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Check This Out: Fortified School

I know, I know: Japanator blog tips states that you don't have to post stuff one after another. Since I just wrote that blog about dojikkos, I just should restrain myself from writing this recommendation - but "blogger wanted" they said, an...


Random Thoughts: The Dojikko Effect

Each and every person has its own weakness, and I'm truly aware of mine - at least when it comes down to anime female characters: the dojikko. For those who don't know, the dojikko it's a stereotype of female characters very common in anim...


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I'm an anime, cartoons, comics (of course) and video-game lover. You might find me rambling, ranting and annoying people also in the following websites:

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Finally, if you happen to have an Adventure Quest Worlds account (which I really recommend you, because AQW it's a very fun and free fantasy MMORPG with a touch of anime style) and stumble upon a certain XAtreidesX, well, that's me as well.

On a very final note, I ask you not to be too harsh on my English language and forgive my mistakes on grammar and whatnot. Needless to say any correction on my posts is welcomed as long as it's polite.