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DREAMcast Episode 27 – Anime & School Life OBSESSION

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN We change things up a little bit on this episode and steer off the usual review / single title analysis path and focus more on an open discussion episode instead. The topic you ask………did you miss the headline above?...


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Hmmm...you want to know about lil ol' me......well, since you persist

I'm a lover of many things but Anime and Audiobook's hold a special place in my iron heart.

Most people know me as the guy who does the video coverage for the London Spill.com Parties…Well, I have also been running an Anime Podcast since 2011 called "The DREAMcast" (which has no affiliation to SEGA)

Apart from that I’m pretty much a Tech-head who works in I.T and customer service. I like all the good things in life like reading, Poker, Music Concerts, Lougin and pretty much just conversatin with cool people and expanding my horizons

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