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Apocalyptic Manga for Your End of the World Pleasure

As we all know, the world's ending soon, and what better way to prepare then manga! The manga apocalypse isn't as popular as the gaming apocalypse, or the film apocalypse, but there's still several awesome apocalyptic manga for your doomsday bunker pleasure (it takes no electricity folks!)

Safe Bets

Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Sounds like an awful space movie
An impending apocalypse is an apocalypse nonetheless, and the onslaught of giant titans in Shingeki is about as apocalyptic as things could be. The manga chronicles the attacks of giant titans, on humans in their last bastion, and the humans aren't exactly taking it sitting down, luckily a kid named Eren discovers a strange skill that could turn the tides in this battle, but his friends on other fronts aren't doing nearly as good, and the manga chronicles these adventures as well. Look forward to really stylized art, innovative action, and vulnerable protagonists. Shingeki is so good that an anime adaptation is on the way, along with a live action movie! But we may not get far enough to see these, so import copies while you can.

Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

Isn't that a movie...
You may have heard of the movie, after all it was Hayao Miyazaki's debut. Nausicaa isn't just a straight tie in to the movie however, it's a much longer and detailed version, and the most complete version of how Miyazaki wanted it to turn out. Nausicaa takes place on earth, after industry has sent the world into ruin, Osamu Tezuka style, now the remaining humans live in feudal kingdoms on the wastelands with fleeting technology, and bloody battles. Our hero is the warrior princess Nausicaa based on a Greek maiden, who can fight, and outwit all her attackers, and she has a war to stop over powers unbeknownst to her. The manga features a much darker version of the story, with Nausicaa struggling to keep her dark side in check, along with much more killing, however I think it makes the story more interesting, and the fact that it's a long form manga with beautiful artwork is just a bonus. Potential readers may get annoyed over Nausicaa's high panel count, and wordy nature, I didn't mind it that much, but to some it may be off putting.

For the Kids at Heart

Doraemon Long Story
No you're not seeing things
Doraemon is almost a parellel of Sesame Street in Japan,an incredibly long running kids show, now most prevalent in movies, but the best Doraemon can be found in Doraemon Long Story in which each volume tells of one time bending adventure our heroes go on. In many of the volumes Nobita, and his robot cat Doraemon end up in an unexpected situation when time traveling, many of these situations end up being apocalyptic, whether it's getting stranded in prehistory, or meteors hurtling towards earth. Look forward to sweet humor, and heartfelt plots, along with some shounen action for show. Obviously Doraemon is for kids, so don't expect anything too serious or severe, but still, it's an interesting read.

For the Fighters

Fist of the North Star

All it needs is one liners
ATATATATATATA! One of the most influential action manga out there is also one of the most apocalyptic. FOTNS is set in post apocalyptic Japan, where the world is controlled by bandits and what little people are left live in fear, except for Ken; Ken is a master of Hokuto Shinken (Fist of the North Star), an incredibly dangerous martial art that attacks the insides, rather than the outsides, and attack it does. Readers follow Ken as he kills his brothers, bandit masters of martial arts, and he leaves behind a trail of blood, and corpses, lots of corpses. The manga's art is resemblant of early Jojo's chapters, and its very 80's which may be a turn off to some, but if you're a fan of action, Fist of the North Star isnt one to miss.


Who doesn't love psychic teenagers?
What would you do for 500 million yen? Would you brave an apocalyptic world in order to find the secret it contains for an old fortune teller? That's exactly what Ageha Yoshihina does in Psyren, after getting a phone card that takes him to another world, a world mysteriously destroyed, he is then ordered to kill a drifter, AKA a rouge psychic, and as it turns out, Ageha and his comrades he meet are quite good at killing psychics. As the manga moves on it becomes more and more complicated, and the killing of drifters is just a setup for the time traveling, and good versus evil, psychic style. Psyren succeeds due to incredible fight scenes, a well done plot, and clean art, and honestly I don't have much bad to say about it.

For the Survivalists

Cage of Eden

Worst. field trip. ever
Cage of Eden features some of the most intense and realistic survivalism I've seen in fictional media, except for the dinosaurs and extinct monsters; the manga follows Sengoku Akira, a high schooler enjoying his class trip and about to be home, until his plane crashes. Akira wakes up on an abandoned island with nobody nearby, until he runs into Mariya Shiyou, a geekier kid from his class, and they set out on the quest of finding their friends throughout this island, until of course, they find the dinosaurs. It turns out this mysterious abandoned island is inhabited by prehistoric animals, extinct prehistoric animals, and as Akira finds more and more of his classmates and other travelers, more and more dangerous animals start to appear. Worse yet, when they try to make a raft and leave, the raft is immediately consumed by sea monsters, making them wonder even more what's going on in the world. Eden features high quality art, and a well done story with convincing characters and action, except for the fact that Mariya has a freaking dinosaur database on his bottomless computer, anyways, while not technically an apocalypse, EEden features situations that would make Kenshiro shiver, and honestly, since they're so stuck it might as well be.

Also check out Dragon Head for real apocalypse survival

For the Mature


One of the rapey-est manga out there
NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW! You have been warned. Ever been hit by a subway? Well Kei Kurono has, and it got him on a game show, a game show where you kill aliens, dangerous aliens. After his death Kurono gets wrapped up in an intergalactic drama, protecting the human race from an inevitable alien invasion. It turns out Kurono really did die, and a machine called Gantz, under the guise of the moderator of the game show knows all, and is there to prevent earth's destruction, and facilitates all of whats going on. Gantz has beautiful art, and the action scenes are a beautiful disaster, with tons of blood and gore, and lots of dying. Gantz also features sexual content, sometimes excessive, and isn't for anyone under 18, and isn't safe for work either. My biggest complaint is that the manga just slogs along sometimes, and the mature content can be excessive, but it's still an apocalypse worth reading.

In closing, any apocalypses I missed? Any personal favorite apocalypses? Any plans for the end of the world? Comment, Tweet, Facebook my blogs! Read my other stuff too! And until next time!

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