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Click bait titles

Whenever this show has a juicy title, you can always guarantee that 90% of the episode will be filler. The part you want to see will be at the very beginning then quickly revisited at the end for a cliff hanger. Or on the flip side, will be mostly filler at the start and then really good story progression for the last 5 minutes then cliff hanger. 

That basically sums up the whole Dressrosa arc in a nutshell. 

Episode 720: So Long! Bellamy's Farewell Blow!
With the last of Doflamingo's Lieutenants falling by Zoro's hands and the SMILE factory being destroyed by the Tontatta tribe everything is looking up for the Straw Hat- Heart Pirate Alliance. Trebol is still under the impression that they still have Mansherry's healing powers to fix everything, but we know that she got saved by Leo some episodes back and this episodes is able to rendezvous with Robin, Rebecca and Kyros. 

Apart from that nothing happens in this episode. Most of it is patting each other on the back or looking at the now tertiary characters briefly. I had completely forgotten about Kaola and her investigation until this episode. We do get a small flashback to when Zoro learnt to imbue his sword with Haki from Mihawk at the expense of being completely teetotal. I assume it's so Zoro doesn't get into the bad practice of sword fighting and drinking like Hyouzou

I think what everyone wants to see is the conclusion of the Bellamy- Luffy fight and that doesn't occur until the last 5 minutes of the episode. Fortunately, it is a good 5 minutes. The finale of the episode recaps Luffy's entire relationship with Bellamy and his choice to finally end his suffering. It goes through the themes of honour, weakness, acceptance, and pride, things that we have seen before during this fight which seems overplayed now since this fight has been really drawn out. It ends with Luffy re-creating the Jaya arc and downing Bellamy with one punch. It's easily the best part of the episode. As the blow is struck, all audio is cut off and you can only see the rage of Luffy's expression mixed with the complete defeat from Bellamy. The impact is made so much stronger without any audio accompaniment.

Episode 721: Law Dies - Luffy's Raging Onslaught!
The last episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger as Doflamingo and Trebol leer over a bullet-ridden Law corpse. Winding the clocks back a few minutes we see the last two executives mercilessly beating the crap out of the Heart Pirate captain. Doflamingo does offer Law an ultimatum; if he performs the eternal youth operation on Doflamingo then Doflamingo will grant Law one wish after he dies. I'm unsure of the validity of the request since Doflamingo is probably the evilest person in the whole of One Piece and Law would never know whether his final request was respected. Like many D.'s before him, he spits on Doflamngo's request making the Heavenly Demon lose his shit and pop many many many caps into Law. 

Just as Luffy arrives on the scene, Doflamingo begins to shrink his Birdcage destroying Dressrosa and it's inhabitants, also known as the destroy everything because it's fucked up. By this point Doflamingo is cutting his losses and a fight with Luffy is completely meager now that Law is dead. I would have to agree. Luffy was having trouble fighting off a Doflamingo puppet so he would no match against both Doflamingo and Trebol together. 

This episode was slightly better than the previous but again re-treads old ground with the same themes explored in the same manner. Doflamingo's tantrum at Law did reveal some interesting points around Law. Law's Heart Pirates name might be referring to the position Corazon once had in the Doflamingo family and the position Law was supposed to take after Corazon's death. Law wears Corazon branded clothing as a mocking gesture at Doflamingo as he is carrying out his will even in death against his brother. 

Again there is a cliff hanger with Law whispering some advice to Luffy. After point-blank musket shots to a person, you'd think they would be too mangled to make coherent words or thoughts. In the world of One Piece, unless you die by the sword, bullets and explosions are mostly meaningless. 

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So Long! Bellamy's Farewell Blow!

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