. This means that Usopp and Robin get caught up in the Tontatta’s plan to rebel against Doflamingo. And where are the Tontatta going? Of course, they’re going to the Toy Factory that Law needs destroyed. Handy!
  • Zoro…is still hopelessly lost, even with a Tontatta leading him.
  • Block C whittles itself down to the logical conclusion: Luffy, er, Lucy versus Don Chinjao. Both unleash their Conqueror’s Haki, wiping the field clean of all other competitors. Interestingly enough, not a single competitor has left the Colosseum, even the ones who were eliminated.
  • The toy soldier tells Franky about the basic laws of Dressrosa. One, all lights are out by midnight and everything is closed. Two, toys are not allowed in the houses of humans. The soldier drops the bomb that all the toys were once human, transformed by a fruit user in Doflamingo’s employ.


What’s most fascinating about this section of the series is how the introduction of Fujitora has really thrown things into some amount of chaos. While Kuzan was pretty fair when it came to Marine law, Fujitora serious has some issues with how the whole Warlord System is run. When he clashes with Doflamingo and Law, Fujitora does not like giving Caesar a pass. How this pans out will become clear in future chapters.

I really dug how the entire Block C battle has turned out thus far. Granted, it has gone on for quite a few episodes, but there were a lot of characters introduced there. In the same way that the Whitebeard War had a ton of new pirates to introduce, this block had a lot of rouges that entered. In order to get each one a sliver of time to shine, it’s taken this long to get to the last two combatants.

On a side note: I hope that Sanji’s increasing affection for Violet goes somewhere. If anything, it’ll give him some sort of stability in the New World. You know, get some sort of outside growth going. Plus, they look cute together.

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