Annotated Anime: Spring '10 Week 7, Late Edition


Late edition. This has been an interesting week for me in terms of watching anime. I managed to play catch-up on most of Arakawa, but whenever I'd try to watch the latest episode of that, Big Windup, House of Five Leaves or just about any show, my efforts were thwarted one way or another.

Isn't that the worst?

Well, in the meantime, we've got Josh with Angel Beats and Bleach, Pedro on B Gata H Kei, Jeff playing Seikon no Qwaser and me on lead vocals with K-ON!!...wait, what did I just write? Is K-ON!! infecting my brain that much? Can I not let it go, like some sickening addiction?

Somebody, please help me. Yotsuba, where are you?

Josh Tolentino

Bleach Episode 271

Oh noes! Ichigo is dead!!! Orihime tries her best to heal him, but for some reason, can't. That's actually where it doesn't make sense to me. She resurrected Loli and Menoly from ashes after they got nuked by Grimmjow all those episodes ago. Ichigo's lost, at best, a pound or two of flesh. It should be a piece of cake for her. 

Anyway, but lo and behold, he's not really dead. Responding to her plaintive "I didn't appreciate you enough" blubbering, he (gasp!) wakes up. Donning a new mask and trading a shirt for what looks like a Spider-Man logo, Ichigo goes full-Hollow, using Sonidos and Ceros and other fun, Spanish-sounding things to tear Ulquiorra a new one. Apparently though, none of it is enough to keep the poor Espada from exposition, wasting time talking about his awesome regenerating health, Cero Oscuras, and energy spears. Great pacing there, Bleach.

In any case, this fight is over, and the preview promises an update on Chad and the gang's whereabouts.

Angel Beats! Episode 8

I totally called it. Well, not really, since I spent most of last week's recap catching up, but episode 7's events somewhat subtly hinted as to the cause of episode 8's. The combative red-eyed Angel is apparently the result of gold-eyed Angel's (we'll call her "Kanade" for now) using her "Harmonics" skill to kill off that giant fish from episode 7. Kanade is kidnapped and taken to the crater that was the Guild workshop, necessitating a recreation of episode 2, with each member bravely/comedically throwing themselves onto red-eyed Angel's Hand Sonic for the good of the mission. In the end, Kanade is able to re-absorb all of her bloodthirsty clones (who have been multiplying exponentially), along with all their painful memories of slaughtering the SSS over and over. It reminds me of the X-Men issue in which Rogue is forced to absorb and contain the collected memories of some 8 billion dead people. That can't be pleasant.

It seems that the process of reestablishing Angel as the primary source of conflict continues, no doubt as Kanade deals with some form of schizophrenia, and Otonashi further indulges his incurable savior complex.

Jeff Chuang

Seikon no Qwaser Episode 19

The plot thickens! Well we know the abducted Tomo is safe because the Gold Qwaser lives inside her, and the Adepts wants him for some yet-to-be-revealed purpose. Instead, the focus is now on Sasha and how he is some kind of Chosen One. The mysterious new teacher has some kind of blue-eye powers and we're not too sure what that is. The two new kids mainly continue to goof off after everyone double-takes at Mafuyu's new... body art.

The focus for this week is Tomo's new dig, which is this awesome castle on top of some lonely island. Perfect for those Umineko fans, I guess. Tomo makes a lot of new friends, and reunites with a Mr. Joshua who previously shared an apron-clad meal with Tomo earlier on (episode 10). More importantly, we now know the strongest is the loli, whose dog has a taste for high quality breasts. Actually, I don't think what you think is happening, is happening, if all you had to go on with is that cap. I groaned nonetheless.

Life is a lot more exciting in uncensored Qwaser 18. The opening scene with the younger Sacha (if he could be even younger) in the closet is pretty hardcore, and yet it yields an important character development point! The Mafuyu "torture" scene is also full-fleshed yet totally important. Once again, Qwaser shows how it is so shameless porn, but also somehow tied to the plot in ways beyond imagination.

Pedro Cortes

B Gata H Kei Episode 8

It's time for a class trip to Kyoto, which means more chances for Yamada to fail with Kosuda. Before the trip, Kosuda's sister convinces the perpetually confused guy to confess to Yamada and stop being some damn vague about their relationship. Yamada...plans to rape Kosuda in a historically-themed love motel. Pretty much the standard MO for each of them. Typical class trip antics occur and Kosuda confesses his feelings for Yamada, which confuses her more than she expected.

Twas a blah week. With the exception of Takeshita trying to tell the other girls about her first time, there was nary a laugh to be found. Nothing new or amusing, leaving a wake of yawns in its path. Next week has Kosuda promising that he'll man up. We shall see.

Brad Rice

K-ON!! Episode 7

This week, we return to the Mio Fanclub. The club's president has graduated, but the club and its (many) fans live on. So, as an offering to all of them, they host a special Mio day, where they drag this poor shy girl out on stage and force her to answer questions. Really, Kindaaloser nailed it.

At the very least, they finally played a song besides Fuwa Fuwa Time. Y'know, only 20 episodes or so in do they finally decide to play another one, even though they had four recorded on that mini-album of theirs for the longest time. I'm just glad it was more Mio singing than Yui. God, I hate Yui.

Also, Mugi seems to be built for making screencaps from nowadays. I, for one, am not going to complain.

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