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Strategy is for losers

The show wastes no time delivering on the double face-off we were promised, only it's not as exciting as I would have hoped. Yuzuki loses hard to Akira because she's an idiot, while Ruko wins because she's been practicing WIXOSS every night with her awesome grandma -- I mean, they don't say that's why she won, but it totally is, right?


I really can't complain about the amount of action in this episode, but the problem is, I'm just not pulling for any of these characters. Ruko is more or less a blank slate, Yuzuki is a moron who's in love with her twin brother, Hitoe is just dumb in a different way, and Akira is a super-bitch on wheels whom we're supposed to hate. What's the draw here?

Anyway, Hitoe and Ruko decide to have a friendly match, which Hitoe could use after the psychological battering she received at the hands of Akira's blue deck last episode. I wonder though: if they want to have a friendly match, can't they just play cards? Do they have to go to the psychic realm where every battle is super stressful? We know that players with LRIGs can play "normal" WIXOSS because we've seen them do it -- Yuzuki plays with her brother and Ruko plays with her grandma -- but can two Eternal Girl candidates play a normal card game together? I guess we'll never know.

Ruko wants to let Hitoe win because she feels sorry for her, but fortunately, Tama is not having that nonsense, so the two have a fair fight. You would think that losing again would be rather hard on Hitoe, but honestly it's not that bad; all Hitoe really wants is to make friends, and once it looks like Ruko is willing to become her friend, she has no real need of this whole Eternal Girl shebang anyway. When Ruko offers to make friends, Hitoe says she'll "consider it," but you know damn well she's doing cartwheels on the inside. Now, she doesn't have to play this horrible game anymore just to make friends! If she's smart, she ran home from the library to ritually burn all her WIXOSS cards.

Genius candidate

"You mean...I don't have to play this stupid game anymore?"

I could complain about how it never occurred to Hitoe that there are other ways to make friends then to participate in psychic, magical card grudge matches, but eh...teenagers. They gotta do everything the hard way, you know? In any case, the other effect of Ruko's victory is that Tama "evolves" into a higher-level form...which looks exactly like her original form, as far as I can see. Can anyone tell the difference? Whatever it is, it's subtle.

Meanwhile, Yuzuki's match with Akira is a trainwreck because Yuzuki is a moron who can't play WIXOSS. Have I mentioned that Yuzuki is a moron enough times yet? Because Yuzuki is a moron, guys. After she slinks away in defeat, helpful Kazuki shows up with just the card she would have needed to beat Akira. See, we though Kazuki was on a date with the card store girl, but nope -- he was just dutifully hunting down a new card for his twin sister. I guess we're supposed to be happy about this, because you know, god forbid the boy show any interest in a female that isn't his twin sister! That would be disgusting.

No seriously, are we supposed to be happy that Kazuki isn't building a relationship with someone else? Are we supposed to be happy because this means that Yuzuki still has a chance with her bro? I think we are, and I don't get it.

Serious face

"I don't always lust after my brother, but when I do...no, wait, scratch that. I always lust after my brother."

Finally, because someone, somewhere presumably cares about Akira, we learn she's really frustrated that she's no closer to becoming the Eternal Girl, even though she keeps winning matches. Her LRIG tells her that there's more to becoming the Eternal Girl than winning, but won't spill the beans about what that is. I think we can all be pretty sure that the answer is "See Akira, you're not allowed to become the Eternal Girl if you are literally the worst person on Earth," but that's not directly stated. We learn further that Akira really hates her fellow model (and WIXOSS rival), Iona...who acts like an emotionless robot, thus is bound to be another character I don't actually care about.

Grrrr face

This is just not the face of an Eternal Girl, Akira-tan.

Three episodes in, I'm just not that into this show. It's not bad, so I'm not morbidly fascinated by watching it deteriorate like I was with Wizard Barristers, but it's just not that interesting. The characters are hard to root for, and the rules of WIXOSS are too obtuse to follow -- whenever they're not borrowing liberally from Magic: The Gathering, that is. Rather than stick with this show and just complain about it every week, I'm going to hand it off to Dae Lee, whom I think is getting more out of it at this point than I am.

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