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Trust Me: DRRR meme gone too far, still awesome

Durarara's first season ending animation was fun and effective at making you care about it's ensemble cast. Missing was the corny desperation often found in intros and outros that implore you: "Look at these characters, aren't they zany?!" Also, Yuuya Matsuhita's "Trust Me" will burn itself into the song lobe of your brain after a single viewing. I'm pretty sure the only way to remove it is by brainectomy.

And, apparently, there are a plethora of video tributes to other fandoms done in the style of DRRR's ending floating around on Nico Nico Douga. While they aren't the most technically impressive MAD, out of this simplicity comes the sheer number of videos, repping everything from anime, light novels, seiyuu and videogames to other pop culture staples. Think of an anime series and it's probably already gotten the treatment. The end result is a phenomenon similar to, but much more, ah, respectful than, the Caramelldansen.

Here some highlights from the personal favorites collection:

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

"This parody puts me in despair!"

To Aru Majutsu no Index

Posted in honor of a possible second season of Index. Stupid loli shows make me like them by being otherwise awesome...

Horitsuba Gakuen (Tsubasa/xxxHolic)

This is a double crossover.


Even if I wasn't in an abusive relationship with Bakemonogatari, I'd still love this for the creative use of shadows in the background.

And last, certainly least, the ones that are awesome for being so over the top:


Harry Potter

The Justice League

South Park

Pokémon (...Sorta)

This one needs to be watched, words can't even... That's nightmare fuel right there.

Any one else have one of note? Post in the comments!
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