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The gothic lolita-style vocalist trio, Kalafina, returned to the USA for Anime Expo 2011. We were able to catch up to them and discuss how things have been since we last spoke in 2009. This is their first time in Los Angeles, too, so we're sure to check in with them about that.

For the unfamiliar, Kalafina is a vocal unit produced by composer Yuki Kajiura. The three girls, Hikaru, Keiko and Wakana, provided the theme songs for The Garden of Sinners films, Black Butler, Time of Eve, Sora no Woto, and Magical Girl Madoka Magica. Click on and read about what has changed since 2009, and learn about their new album coming out this Autumn... Or how they felt about Madoka's ending!

Japanator: You're back in America! How does it feel?

Kalafina: It's our first time in LA, and once you get off the plane you feels this wave of dry, sunny air. It's not humid like it is in Japan, so it's very nice. It's only been three hours since we landed in LA, so that is all we have to share for now, but we'd like to get to know the city better!

Japanator: How about your sold out show at AX? Anything you can tell us about that?

Kalafina: AX is such a big event, and since this is our first time in LA there will probably be a lot of first-time fans, so we're looking forward to giving it everything we have at the performance.

Japanator: Have you seen Magical Girl Madoka Magica? How do you feel about the show and the ending of the show?

Kalafina: We saw the show, and we thought it was a shocking ending.

Japanator: Your producer Kajiura-san is working on Fate/Zero. Will you be working on that project as well?

Kalafina: We don't have any information on that yet, but yes, Yuki Kajiura is working on it.

Japanator: Can you tell us more details about your new album?

Kalafina: We're still working on it, and it's set for an Autumn release. It's our third album so we are planning and excited to bring a new feel for this album. The group has changed over the years and we want to show our fans a new side of Kalafina that reflects everything we've experienced during our time as a unit. 

Japanator: What do you think about the future of Kalafina? Such as in five years?

Kalafina: As a group, we value having a lot of possibilities open to us, and we don't intend to tie ourselves down. Each of us have our own goals we're working to achieve while in the group. So, it's hard to say anything specific, but we hope to become more well-known, we want to make more fans, and have more people enjoy our unique style of music.

Japanator: What do you think the difference between Japanese and American fans?

Kalafina: In our eyes, all the fans around the world who enjoy our music are equals. That said, the live events are very different. It's easier to get a feel for the audience overseas. When we were in Boston, people are really free to express how they feel. And in turn, the performers can feel the energy from the audience.

Japanator: You've come a long way since your Boston appearance. What do you think have changed since then?

Kalafina: The main change is that the three of us are more united. We have became more as one, as an even stronger group. Our goals have coincided more, and obviously we have worked together more. We hope that it shows in our music and our performances, and that fans enjoy them even more now.

Japanator: Any questions for our oversea fans? Any words for our oversea fans? 

Kalafina: We are curious as to how did people first found out about Kalafina. And please come to our next live event! We'll be doing our best to come back to America to do even more live performances, so we hope that you can come see how we are improving in our future shows!


[The members of Kalafina took turns answering questions, but for simplicity and accuracy's sake we simply labeled the answers as "Kalafina" in case we ID'd the wrong person. Apologies! Also, thanks Ko for the translation assist!]

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