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All Science Fiction Anime is Actually History From The Future

In the year 200X mankind is suffering from a debilitating plague due to ongoing overpopulation and alien invasion, however the human race has one last hope, a subtle time machine in which media is sent to the past in a way to avoid suspicion and released as science fiction so that the public fixes the mistakes of the past, unkowingly.

Fear them

Yes, as implausible as it may seem science fiction is actually an account of the future of the human race, an account beginning as of right now, with scientific advances inching humans toward real like Gundams and Ganmen. I'd go as far as to say I know the order of events in which these anime happen, and why they happen as such! Prepare yourselves for the abridged history of the future human race.


All of this happens

In the early 2100's the technology to terraform uninhabitable planets is invented, a discovery used in junction with the improved space engine created in years past allowed for the colonization of planets across the galaxy, creating a new market for trade and housing but also for crime. This space revolution allows for many new jobs, including cleaning litter from wrecked satellites and tracking criminals throughout the galaxy, and the human lifestyle was forever changed.


A Japanese boy by the name of Naoto is struck in the head by an alien, unknowingly creating a portal in his head somehow, which begins introducing incredibly advanced robots into earth's economy, sparking a military and labor robotic revolution. Later, advancements in robotic technology allowed a province known as Zeon to secede from the United Nations, sparking international warfare, contrary to expectations Zeon begins to win battles due to their advanced robotic technology known only as Mobile Suits. Sadly fate had other plans for Zeon, as UN citizen Ray Amuro begins to pilot the UN's response to Mobile Suits (the RX-78 Gundam) the tide turns in the UN's favor, defeating the Zeon, but at the cost of losing half of earth's population.


Yes he was real, don't you feel silly

The earth's core is shattered as the plant species Scub Coral begins to take hold over the entire planet, luckily humans escape via massive arks onto the new human mother planet Gunsmoke. Mankind spends 100 years on Gunsmoke, until a new form of transportation is invented, known as the Galaxy Express.


In the future soundtracks play along to all your actions. Sidenote: HOW GOOD WAS THE CHARLES AND RAY ARC OH MY GOD <3

Traveling along the Galaxy Express mankind unknowingly returns to Earth, due to it having taken a much different form because of the Scub Coral. Humans uncover a prototype mecha in a hole in the deserts, which comes to be called the Nirvash Type-0, along with the discovery of the trapars (physics defying particles allowing for flight), creating an all new type of mechanized warfare, based on the surfing design of the Nirvash Type-0. Meanwhile, scientific studies on the Scub Coral yield a startling discovery, the universe can only contain a certain amount of living organisms, and due to the sheer amount of Scub Coral on Earth that limit is approaching. As with all of human history, great humans step up to fix these problems, and in this era the heroes are Adroc and Renton Thurston, father and son respectively, who fight political corruption and the impending doom using peaceful methods in mechas, now known as LFOs, ushering in 200 years of peace.


And life was in black and white for some reason

The unthinkable happens, the life limit is nearly reached again! However a man known only as the Spiral King comes into power, and commits a mass human genocide using genetically engineered animal hybrids known as beastmen. The beastmen force humans underground, where they live a miserable existance for 300 years.


How the Earth Was Won

A few humans from underground rise up, and begin taking beastmen's mechas from them, particularly one known as Gurren, and another known as Lagann. Gurren and Lagann have the ability to combine, to create a mecha more powerful than all others on Earth, and their pilots Simon and Kamina end up leading a very successful revolt against the then-immortal Spiral King, albeit not without its losses. Kamina is killed along the way but Simon manages to overthrow the Spiral King and begin a new above ground civilization on Earth. However this causes a massive spike in the human population, and the life limit is reached! It turns out the life limit is enforced by aliens opposed to DNA, and these aliens are insurmountably powerful, but by some miracle Simon and his army defeats the aliens, and humankind lives safe for a few more precious years, however how many is unknown until we begin receiving more tapes, so hey, look out for new anime on Crunchyroll or on DVD!

In Closing, is any of this plausible? Should we be worried? Am I just BSing you guys? Drop me a comment! Look out for some manga reviews once my iPad is fixed, so follow my blog here on Japanator!

Open Ended Question of the Blog: What's your favorite or some of your favorite story arcs?
I can rattle off Jupiter Jazz from Cowboy Bebop, the Charles and Ray Arc from Eureka Seven, and Greed Island from Hunter X Hunter to name a few, tell me yours in the comments section, and until next time....

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