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Bakacast - Episode 2


EDIT: If you're wondering why all the Bakacast episodes suddenly moved to the top of the community blogs, it's because we started hosting the files on Libsyn, so I had to change the links. I had forgotten that updating a post moves it to the top of the community blogs. So, sorry about that. I didn't mean to bump my old post up.

Hey, look, we're still doing this! Click here for the direct download or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Sorry if we kept anyone waiting on pins and needles (yeah, right). It took a bit to get people together after school started, and then I received Mass Effect 2 in the mail on the day we recorded this thing. So...uh...I sort of burned through the game in three days so I could edit this thing without having to worry about Bioware's newest siren song constantly distracting me. In my defense, it's not like we ever told anyone that we had a schedule (much less what that schedule might be), so just assume we're running on Valve time: it's done when it's done.


Shownotes can be found here. And if you're wondering how we got our title, perhaps you should take our suggestion and watch Dirty Pair. :p

As always, feel free to leave comments and questions on either blog. And if you have specific questions about Lucky Star (our next review) that you'd like us to answer, go ahead and post those, too.

On a related note, I do plan to post more blogs about stuff that ISN'T this podcast, not only to have some variety but also to get some content out in-between shows.
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