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You're not going to let us forget about the incest thing, are you?

In this episode we learn that Yuzuki's whole fixation on her twin brother Kazuki is even worse than we thought, but she gets a reprieve when the show introduces Akira, who is such an awful person that everyone else looks fantastic by comparison. Meanwhile, Ruko still doesn't have any wishes because she doesn't know that she's supposed to Become Everybody's Hope yet (what?), and card stores in this world don't know how to sell cards.


The good news is, finding other Selectors to battle seems to be pretty darned easy, so we don't have to sit through entire episodes of the girls trying to hunt down other Eternal Girl candidates to play. The bad news is, considering the fact that the girls can only afford to lose three matches before being permanetly booted from the game, these kids seem way too cavalier about challenging each other.

I mean, considering how high-risk every single game is, you would think there would be a large element of strategy here; trying to find out what's in everybody's deck beforehand, trying to pick a match-up where your deck is generally strong, etc. Other anime, like Accel World, have done a decent job with similar set-ups. But no, everybody just seems to find the nearest Selector and say "Please play me right now this very instant!" I'm beginning to doubt that any of them want to become the Eternal Girl that much.

Meanwhile, Yuzuki has decided to become Ruko's friend, saying that they shouldn't play each other because they can both become Eternal Girls together "and both our wishes will come true!" Girl, I hate to tell you this, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.


In any case, the main focus of this episode is a card battle between two new Selectors: Akira, a fashion model who may just be the worst person on the planet, and Hitoe, a seemingly nice girl who may be too dumb to live. As fellow Selectors, Ruko and Yuzuki get to observe this battle in all its horrible glory. Not only does Akira have one of those awful control decks that are all about making opponents destroy their own hands, but she's all about psychologically taking apart her opponents over the cards. By the way, the properties of the colors so far in WIXOSS seem to match up pretty closely to the colors in Magic: The Gathering, for anyone keeping track.

After viewing the curbstomp of Hitoe, Kazuki gets the reasonable idea that maybe Yuzuki should update her deck, so the crew goes to a card store. Unfortunately, Yuzuki's deck really needs a certain card, but the card store doesn't sell single cards because card stores in WIXOSS don't work like card stores in real life. Unless this is an official WIXOSS store that only sells WIXOSS cards (and I'm pretty sure it's not), they can open the packs and sell individual cards after-market. But then Yuzuki might have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, so we can't have that. I'm slowly becoming afraid that the showrunners here know about as much about CCGs as the Wizard Barristers creators knew about law...wait, no. Forget I said that. That's a ridiculous statement.

How does card store?

How does card store?

In the midst of all this, we're treated to a childhood flashback that shows that Yuzuki got the idea of marrying Kazuki as a small child. You know...that's really not that uncommon. I remember being 3-4 years old, and everybody was always talking about getting married to each other; it's what kids that age do to try and feel grown-up. The thing is, people typically grow out of it, whereas in a large percentage of anime, characters seem to be completely stuck on an idea they had when they were three years old. I don't know why this is, but it's really frustrating. Anyway, I can only hope this is the last we hear of Yuzuki's brother complex (not likely, I know), because who even cares?

In other Yuzuki news, we learn that Yuzuki is kind of bad at WIXOSS because she has no patience and doesn't know how to do anything other than attack directly. I guess I have to take back my "there's no strategy" comment; for Yuzuki, challenging someone who doesn't yet know how to play actually is a sound strategy, because she's not likely to win against anyone who knows the rules. I really don't see how she has a chance against Akira's sadistic blue deck unless some magical shenanigans are afoot, but I guess magical shenanigans are quite possible.

Things are looking up at the end of the episode though, when we get dramatic music! Girls jumping off of jungle gyms! A crazy upcoming double-face off with Yuzuki taking on Akira the Super-Biatch while newbie Ruko battles down-on-her-luck Hitoe! Seriously, I hope the card battles in the next episode are exciting, because this thoroughly mediocre episode made me question my decision to cover this show. However, if the next episode features Ruko's awesome grandma beating everyone and their brother at WIXOSS, all is forgiven. I have not given up on the idea that Ruko's Awesome Grandma could be the new Super Sonico's Awesome Grandma.

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