Annotated Anime: Stardust Crusaders episodes 25-27


Still Walking Like An Egyptian

It's been far too long, but after its season-long hiatus, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has returned to the airwaves! 

And neither Joseph Joestar's Stand-user party nor the hardworking folks at David Production are wasting any time getting back in the saddle, as they dive into Egypt to hunt down Dio Brando once and for all.

In a move that feels almost novel by its infrequency these days, the show is neither a "second season" nor a new, absurdly-titled continuation. The episode numbering jumps in exactly where we left off, with the quintet having just defeated the underwater Stand-user Middler and plunging straight into the Egyptian wilderness in a sweet dune buggy.

Indeed, a new fight begins right off the bat, virtually as soon as the group gets itself a new party member: Iggy, user of the sand-based Fool Stand. Iggy also happens to be a horrible little monster of a French Bulldog (or Boston Terrier?), one that eats hair and chews gum and farts in your face. 

Iggy does, however, prove an instrumental distraction in vanquishing the first of JoJo and co.'s new set of enemies: N'Doul, user of the Geb Stand, and one of nine servants rocking Egyptian deity-themed powers. Geb, one of the most dangerous opponents the team has faced, manages to disable both Kakyoin and Avdol before JoJo needs to resort to his secret weapon: Animal abuse.

Yep, young Jotaro throttles and throws the poor little thing - to be fair, he did have it coming - to keep N'Doul and his incredible, Daredevil-esque hearing powers distracted, ending the fight with a quick, Star Platinum punch and honorable burial.

While the tension and puzzle-solving of episode 25 and 26 were a good reintroduction to JoJo's more epic qualities, episode 27 really helps carry the sense of humor and absurdity that makes the series so beloved.

In it, the Khnum and Thoth Stand-users arrive in the form of the brothers Oingo and Boingo (their names redacted to "Zenyatta and Mondatta" due to more copyright ridiculousness). Boingo can read his Stand like a comic book to derive unerring predictions of the future, while Oingo can reshape his face to take on anyone's appearance. Together, they form one of the funniest episodes of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to date.

Their attempts to assassinate the quintet - none of whom they could handle in any kind of direct confrontation - are bumbling and hilarious, seeing as they all hinge on their ability to correctly interpret the future predicted by Boingo's Stand.

Further, Oingo's attempt to masquerade as Jotaro also reveal weird, hidden sides of a character that up to this point has been best described as "completely unflappable". It's simply hard to imagine that at some point Jotaro showed off his ability to "swallow" five lit cigarettes at the same time. That kind of clowning around just doesn't seem "like" him, and yet it's all absolutely true, seeing as it's poor Oingo who has to suffer trying to keep up the illusion (and get his face blown off for his trouble).

If there was ever a show that didn't need to pass anime fans' so-called "Three-episode test", it would be one with a legacy as proven as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but it's funny and fitting that this "season"'s first three episodes reaffirm why it's such a classic.

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