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Hey there! Enjoying your special, Freedom-loving weekend? Well, prepare to enjoy it some more, because Annotated Anime is here!

We're a little light on regular recaps this week, in part due to most of Spring's programs being, well, done, with our recappers' Final Impressions writeups pending. Summer's programs have also just entered the cycle, with the newest First impressions on their way in soon! In the meantime, let the continuing series keep your attention, including the latest recaps from Oreimo 2, Attack on Titan, Railgun S, and the evergreen Space Bros.!

Final Impressions:

Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos W

Henneko: The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat

Flowers of Evil

Elliot Gay

Attack on Titan - Episode 13

Let's get the positive stuff out of the way first. 

Things finally started to move forward this week as Eren clogged the hole in the wall that people have been freaking out about for a few episodes. Action happened, cool things were done, and a victory was had.

Ok WIT, I gave you credit for the good stuff. Now we need to sit down and have a good ole' talk about what the hell is going on over at your studio. Episode 13 of Attack on Titan was unfinished. Not in a 'place holder still frame kind of way', but in a "whoops we didn't have time to properly color finished pieces of animation" sort of way. My jaw dropped when I saw such clearly unfinished animation strewn throughout the episode.

It'd be one thing (still terrible) if that was the only issue, but the editing this week was equally as atrocious. Entire scenes were cut together using still frames and extensively slowed down footage in an attempt to cover up unfinished scenes. There were multiple points at which the frame rate clearly slowed to a crawl, characters reacted to something or another, and then the scene cut to something else entirely. Connie notices something, freaks out for a second, the frame rate drops, and then we're left with characters commenting on shit that didn't even happen onscreen if at all.

Yes, there were cool moments. Mikasa has a couple of decent kills, and when things were properly animated, the episode looked fine. That in no way covers for the rest of this week's Attack on Titan.

Next week is episode 13.5, a recap. WIT has a few weeks to try and catch up on their work. I can't say I have much faith in their ability to do so.

[Catch Attack on Frame Drops over at Crunchyroll]


Chris Walden

Space Bros. Episode 64

This was probably one of the slowest episodes we've had in Space Bros. so far, as it was just a good twenty minutes of Mutta and Serika moping over Sharon's illness. With good reason, sure, but I feel like I've seen this very same episode in about twenty different anime already. It wasn't particularly fun, and while the scenario is obviously a hard one for those involved, it's hard for me to really get interested in it.

It did mean the latter half of the episode was full of people saying "it's a piece of cake" in that oh-so-fantastic Engrish accent, so it wasn't all bad. Here's hoping that the show starts to pick up again, because I'll be honest, I'm not really feeling this arc. 

[Space pugs can be found on Crunchyroll!]


OreImo Season 2 Episode 13

I guess this was the non-flashback flashback episode, as it was just young-Kirino fawning over her brother for most of the episode. I suppose it was quite refreshing to see her talk to Kyousuke without sounding like she wanted to murder the guy, and it was certainly strange to see him being the douchebag for a change. But hey, that's kids for you. To think that Kirino had this hatred of her brother just because he got lazy while growing up is fantastically petty. Sounds about right.

So we also find out the reason behind Kirino not liking Manami, and while there's definitely a bit more to it than general misunderstanding this time around, I just really don't care about that whole thing. Manami has always been terribly bland, and it's way too late for the show to give her some character. That's my opinion, anyway. 

So, uhh, yeah. Kid Kirino loved her older brother because he was cool. That's nice. I suppose I'm going to have to watch these OVAs now, even if I do already know what happens. 

[Drift towards inevitably questionable relationships on Crunchyroll]


Josh Tolentino

A Certain Scientific Railgun S episodes 12 and 13

It's actuallly fortunate that Annotated anime was delayed this week, seeing as the delay allowed me to watch the latest episode, and confirm my suspicions about exactly how much J.C. Staff were planning to allow events covered in Index for this very storyline to worm their way into the show proper.

Well, they really went above and beyond the call adapting the arc step-by-step. In fact, they've managed to drag out Touma's first meetings with Misaka 10031 and 10032 into a nearly three-episode reenactment. Given that this is an adaptation I'll assume the "remixes" they've been doing of what was said and done in each scene are as they appeared in the Railgun source, so you'll hear no complaints about "accuracy" from me.

That said, in giving the Sisters arc the gravitas it deserves (really, any medical experiment involving the violent murder of twenty thousand innocents deserves a bit of gravitas), they've inadvertently drained some of the humor and lighter tone from the affair. It's unavoidable, to be sure. The portrayal of Mikoto's growing horror and helplessness and Touma's shock is spot-on, and that didn't mesh well with the panty shots and Mikoto's casual rudeness as seen in Index. 

What I'm really saying here is WHERE IS MY ROTATING MAID SCENE, J.C. STAFF?!?! Gimme!

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