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I never thought the day would come...

...When I would desperately wish manga was still available in left-to-right ("flipped") format.

D, the boyfriend, has been tearing through the Ghibli films ever since we caught a midnight showing of Howl's Moving Castle. Most recently, we rented NausicaƤ Of The Valley Of The Wind Of Too Many Prepositions. I had previously only seen parts of it on cable years ago. But I had read the manga. I swear to God, in our darkened living room I made this face:

That was how I was going to get D to read manga. Leaving my volumes of Monster lying around clearly wasn't doing the trick. It was perfect: D was going gaga over Hayao Miyazaki (even if he can not pronounce the man's name to save his life,) and here was a manga by Hayao Miyazaki elaborating on a story he already knew he liked. And it was available in left-to-right format.

Except, no it's not anymore. I'd have to shell out $300 dollars for used copies of the four volumes that I'd read.

Previously, after D had enjoyed some Soul Eater, I casually handed him the first volume of the manga while in a bookstore. It was like asking him to hold a baby: He wasn't quite sure what to do with it and it made him uncomfortable. This is a guy who hasn't read so much as a Peanuts strip. He turned it over and back a few times the way someone who's never seen an unflipped manga does (If someone could please make a video montage of people doing this, I would laugh and laugh and laugh.) He expressed skepticism that he'd even be able to read it that way. After flipping through a few pages (and bending the spine in a way that made my nerd organ ache) he declared that there was "too much going on" and "it makes [his] eyes hurt."

So in this endeavor I remain at an impasse. Maybe I should just be grateful I have gotten him to watch some anime with me (Though previous attempts to get him to watch Big Windup! and Gurren Lagann did not take, sad face.) I have also been considering weening him on some American comics or even OEL manga (or whatever the heck they're calling it now.) My greed seems to know no limits.
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