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Women and Science

About the author: Raven is an author of numerous essays which she wrote in cooperation with the https://great-essays.com/ writing service, where you may also find a lot of informative essays concerning different topics. The development...


When in Japan, Enjoy Its Fabulous World of Anime

Following Anime (アニメ - Japanese animation) and Manga (漫画 - Japanese comics) has become a way of life in Japan. It all started with the manga, but as manga started becoming famous, the natural progression was for them to transcen...


Already dead

        Already dead                                                        &...



It is easy to get caught up in a controversy.  You have your closely guarded opinion /belief and the other person reciprocates with an opposing one.  Soon it devolves into a shouting match/ flame war.  I was asked to share my...


Anime Expo 2016 is full of guests you should see

Largest industry showing yet

This weekend starts Anime Expo 2016 out in Los Angeles. It's nuts.  A good anime convention not only provides a healthy crowd turnout and lots of things for the attendees to do, but also a wide variety of guests and events. Anime ...



Recently I had to defend my anime choice to someone whom I considered in the same genre appreciation as me.  We differed on opinion and that is it.  We still both like the same genre (for different reasons) but now I appreciate th...


Digimon Plot

Digimon is a children's anime that is similar in some respects to pokemon. The story starts with Tai, Matt , Sora , Joe , Mimi , T,K ,and Izzy all going to a summer camp. However a wierd weather phenomenon occurs it snows in summer...


The second season

So I just so happened to learn that two shows that I had thought down for the count received a second season.  I figured since they had not received a second season in years (yes multiple years) that they were as good as written o...


oh, new!

So yes I did finish all 8* seasons of Inuyasha.  Before you say how bad a show that was with repetitive story line (they fight the same 2 villains twice) imho it was a trip down memory lane and a good one at that.  It will go...


Zetta Reviews: XBLAZE: Code Embryo (PSV)

It is a rare moment where I take issue with animu tropes. Really, really rare. If you talk to me about this kind of thing or read my blogs regularly enough, you probably know that already, but so we can be clear on this, and I admit it is l...


Ya Blew It, Umaru

If you're on Japanator, you likely know something or two about Himouto! Umaru-chan. If not, here's the rundown: Umaru is your cliche anime girl who's good at everything in school, be it classes, sports, or just looking fine. However, Umaru ...


Judge An Anime By It's Opening

This week I didn't watch GANGSTA (which requires full caps as characters constantly yell this) and I wish I'd never seen this. Tears are falling off my face like a waterfall...of salt...But that's not to say it's bad. Not really. It's som...


stuck in a rut

So what do you do when even you are tired of Hero A chewing through his/ or her enemies towards yet another city on their way towards their ultimate goal in a way too many season arc? Take a break. Sometimes you had all this great stuff p...


Symphogear, we need to talk

On paper, Symphogear seems like it should be a really great new IP. You've got a likeable cast of heroines with a group of popular and talented voice actresses backing them up, a premise that lets viewers listen to this voice talent sing...


The Masked Zetta Arrives!

There's an unfortunate side effect of deciding not to post content on a site until you do a proper introduction there: That is, of course, not being able to post on said site until you write said proper intro to your liking. Unfortunately...


Old anime

I am currently watching an old but good anime- Cat’s eye. Rui, Hitomi, and Ai Kisugi are three sisters who own and operate Cat's Eye café directly across from the Inunari police station. Hitomi is the fiancée of Toshi Utsumi the detec...


Dacre Montgomery Steps Into The Morphin' Grid

As of two days ago the folks over at Lionsgate and Saban Brands have announced that film newcomer Darce Montgomery as the Red Ranger in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Which is scheduled for a 2017 release. The official Power Rangers twit...


School Rumble, it's Impact, and Aftermath

I am known as Mo. I started a mission that began with a Youtube channel called “Jin Kobayashi Please Hear Me” and have been working very hard to get the attention of the mangaka Jin Kobayashi, the creator of the phenomenal manga and ani...


This needs to stop: schoolgirls for sale in Japan

We, Japanator visitors, users and even the staff members I assume, are fans of manga, anime and japanese videogames. Some of us envision Japan as being a land full of those things that make us happy, and thus a kind of "promised land for o...



Michael Basso

Hi all! ^-^


Hello japanator!

Katie White

I love vampire it makes me sad like really and I only know one person that actually likes vampire I need more friends to talk to about T-T

Katie White

I love anime !!!!!! <3


fairytail is epic

Anthony Redgrave

Im very interested going forward reading the Vertical Bakemonogatari light novels having seen the anime first the reverse of what I did with Would I think the novels are too bland without the superb animation/ direction of the anime?

Anthony Redgrave

Kizumonogatari films 1+2 are technically marvellous and brilliant adaptation of the highlights from the source Despite the Monogatari origins it is not beginner A lot of Monogatari staples are omitted/muted and has more horror elements

Garage Hero

Garage Hero is an independent movie group based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in (but not limited to) the Tokusatsu genre of Japanese Follow us on Twitter (@garagepro7) and Facebook!


It seems like Qpost isnt as well integrated as it is in Shame this place isnt more active but I still love all of

DeScruff Sypran

Hello I guess Im I came in because of the Va-11 Hall-A stream last I get back home Ill explore this site a bit!


Hi Im new and well I love


Sometimes it just hard waiting for the You know? But then there is other anime

Red Veron

Hey, readers! I love you<3

Rin Haruka

Oh my gosh i just finished clannad after story for the second time and i need at least 5 more tissue boxes sniff sniff


Yeah! I ordered three things all at different times and they all came in at the same Thanks name withheld ordering company!

Salvador G Rodiles

Since my condition hasnt improved that much from yesterday, my Jtor Live segment wont be happening If anything, it should be back this

Salvador G Rodiles

Since Im feeling under the weather right now (curse you, spring season), this weeks Jtor Live shall be pushed to

Anthony Redgrave

Hearts over Hanekawa! <3

Salvador G Rodiles

As a heads-up, this weeks Jtor Live is being pushed back to

Anthony Redgrave

Someones got a new desktop background :D

Anthony Redgrave

I dont know what this is, but its tres Adorbs!


I am choosing to believe Umaru randomly decided to make this reference and no one can stop

Anthony Redgrave

Just going to leave this here

Anthony Redgrave

In the name of the moon I will punish you! with a posed look

Anthony Redgrave

Double the Double the festive fun!


I swear it looks like the Red one just wants to jump out and kill whoever is looking at the


Hi everybody! I posted a blog about Symphogear today, but for some reason it decided to go up on the day I started it, rather than URL is here:

Salvador G Rodiles

As a heads-up, this weeks Jtor Live will go live on


Next years Super Sentai robot has been leaked! And is a Minecraft robot:


Why is Tsuburaya so much cooler than Toei? Coming soon to Crunchyroll, now (ep1 only) on YouTube: Ultraman Nexus!


I think some of you will be able to really appreciate this

Anthony Redgrave

cast dressed as their anime counterparts is sooo AWESOME!

Anthony Redgrave

Weird one readers but turns out Im even more behind than I realised with DRRR!!x2 Ten so there will be no recap this week and a full 4-parter next week to round off the entire


Its such a weird feeling realizing some of your favorite seiyuu havent worked much in years and all the currently popular ones are around half their age


Watching an older and very long anime

Salvador G Rodiles

Due to some plans that I made with some folks, this weeks Jtor Live shall be pushed to


Yknow, for all the (if you ask me undeserved) flak Go-Busters gets, the action and general use of the mecha really doesnt get the recognition it

Anthony Redgrave

to see my favourite couple back in Monogatari together again :D

Anthony Redgrave

frankly the best piece of One Piece Fan Art Ive seen since forever

Salvador G Rodiles

Due to a stomach virus that hit me earlier today, this weeks Jtor Live will go up


The ToQGer and Kyoryuger movie surprisingly I wasnt expecting much after Go-Busters and Kyoryugers (the first one of these Id seen), but this was actually really A damn fine farewell to Kyoryuger


If you told me a year ago Id someday see a Kamen Rider use the power of Thomas Edison to defeat a monster using the power of Nikola Tesla, Idve told you to lay off the crushed light bulbs, yet here we

Anthony Redgrave

Sorry readers, no recap this Had to catch up on some stuff but that also means that there is a double bill recap next week so get excite for that

Christian Chiok

I attended NYCC 2015 by the way, which was fun minus the snags we (my friends) ran up