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Happy Monday midnight, everyone! It's time now for Annotated Anime, the recap roundup that will always approve of you, no matter how much of a perverse deviant you turn out to be! Thumbs-up!

Indeed, "thumbs-up" should be a symbol for this whole shebang, as Karen, Brittany, and yours truly deliver the latest in Yowapeda, Hozuki no Reitetsu, Engaged to the Unidentified, Tonari no Seki-kun, Pupa, Onee-chan ga Kita, and Sakura Trick. 

Our own Jeff Chuang is currently enacting his regular pilgrimage to Glorious Nippon, and will be back with the latest from Saki: The Nationals, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, and more soon! 

And of course if you'd like to know the latest happenings from the rest of the season's high-profile animated offerings like Space Dandy, Kill la Kill, Golden Time, Gundam Build Fighters, Wizard Barristers, Samurai Flamenco, Wake Up Girls, and more, our solo recaps are all collected right here

Karen Mead

Yowapeda Episode 19

With jersey

I had high hopes for this episode when it started out with Onoda using a speaker on his racing bike to blast the Hime Hime theme song on the way to school, but it rapidly descended into the mediocrity that has been typical of this show lately. However, since that interminable training camp is finally over, we finally got a change of pace, which was refreshing. It was nice to see the kids in school like normal, non-bicycle-zombie people again.

The main point of this episode was Onoda earning his Interhigh jersey, even though he initially thought he wasn't going to make the Interhigh team. I have no problem with Onoda making the team, but the way they did it-- with the captain giving him a "sorry, but you're not experienced enough" speech, only for the coach to later give him a "Oh, he didn't finish what he was saying-- you actually made the team!" speech-- was annoying. Maybe this is fatigue from Nisekoi setting in, but I'm just getting really tired of plots getting dragged out by silly misunderstandings. Finish your gosh-darned conversations, people. The phone call can wait two seconds.


Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 7

spying ooooh

This episode introduces us to Konoha and Niko, two characters who get some love in the ED but have been mostly MIA so far. Konoha, the blond, is the student council secretary and perhaps the only girl on the show who actually wants to be Benio's little sister-- which is a shame for her, since Benio has no interest in a "first-born" without genuine lil'-sis cred. Niko mostly just runs around taking pictures of everyone like an idiot, but her "I wanna be a super-journalist!" schtick put a smile on my face, I must admit.

I initially didn't like Konoha's addition to the story, because it seemed like another appendage on the "Benio X Little Sisters" story that drags the show down for me. I really don't care that she wants Benio to treat her like a little sis and that she worships her or whatever. However, the late-episode revelation that Konoha is the same type of supernatural creature as Mashiro and Hakuya redeemed her for me; I'm definitely interested to see where that goes. I also liked the fact that Kobeni seemed to pick up on the implications of Konoha being the same creature as Hakuya immediately, but is being subtle about it for now. I bet she's going to try to push the two of them together in the (mistaken) belief that Hakuya would be happier with one of his own kind, and then we shall have our proper drama bomb.

You know what though? Konoha had a nice, wholesome homosexual crush on Benio going on, then the show had to imply that she might have feelings for Hakuya. This show is advancing the insidious heterosexual agenda! Damn you Hollywood, I mean Japan! I'm offended, and plant to boycott this show...until Thursday.


Tonari no Seki-kun Episode 8

finding page 35

This installment revisited to the Shogi theme from earlier in the series, only the joke was played differently so it didn't really feel repetitive. Furthermore, I continue to enjoy Yokoi's slow transition from being a victim of Seki's nonsense to his partner in crime, even though she herself doesn't seem to realize it yet. The scene of her whispering to him what page he's supposed to be reading on was a not-so-subtle hint that they're bonding over his antics.

Since there isn't much to talk about regarding this episode, I'm going to share with you an idea I just had inspired by this show. I want to have a lot of kids, like 8-12 or thereabouts, and homeschool them-- only, homeschool them the way Seki-kun would do it. So I'd break up the day into "periods" and make the kids follow their schedules, model different rooms in the house into "classrooms" and decorate them as such, create my own Social Studies textbooks with slightly-out-of-date geopolitical information, and even type up detailed permission slips that I myself would then have to sign in order for any of them to ever leave the house. Oh, and of course there would be after school clubs, like the "Original 1980s My Little Pony Appreciation Society," and "Polar Bear Cafe Reenactment Club."

Child abuse? Maybe, but think of how these kids would be ready to roll with the punches from then on. "Hmm? Oh don't mind me, I graduated from Super Troll High School, nothing phases me anymore."

Hahah, funny idea yes? People say "wow, it must be so fun that you're job is to write about anime, good for you!" but THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. Why can't I think like a normal person anymore what happened to me why are thoughts like this now a thing oh hey Game of Thrones Season 3 is out, I'll stop thinking about myself for a while.


Brittany Vincent

Pupa Episode 7

Oh, Pupa. At least this week something actually happened during your three minutes of confusion. It looks like sperm and egg cells were harvested from Utsutsu and Yume and the goal is to create some kind of weird "monster child" as a result. To what end? What's going on with crazy Maria and this clumsy-looking scientist hanging out in some kind of hot spring? It looks like Maria intends to carry the "monster child" she alluded to earlier in the episode. There was also a nude breast, but every time there's violence we have to look at a bunch of black bars and marks. Cool. I'm really surprised I haven't dropped this disjointed mess yet.

[Conceive a monster child at Crunchyroll.]


Onee-chan ga Kita! Episode 7

Randomly, it's already time for Christmas on everyone's favorite weird little sister show. Well, it's not my favorite, but it might be someone's. In any case, Fujisaki-san rears her head again as she struggles with friends and being invited to Christmas parties. Ichika stalks Tomoya as he purchases presents around town, assuming the worst -- that the gift he bought obviously must be for Fujisaki-san. Even when Tomo-kun drops it on the ground, Ichika picks it up for him and dusts it off, preparing for the worst, but it ends up being for her. It's a pair of fuzzy pink socks. Yeah. Not a lot happens on this show, does it?

[Try on some fuzzy pink socks at Crunchyroll!]


Sakura Trick Episodes 6 and 7

It's a double-dose of yuri goodness this week as I bring you highlights from two weeks' worth of Sakura Trick. That's a lot of kissing. Episode 6 follows the girls' exploits as they prepare for the upcoming culture festival, making costumes and running out of time while doing it. The girls decide to stay at school overnight in order to get things finished, and while doing so Haruka daydreams about living with Yuu-chan and even having a daughter. It's pretty adorable, actually. The culture festival rolls along with Yuu's big sister trying desperately to steal Yuu away from Haruka (as expected), but in the end Yuu gives Haruka one of the precious flowers from her hair (a precious heirloom, at that!) and Haruka looks absolutely adorable with one hair up in a ponytail as opposed to that horrible handkerchief thing.

Episode 7 was decidedly more aggressive this week, starting off with Haruka trying to get Yuu to change out of her gym uniform so everyone can go home, resulting in an awkward moment (see this week's image). I'm really loving how bold the girls are becoming. It seems like they're not even concerned with who sees them doing what anymore, and I've gotta say Haruka can rock a bikini bottom harder than Spongebob Squarepants. Was that weird? Too cheesy? Deal.

[Plenty more bikini bottoms over at Crunchyroll!]


Josh Tolentino

Hozuki no Reitetsu episode 7

As if there were any more proof that Hozuki no Reitetsu is essentially Lucky Star, the show's structure has so far been separated into two distinct, largely unrelated halves, an "A-side" and "B-side", like the segments separated by the little cat head on the Lucky Star eyecatches. This, friends, is Studio Wit's followup to the most widely-noticed anime of the decade. And that's great! It's a good match for the most part, with Wit's skill at visuals balancing out the otherwise dry sense of humor.

Today's A-side gives us more insight (such as it is in a gag show) into young intern Karauri, who prevails upon Hozuki to give him and Nasubi (his airheaded buddy) a tour of Mortal Hell. Mortal Hell is the place for sinners of the carnal variety, doomed to live in a state of unsatisfied temptation, forever blue-balled and cockblocked and teased to high heaven and low hell alike. It's cutely depicted as an old-Edo-style red light district, run by the voluptuous Lady O-koh, another example of the show's refreshingly even gender politics (see: that even-handed trans* person joke from a few weeks ago). The show's gone out of its way - for an anime, at least - to state how things have changed in this old-fashioned hell for its female denizens. It's a minor point and I loathe to make too much of it, but it's notable nonetheless.

The B-side is somewhat less interesting as it simply casts Hozuki as weirdly aggressive - well, it would be weird were he not an Ogre working in Hell, anyway - and puts King Enma through the wringer at the expense of a bunch of jokes about acupuncture and moxibustion. 

[Burn some weird mugwort crap on your pores over at Crunchyroll\]

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