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The Disappearance of Intern Anthony-chan

It's been a while since I've written a C-blog but I thought I'd come back to my roots now that The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan dub has finished. The ending of this series marks a special occasion, for me at least. It's not that Nagat...


The most japanese of all japanese bands

It happened little by little through the years, thanks to anime, manga, games, movies, music, food, the internet. Japanese culture is spread all over the world, gathering more fans every day. They even came up with a specific term to descr...


Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc - V episodes 1- 34 Opiniated Review

On the internet, I'd discovered that a new season of the popular "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series titled "Arc-V". Obviously, being one who was always hyped for the previous seasons (GX, 5D's and ZeXal) I was quite anxious to see how the latest release fa...


The Fear of Imports

The other day I had some friends over for a game. I've been going through my collection of video games and toys and purging whatever I can to make some money for bills and what not, and I've gotten down to the dregs; the last bastions of my...


Review: The [email protected] Cindrella Girls Season 1

And it didn't even cover half the idols

What happens when you take one of the longest running media-mixed franchise about idols and give it new life? What happens when you take a mobile game money mill and try to develop its CCG-style characters? What is an idol? These are t...


Dragon Ball Super Episode one review

So exciting time to be a dragon ball fan afterall we just got a new series named Dragon Ball Super and its first episode aired today in Japan  Story/Plot The Manga of dragon ball super's  first chapter was already released a week ...


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Dragon Ball Z is the nineteenth Japanese animated feature film based on Dragon ball series. It was released in theaters on 28 April, 2015. It is the first ever Japanese film to be screened in IMAX 3D and also received screenings at 4DX thea...


Spring Anime I'm Actually Still Watching

Before the Spring season started, my watch list probably had 15 different shows on it. Very reasonable. Of course, after watching the first few episodes of these 15, I inevitably dropped the majority of them. It's a harsh process. Of c...


My Summer Anime Watch List

Last year I did lots of travelling due to work and when I came home I used to just watch anime. Because of that it fuelled my writer instincts and I began my 'Quick Thoughts' pieces whenever I finished a series. Now we're back to squa...


I'm Back and New 3DS Thoughts

So after the hell that was College Finals Extreme Alpha HD EX Gold Ver. Remix+, I've decided that I'm going to follow the way of Yuuko Aioi and become a Frilled Neck Lizard.  Apart from that its good to be back working for ...


shugo chara!

Amu Hinamori is a student at Seiyo Academy, where she has a reputation for being "cool and spicy"; however, her real personality is that of an extremely shy and easily intimidated girl. One night Amu makes a wish that she would h...


Asian Illustration Competition

Asian Design and illustration styles, manga, anime, kawaii… are an awesome inspiration source for talented artists as you. Prove yourself and get involved in our contest. You can send us your Branas, 2D graphic designs and ...


Why Kyoukai no Kanata is the new thang.

Or if thang really does it. Whatever I mean by it. Anyways, Kyoukai no Kanata, by Kyoto Animation, is an honest attempt by them to expand themselves into other genres. There's slice of life, mystery, fantasy, romance, comedy and drama....


Thank you and Update

Hey Japanator C-Bloggers!It's been a little over a month ago since I started blogging for Japanator as their newest intern. I started doing the C-Blogs last summer, filling in the weekly One Piece Recaps for fun and I was ju...


sword art online 2 episode 1 review

AWSOME that is how I will describe it I mean such a good twist all of sudden a guy kills a guy in the game and he dies in real life it's like a 4 times as better as the first season I give it a 10 out of 10


learning to draw

Hey guys been awhile but I'm learning how to draw anime characters so I'll be posting my drawings some times so gotta go and late


Rider Battle: Favourite Vent

Late night? Early morning? Or a lazy afternoon? Either way, it's time for another Rider Battle. And this, my friends, is one of the more interesting ones to date. *DING* *DING* *DING*FIGHT!!! Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 24 Alright! N...


It's Bootleg Time! Power Rangers Fan Film Returns!

Earlier today, the fan film "Power/Rangers" has started showing up again on YouTube and Vimeo. The dark and gritty viral sensation brought forth the wraith of Saban, the current owners of the Power Rangers franchise, and was removed e...


Rider Battle: Revival

Ok, couple things. 1. I'm not going to promise that this is going to be a weekly thing. I think we both know that's silly.2. To make sure I don't experiance burn out, I'm running this every two weeks.3. I'm sllllllllllllowly setting u...



Michael Basso

Hi all! ^-^


Hello japanator!

Katie White

I love vampire it makes me sad like really and I only know one person that actually likes vampire I need more friends to talk to about T-T

Katie White

I love anime !!!!!! <3


fairytail is epic

Anthony Redgrave

Im very interested going forward reading the Vertical Bakemonogatari light novels having seen the anime first the reverse of what I did with Would I think the novels are too bland without the superb animation/ direction of the anime?

Anthony Redgrave

Kizumonogatari films 1+2 are technically marvellous and brilliant adaptation of the highlights from the source Despite the Monogatari origins it is not beginner A lot of Monogatari staples are omitted/muted and has more horror elements

Garage Hero

Garage Hero is an independent movie group based in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in (but not limited to) the Tokusatsu genre of Japanese Follow us on Twitter (@garagepro7) and Facebook!


It seems like Qpost isnt as well integrated as it is in Shame this place isnt more active but I still love all of

DeScruff Sypran

Hello I guess Im I came in because of the Va-11 Hall-A stream last I get back home Ill explore this site a bit!


Hi Im new and well I love


Sometimes it just hard waiting for the You know? But then there is other anime

Red Veron

Hey, readers! I love you<3

Rin Haruka

Oh my gosh i just finished clannad after story for the second time and i need at least 5 more tissue boxes sniff sniff


Yeah! I ordered three things all at different times and they all came in at the same Thanks name withheld ordering company!

Salvador G Rodiles

Since my condition hasnt improved that much from yesterday, my Jtor Live segment wont be happening If anything, it should be back this

Salvador G Rodiles

Since Im feeling under the weather right now (curse you, spring season), this weeks Jtor Live shall be pushed to

Anthony Redgrave

Hearts over Hanekawa! <3

Salvador G Rodiles

As a heads-up, this weeks Jtor Live is being pushed back to

Anthony Redgrave

Someones got a new desktop background :D

Anthony Redgrave

I dont know what this is, but its tres Adorbs!


I am choosing to believe Umaru randomly decided to make this reference and no one can stop

Anthony Redgrave

Just going to leave this here

Anthony Redgrave

In the name of the moon I will punish you! with a posed look

Anthony Redgrave

Double the Double the festive fun!


I swear it looks like the Red one just wants to jump out and kill whoever is looking at the


Hi everybody! I posted a blog about Symphogear today, but for some reason it decided to go up on the day I started it, rather than URL is here:

Salvador G Rodiles

As a heads-up, this weeks Jtor Live will go live on


Next years Super Sentai robot has been leaked! And is a Minecraft robot:


Why is Tsuburaya so much cooler than Toei? Coming soon to Crunchyroll, now (ep1 only) on YouTube: Ultraman Nexus!


I think some of you will be able to really appreciate this

Anthony Redgrave

cast dressed as their anime counterparts is sooo AWESOME!

Anthony Redgrave

Weird one readers but turns out Im even more behind than I realised with DRRR!!x2 Ten so there will be no recap this week and a full 4-parter next week to round off the entire


Its such a weird feeling realizing some of your favorite seiyuu havent worked much in years and all the currently popular ones are around half their age


Watching an older and very long anime

Salvador G Rodiles

Due to some plans that I made with some folks, this weeks Jtor Live shall be pushed to


Yknow, for all the (if you ask me undeserved) flak Go-Busters gets, the action and general use of the mecha really doesnt get the recognition it

Anthony Redgrave

to see my favourite couple back in Monogatari together again :D

Anthony Redgrave

frankly the best piece of One Piece Fan Art Ive seen since forever

Salvador G Rodiles

Due to a stomach virus that hit me earlier today, this weeks Jtor Live will go up


The ToQGer and Kyoryuger movie surprisingly I wasnt expecting much after Go-Busters and Kyoryugers (the first one of these Id seen), but this was actually really A damn fine farewell to Kyoryuger


If you told me a year ago Id someday see a Kamen Rider use the power of Thomas Edison to defeat a monster using the power of Nikola Tesla, Idve told you to lay off the crushed light bulbs, yet here we

Anthony Redgrave

Sorry readers, no recap this Had to catch up on some stuff but that also means that there is a double bill recap next week so get excite for that

Christian Chiok

I attended NYCC 2015 by the way, which was fun minus the snags we (my friends) ran up